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  1. Ultralord will stream some replays of the third week of season 1 of the PvE league tonight!
  2. until
    More infos will follow soon!
  3. until
    Ultralord will stream some replays of the first week of season 1 of the PvE league tonight! Join the stream via Twitch with the link below: https://www.twitch.tv/ultralord_t1421
  4. Maybe @LEBOVIN or @Emmaerzeh can tell you which of those are best/most up to date. 🙂
  5. For now this was a one-time thing, since the leaderboards have been reset last month. Maybe we will do something similar in the future though. Since there is a limit of how many boosters each player can get, and a lot of times were either unclaimed or achieved by the same players (e.g. Passage To Darkness), I think it should be fine to reward them.
  6. Hey Riviute, I am glad to hear, that you are interested in learning more about game development and about the behind-the-scenes of BattleForge/Skylords Reborn in particular! The developers of Skylords Reborn come from all kinds of different backrounds, not neccessarily related to game development. I for my part learned programming in Java back in the beta days of Minecraft to write some plugins for a minecraft server in back in 2011. Most of my programming knowledge comes from scientific programming in physics though, which is quite different from game development. I tell you this
  7. 1. There are already much more enemies spawnable in the forge than there were in the original game. Also, thereare now Powerwells and orbs. If you need even more testing abilities, check out the community map "Community Smithy" 2. Creating new promos always is a lot of work, requiring art, textures, implementation and a concept of how to obtain the card. So it will always take a while to create them. But there might be more promos in the future. 3. Can you be more specific? We always try to make everything in the game as fluent as possible, but if you have some specific areas, which
  8. Sounds possible, but like quite a but of work and UI design. So probably low priority currently.
  9. Hello Speedrun Community, As the event period is now over, the best eligible times of the last month have been listed below. The Booster rewards will be distributed based on these results shortly. Battleground Rankings: #Players Diff. Time Players Date 1-Player Maps: 1 player 10 16:37.9 RadicalX September 2022 2-Player Maps: 2 players 10 16:32.5 Damo + Volin September 2022 1 player 10 21:30.7 Mocaak September 2022 4-Player Maps: 4 players 10 09:25.6 arabika + Damo + Hirooo + RadicalX September 2022 3 players 10 10:42.4 arabika + Hirooo
  10. Well, I have been playing ever since release and am still far from a 4x + Promos collection. Currently sitting at 1x everything except for the new twilight cards, some important cards charged plus a few promos, mostly the cheap ones. So getting a 4x+promos collection in only a few months probably takes daily playing + extensive trading or insane booster luck.
  11. Hi TheMightyPluck, please join the translations discord https://discord.gg/WMqvMVYgCH and send a message there, so you can be assigned a trial role. :)
  12. Just to be sure: Are we talking about 1 copy per card or charging every card fully?
  13. Another OT funfact: In old Zelda games, Link always had the sword in his left hand, in the games with motion controls, he has it in the right hand 😄
  14. I think we were able to remove this for Comet Catcher already, maybe it is posssible here too.
  15. There are actually already changes planned for some of those cards: Some buffs for Artillery and Rioter's Retreat have also already been implemented: 🙃
  16. Here are some of my favourite unusual decks: Plaguestrike: Wormditz: Rifle Cultist Spam: (Ideally you play this with 2 people, where one player plays the first, the other the second deck)
  17. Hey, welcome to the forums :) Do you have any specific cards you want to see in action? If not, I can direct you to this thread: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/8785-rpve-deck-ideas/
  18. Dear skyfolk, since the most recent balance Patch included a reset of all speedrunning leaderboards, we have decided to create a bounty for those, who will be the first ones to reach to top of the rankings again. Thus, we will reward every player, who holds a speedrunning record in either campaign PvE on expert difficulty or rPvE difficulty 10, with 2 General Booster per record they have at the end of the month, up to a maximum of 4 boosters per player. Since the rankings are still completely empty, everyone has a chance of setting a time on the leaderboards for now! So if you
  19. Hey all, due to the recent balance patch, which makes some runs not achievable anymore, the rankings have been reset. The old rankings have been archived in this thread. Please, check if the archived rankings are in fact correct. I also have the first new record to announce: The Conquest in 21:22.6 by Kapo and Metagross31
  20. While I find the first one to be a thematically fitting Easter Egg, the second one sounds annoying. I'd prefer a loss in case Jorne dies over a softlock tbh.
  21. Mo stacks with Wheels because it debuffs the enemies.
  22. Suck up corpses and then use the stored HP to fire off strong shots. Like Shadow Insect on Steroids.
  23. Hey Lind400, welcome to the forums 🙂 You are right in that currently rPvE maps are focused mainly on offense less on defense. And you are also completely right in the fact, that Juice Tank is useless in those games. Currently, defensive strategies are mainly required for campaign and community maps. However, in the future, there will be another gamemode, which is purely built around defense, but it is still under development. (See also Community Update #12 for more details) For offensive strategies in rPvE, there are already lots of different options. I highly encourage you to
  24. @Kubik got an idea what happened?
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