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OFFLINE: BFR Minecraft Pixelmon server


Would you play on a Pixelmon server if we set one up?  

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  1. 1. Would you play on a Pixelmon server?

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Hello Skylords!


Since the unfortunate shutdown of the BFR vanilla Minecraft server (:() there have been some conversations in the forum chat about a minecraft server with mods installed to make it more fun.

There have already been people talking about the game Pokemon TCG, so i thought maby those Pokemon TCG players are interested in playing on a Minecraft Pixelmon server.

Because there probably won't be a lot of people, this server will run on someones pc (will be taken care of). It is not decided yet how the server will be hosted. Either by port forwarding or using a program called Hamachi.

(for the people that don't know what hamachi is: it's a tunneling program so there is no need for port forwarding)



The server is Closed


Because we don't want the server to become a mess, there need to be rules:

  • No griefing/stealing from other players (how original... i know...)
  • For the people that use cracked clients: pick only 1 name and stick with it. DO NOT pick a name someone else uses!
  • Have fun and help eachother! :D

If there are any problems, please let us know!


About Pixelmon

Pixelmon is a minecraft mod that adds a lot of new stuff:

  • No vanilla monsters, only pokemon
  • Different type of plants to make different types of pokeballs
  • More ores to make stones (to evolve pokemon) armor and tools
  • Pokemon combat
  • Pokemon leveling system
  • Learn new attack moves
  • Evolving pokemon
  • Fying on your pokemon
  • Batte trainers
  • Batte Gyms
  • TM's, HM's and consumables
  • Pokecenters and pc's
  • Trading/battle eachother
  • Some more stuff that doesn't fit on this list


How to install

Pixelmon requires Forge Mod Loader. This addon for minecraft makes it easy to manage mods.

First, download these 2 files:

The version of Pixelmon that we will be playing is version 4.3.0 beta 9 for minecraft version 1.8.9 (Download page | Direct link).

The version of Forge Mod Loader that needs to be downloaded is for minecraft version 1.8.9 (Download page | Direct link).


After downloading both files, launch the Forge Mod Loader file. It will ask you what to install.

  • Keep "Install client" selected
  • Change the path to your minecraft directory if it isn't already. Default directory: C:\Users\*user*\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft.
  • Click OK

It will install forge, and pop-up a message box saying "succeed" after it's done.


Next we need to launch the forge profile 1 time so the directories get created.

  • Start your minecraft
  • Select the profile called "forge".
  • Click play and let it go untill it reaches the main screen
  • Exit minecraft


Now we need to add the Pixelmon mod we downloaded earlier.

  • Go to the minecraft directory. Default directory: C:\Users\*user*\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft.
  • Go into the "mods" folder.
  • Copy and paste the Pixelmon file we downloaded earlier in this folder.

This is everything that needs to be done to install the mod. BUT...

Because this mod requires more than just the default 1GB RAM minecraft uses, (1.5GB or so...) we need to increase the amount of dedicated RAM to minecraft.

  • Start your minecraft launcher.
  • There will be a new Profile called "Forge". Select it, but dont click "Play" yet.
  • Click "Edit profile"
  • Check at the bottom Java Advanced settings part, the "JVM Arguments" box.
  • Change the number "-Xmx1G" to "-Xmx2G" or higher so the max amount of memory is increased. (Make sure you don't allocate more memory than your pc/laptop has. 2 should be fine)
  • Click "Save profile"

This is everything! You can play the modpack now!

When you launch minecraft, you will notice there is a different loading screen. This is Forge Mod Loader preloading the mod. When it is done loading and installed correctly, it will say "4 mods loaded, 4 mods active" in the bottom left corner.



gotta catch'em all!

For more info about this mod, check out their site or the wiki.

Feel free to leave your opinion in the comments! (or point out my mistakes ofcourse...)


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It is this mod when there are apricorns which you use to create pokeballs and then go catch all Ice pokemons? (sorry mates, but if i like something, it won't change in different game :frostorb::frostorb: )

Who doesn't like Glaceon, Lapras, Cloyster, Defgong, Piloswane and Jynx?

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29 minutes ago, Dallarian said:

Kiwi, what we would do without you?

In a better place :P. Anyhow their cheapest price is like $8.99 a month but it's for an actual computer to run the server on or you can even build up your own computer yourself with whatever ram and storage etc you want. If you want more details let me know and I'll send you a PM.

Edited by Kiwi
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2 minutes ago, anonyme0273 said:

7 people voted so far, and I think it's a good start, if these are active.

Perhaps more people would join later

When you would like to start it? Please don't let this thread finish like HS one (lets make tournament, but noone said when and everyone forgot about it)

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Just now, Dallarian said:

When you would like to start it? Please don't let this thread finish like HS one (lets make tournament, but noone said when and everyone forgot about it)

:/ that's a shame. Try promoting it on Skype and Discord.

To this matter - I have time on Saturday and Sunday to set up a server on Hamachi, and if there is enough people interested/active, I would try port forwarding it

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Rayquazaaa ! I need youu ! raaaaayQUAAAZAAAAAAAAAA The Dragon God Of The Pokemons !

Btw a question " I never used hamachi before, just Evolv3 to host things in this way, so... I need instructions to join the server after you guys make it..."

RAYquaZA ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !  ! ! ! !

Where are youuu ! ! ! ? 

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2 hours ago, japoo said:

@Dallarian Too late ;) heard thisone a while go :D

If we wouldn't discussing now about what will happen, it would happen ( thread become forgotten and idea fails) <---- my own opinion, i am not mage, witch or God to know that for sure.

What would you @japoo do when noone talk on this thread like 3-7 days?

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