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2p PvE Event - Save energy to restore Lyr - Until: 21.07.2024

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Greetings people of the sky

I hope you all read the last community update.
There is a section about an awesome community map, which was substantially enhanced and nearly made it into the official story.

While it did not make it in to the official lore – Why not make an event for the map like we did for other awesome community maps!


Map Trailer


The challenge & ranking:

The map is called "Restoring Lyr V2", so lets save Lyr by "saving up".
The Team which spends the least amount of energy on cards receives the highest ranking.
(abilities, repair, orb and well costs are ignored in the final score)

For the event use Advanced difficulty.


How to check the score & how to join:

 A new tab has been made on my website named "EVENT". -->  https://t1421.de/
You can upload your replay there and it will tell you current score, as well as your current ranking in comparison of those who joined already.
(Every team will get an alias)

You can upload as many replays as you want. The website will always keep your best run for the rankings.


In conclusion:

Map:                      Community map: “Restoring Lyr”
Difficulty:               Advanced
Goal:                     Use the least amount of power to play out cards
Replay:                  Upload replay here
End date:              21.07.2024 23:59 CET
Winner Stream:    26.07.2024 19:00 CET at https://www.twitch.tv/ultralord_t1421

How to play the map:


To access the map for the contest (or any community map), select the blue icon in the far lower right corner:


Search for "Restoring Lyr"


(per player)

1st Place: 5 Boosters + Both new cards + Harvester

2nd Place: 4 Boosters + Both new cards + Amii Monument
image.png.699223ebde119c76cc0cd40dcc8b7667.pngimage.png.699223ebde119c76cc0cd40dcc8b7667.pngimage.png.699223ebde119c76cc0cd40dcc8b7667.pngimage.png.699223ebde119c76cc0cd40dcc8b7667.png            Icespike_FullCard.webpSwarm_FullCard.webpAmii_Monument_FullCard.webp

3rd Place: 3 Boosters + Both new cards + Cluster Explosion [R]
image.png.699223ebde119c76cc0cd40dcc8b7667.pngimage.png.699223ebde119c76cc0cd40dcc8b7667.pngimage.png.699223ebde119c76cc0cd40dcc8b7667.png                        Icespike_FullCard.webpSwarm_FullCard.webpCluster_Explosion_FullCard.webp

4th Place: 2 Boosters + Both new cards + Thunder Wagon [R]
image.png.699223ebde119c76cc0cd40dcc8b7667.pngimage.png.699223ebde119c76cc0cd40dcc8b7667.png                                    Icespike_FullCard.webpSwarm_FullCard.webpThunder_Wagon_FullCard.webp

5th Place: 1 Boosters + Both new cards + Raven Archwalker
image.png.699223ebde119c76cc0cd40dcc8b7667.png                                                Icespike_FullCard.webpSwarm_FullCard.webpRaven_Archwalker_FullCard.webp

Places 6 to 10: 1 Booster + One of these cards Oracle Mask [R], Moloch, Ashbone Pyro, Church of Negation, Nox Carrier [P]
image.png.699223ebde119c76cc0cd40dcc8b7667.png Oracle_Mask_FullCard.webpMoloch_FullCard.webpAshbone_Pyro_FullCard.webpChurch_of_Negation_FullCard.webpNox_Carrier_FullCard.webp

You can join with as many teams as you want, but you will only receive the price of your highest ranking.
The prices from your other placement will enter a random draw for all players. (Added 18.07.2024)


Big thank-you to:

SLR-Team                 For 40xBoosters, 10xSwarms and 10xIcespiks
@Kayrie               For helping with Trailer and Test runs
Anonymous             For the cards 2xHarvester, 2xAmii Monument, 2xCluster Explosion [R], 2xThunder Wagon [R], 2xRaven Archwalker,
                                                      2xOracle Mask [R], 2xMoloch, 2xAshbone Pyro, 2xChurch of Negation, 2xNox Carrier [P]
@Maze                As always, my page would not work without the SMJ-API
@Potato_Hoarder For Proofreading


Some information about the map:



To win the map, your team has to focus on two tasks:
1. Defend the Twilight attacks coming from 3 camps from south. (Red lines)
2. Destroy the 3 Twilight camps in the north to open the gate (Green stars)

The final goal is to keep both gold wagons save tile the end of the game (Yellow circles)

If you want to host an event yourself, contact our Event Organizer @Metagross31

I hope you all in join the "small scale" event 🙂

See you in the forge fellow Skylords


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  • Ultralord changed the title to 2p PvE Event - Save energy to restore Lyr - Until: 21.07.2024
2 hours ago, This Is Halloween_2 said:

What about power cost reduction cards ? How is it handle for the score (like breeding ground) ?

And what about twilight transformation ?


Very good question - thank you.
In short: You wont get a benefit form any power reduction in the score.

The tool just counts the cards you played and multiplicate then number with the power cost.
TW ability is handed by the game as playing out a card. (Same for enlighten)
So it will be included in the ranking.

BTW: On the website you can check the played cards on the "Deck" if you want optimize something it might help.

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There was a small bug were in some cases the website kept a replay in the ranking even if you submitted a new one with lower Power usage.
Its now fixed (also the sorting) - if you are unsure if your best run in in the ranking - feel free to reupload to be sure.

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The question came up for the prices:

What happens to the prices if a player happens to be in two top 10 teams?
For example:

Rank 1: Players Ultralord + Dutchy
Rank 2: Players Ultralord + Hrdina

Ultralord and Dutchy will the the prices form rank 1 (each 5 Booster, etc)

Hrdina will get rank 2 prices (1x 4 Boosters, ect)
The other 4 Booster (which are met for Ultralord who already got the price from rank 1) will go into a random draw for all players.

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