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  1. Oh nice, Omelie is the creator of Twisted Legends? I love that map! It recently crashed for mw sometimes, so I might message you about it at some point 😛
  2. I think so, yes, as this would also allow to modify the source to do things like check multiple replays at once and get statistics from them.
  3. OMG! He is alive! Did you check out the 2 year anniversary video yet? It recaps the time since release very well 🙂
  4. Short answer: workload. https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/forum/89-contribute-to-the-project/
  5. Talked with @Volin a bit about it a bit in Discord. Resource Booster is probably not even needed. Also, if you have both editions of WBG, you can probably even ditch Rifle Cultists+Offering. This offers slots for Frenetic Assault 🙂
  6. I have used a similar deck before. It uses Jorne as ground presence, as he has the highest Health Pool other than Spore Launcher and Moloch (effective HP). The idea is to place 2 purple Kobold inc.s and then use it to spam WBG in front of the camps, using Offering to regain charges. Once the camp is clear, you can switch the WBG to heavy snowball mode and use it for later camps, too. (Credits for this go to Wanky, I once copied the deck screenshot from him (-: )
  7. until
  8. The playtests were already very exciting, can't wait to try the final version!
  9. Join Ultralord on his twitch, as he will reveal the top replays of the Battle of Tactics #3 event! https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/9629-battle-of-tactics-3-energy-investment-until-29012023/
  10. The part about Power rankings seems new (But very cool!) Btw, Amii buffs when? 👀
  11. How are you supposed to find that out though? There are people with low ranks and deck levels, that are very well capable of carrying their own weight, while others have high ranks and deck levels and are more a burden than a help.
  12. Omg, I am so hyped! I loved city of tears and tried to speedrun it quite a bit. Really looking forward to playing this map as well! PS: maybe if you put the map files in a .zip archive it can be uploaded 🙂
  13. Anske is correct. Promos always had the same stats as fully upgraded regular ones and this is still the case and always will be.
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