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  1. Can you also send a log file? Did it produce a replay file?
  2. Wait a second, does that mean they have to take 0 damage or just survive?
  3. Can't wait to use Tranquility in PvP 🙂
  4. NAME: Bug when selecting rPvE difficulty while teammate is still in game DESCRIPTION: When you are in a multiplayer rPvE game as the group leader, leave the game but stay in the group and then go to the rPvE game creation screen and set the difficulty slider to anything besides 1 (e.g. 10) while someone of your team is still ingame and then this person leaves the game and you click "Create Game" while the slider is still on 10, a lobby with difficulty 1 will be opened instead. REPRODUCIBILITY: Happened to me twice in a row, once I was completely baffled, that we were in a diff. 1 map, seco
  5. NAME: Power Shrines in Sunbridge can be frozen despite having artifact immunityDisconnect once loaded into Forge DESCRIPTION: The Amii power shrines in the map Sunbridge have artifact immunity, which should make them immune to the freeze+Shatter Ice combo. The combo can be used on them though. REPRODUCIBILITY: Tried it on both shrines in the same game (expert diff), worked on ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Replay is attached. 2022-08-29_15-39-44_Sunbridge_diff3_s29404_{GM}Metagross31_XTRHUNTER_time_0_19_31.0_v258.pmv
  6. More info will follow soon
  7. .
  8. Welcome 🙂 Hope you enjoy the game! Also, feel free to check out the Discord if you want. If you really are into art, you van also look into our open artist positions. Or you can just create fanart, there can never be too much of that 🙂
  9. The first 4p run is here: Twisted Legends in 28:59.5 by Talgat, Kapo and me. 2022-08-26_17-47-19_CommunityMap4P_twisted_legends_diff3_s8680_{GM}Metagross31_Talgat_Kapo_time_0_28_59.5_v258.pmv
  10. Wish granted, but now he is retired 😞 I wish updates would not break replays every time.
  11. Metagross31


    More info will follow soon!
  12. Hello Skylords, Skyladies and other Skybeings. Welcome to the seventh official PvE event! It has been a while since the last official event, especially a multiplayer event, but we still hope you will have a lot of fun with this event! Quick overview: What kind of event will it be? PvE - Advanced - Bad Harvest with a point system For this challenge, we want to see you succeed in playing the map Bad Harvest, while accomplishing several goals of varying difficulty. The more objectives your team accomplishes, the more points you get, which will lead to grea
  13. If you are interested in fighting more against shadow units, I can recommend the 2p community map "Army of Darkness". In it you have to face off against shadow units especially in the beginning.
  14. City of Tears in 9:54.4 by Donnar, 10:36.7 by me and in 13:25.0 by Emmaerzeh. Army of Darkness in 27:07.9 by me (solo). This run can easily be beaten with probably any 2player composition. Especially since I wasted a lot of time in the beginning. 2022-08-18_18-06-44_CommunityMap2P_supremekingrogan_diff3_s59749_{GM}Metagross31_time_0_27_07.9_v258.pmv Simple Land 2 in 23:03.7, Simple Land 3 in 21:04.9 2022-08-21_14-07-54_CommunityMap2P_pve_simple_land_2_diff3_s61830_{GM}Metagross31_D4rkm4tt3r_Dark_time_0_23_03.7_v258.pmv 2022-08-21_14-35-47_CommunityMap2P_
  15. I think you mean "Warrior on the Mountain". In City of Tears you do need to clear the boss.
  16. Interesting bit of statistics 🙂 I personally did not expect Stonekin to be so underrepresented. I can also warmly recommend checking out the community map section. There are some real hidden gems in there, which also make use of the lesser represented factions.
  17. This would mean though, that every T1 splash unit would need to have affinities and they would have to match the required colours. This not only limits freedom in design, but also is rather tough to communicate to the player.
  18. Hey MrTycoon, sadly I do not know a lot about the lore in BF, but I know that there is a Discord server which is themed around BF lore and possible expansions. https://discord.gg/BAxJRYJPrN Maybe you can also post your ideas there too, so it also gets seen by people, who are not that active in the forums.
  19. Simple Land 1 in 23:47.8 by Metagross31 and ghostsree 2022-08-01_14-11-23_CommunityMap2P_pve_simple_land_1_diff3_s54815_{GM}Metagross31_ghostsree_time_0_23_47.8_v258.pmv Btw, we just added a few more singleplayer maps to the rankings, since those seem to be the most popular ones. City of Tears in 14:40.0 by me 2022-08-01_16-27-31_CommunityMap1P_cityoftears_diff3_s28631_{GM}Metagross31_time_0_14_40.0_v258.pmv
  20. Not neccessarily. It's basically "rarer=more complex", but there are already lots of cards out there, where rare does not mean strong, e.g. when you compare Lost Horror and Nox Carrier. Check out what Dallarian posted for more in depth info 🙂
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