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    Best Player for Each Faction

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and I want to share my opinion on this interesting topic Frost (pure) dragondave or radicalx Fire (pure) 1 cdkillroy 2 cdkillroy 3 cdkillroy Nature (pure) idk, probably dekka, synthc or radical, only highranked nature players who didn't abuse treespirit Shadow (pure) Who played this well apart from Killroy? Remember SilenceofGod and Duellord but they were not as good as killroy. Did matos play shadow? Fire Nature 1 Obesity 2 Higtech pls don't mention farrock, he wasn't even a top player Shadow Frost radical & hirooo > all Stonekin Dragondave Fire Frost elendil, hirooo and reloaded were very good fire frost players Bandits Obesity was good Shadow Nature elendil got up to rank 3 or 2 without losing a single match when alot of highranked players were playing

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