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Best Player for Each Faction

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Where these players all active in the last metagame? I'm pretty sure @Hirooo's suggestion of DragonDave was an earlier player (but maybe I'm wrong). Also thought Keksmonster was inactive during the last patch...

I've never heard of Ribby. Did DeChris main bandits? I'm trying to get a list of the best players that were known for maining a specific deck, and where active in the last patch (so they are familiar with how something like a stormsinger buff affected deck building, etc.)

Keks, Ribby, DragonDave where all out of the latest Meta, but still better Players. DeChris played alot of decks i think he starts with Stonekin like me at the beginning of Battleforge, later on he played Lost Souls/Pure Shadow and at the end he was with his Bandits Acc (Banditchris or something like that) active. 

Obesity also main Fire Nature and was in each meta one of the best, or the best, i think he would also consider Tyderianek as one of the best but from my personal choice he wasnt that great. 


Edit: Streetkings and reloadedlamb as best Fire/Frost but reloaded was also out of meta saw him once back in the latest meta but i dont think fully active.

Avire was also my favorite Shadow/Frost player but he only played the first Metas so its hard to say if he would be also that great later on.


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Hi everyone, I'm new here and I want to share my opinion on this interesting topic


Frost (pure)

dragondave or radicalx


Fire (pure)

1 cdkillroy 

2 cdkillroy

3 cdkillroy


Nature (pure)

idk, probably dekka, synthc or radical, only highranked nature players who didn't abuse treespirit


Shadow (pure) 


Who played this well apart from Killroy? Remember SilenceofGod and Duellord but they were not as good as killroy. Did matos play shadow?


Fire Nature

1 Obesity

2 Higtech

pls don't mention farrock, he wasn't even a top player


Shadow Frost 

radical & hirooo > all





Fire Frost

elendil, hirooo and reloaded were very good fire frost players




Obesity was good


Shadow Nature


elendil got up to rank 3 or 2 without losing a single match when alot of highranked players were playing 




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