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  1. As announced in previous Community Updates, there are some new Stonekin cards in the making, which will help to make Stone Launcher, or Stonekin buildings in general, better.
  2. Hey Ferdi, can you maybe add labels to your sketch to show which buildings and walls you mean with "building A", "Wall B", "Gate 1" etc? Alternatively, you could try to create the terrain and layout of the map already in the editor, this would probably be even easier to understand. You can even share the .map file, maybe someone can help with the scripts then 🙂
  3. So the answer to "is such a mode possible" is "theoretically probably yes, but not yet doable with the current map editor"?
  4. So something like a 4 player community map, that in reality is a 4 player PvP free for all could be doable?
  5. More info about the technicalities will follow when a post for Phase 2 will be made, but it will probably all be run on my Desktop PC. If you manage to use some fancy algorithm like reinforcement learning with the API, I think that would be fine, but please wait for Phase 2 for more concrete info.
  6. Hey everyone, the tournament is over! It was a blast, thank you for everyone who participated and congratulations to all the winners! Here are the final rankings (The players marked with an X have won one of the random draws): Prizes have already been sent out - if you did not get your's, please DM me as soon as possible so we can figure it out! Big thank you again to @triggz for helping oragnze this event and to @Eirias for hosting the stream (Which you should definitely watch if you didn't catch it live! You find it on his YouTube channel). See you all in the next event! 🙂
  7. Nah, there was a bug/weird interaction earlier making people download 5k+ files. It has been fixed now and should be much less.
  8. Difficult question. I think Shadow Phoenix itself is not too strong, but in combination with other cards (Embalmer's, FoF, ...) it is super strong. In such cases it is difficult to find a good balance.
  9. Quick update: The tournament will start at 15:00 CET, not CEST.
  10. To all the participants thus far: We have created a Discord server for communication between organizators and participants, which you are welcome to join: https://discord.gg/2WNd4FbGVq In there you will also find links to preliminary implementations of the API, thus far for Rust and C#. Note, that these repositories are still unstable and subject to change! There will most likely be modifications before Phase 2 starts! You can also test your AI in-game already, but the API is still very much unstable and bots written now will most likely run into breaking changes in the future. But you are welcome to provide feedback to the current state of the API and wishes you have for further development.
  11. Fill out the survey 😛 It depends. If you don't know any programming yet, start learning some basics (functions, conditions, loops etc.) In some language (e.g. Rust or Python). If you already know some programming, you can start by modifying the example programs we will provide.
  12. @KrynWinterbourne @LichterLoh Challonge is a website, that is used to organize a tournament's bracket and has been used for pretty much all past PvP tournaments as well, see for example here: https://challonge.com/t9c1c9yp
  13. Hello fellow Skyladies and Skylords! We are back with a new Rookie PvP tournament! Tournament Date On Sunday 29.10.23 starting at 15:00 h CET. Participating Since this is a Rookie Tournament, only players with a maximum PvP rank of Fury () or below may participate. If you are not sure, if you qualify as a rookie, feel free to sign up anyway. If we think you are too good to be a rookie, we will revoke your registration. Format Depending on the number of participants, the tournament will be either held in a Round Robin format (everyone plays against everyone else once) or Swiss System (A set number of rounds, a new opponent each round). In either case, the person with the most won games wins the tournament. This means, that you do not get kicked out after loosing one or two games, but you can play the tournament until the very end! Prize Pool Participation Reward Playing in the tournament will earn you 1 General Booster, even if you lose all your games! But, if you quit the tournament before the final round, you will not get a participation reward. Ranking Rewards • 1st place 6 General Booster packs + 1800 BFP • 2nd place 5 General Booster packs + 1000 BFP • 3rd place 4 General Booster packs + 800 BFP • 4th place 3 General Booster packs + 500 BFP • 5th place 2 General Booster packs + 400 BFP • 6th place 1 General Booster packs + 300 BFP • 7th-8th place 1 General Booster packs + 250 BFP Additionally, the first 16 ranks will get a Promo Manawing! Winning Rewards For each game you win, you will get 1 additional General Booster (limited to up to 3 per person). Random rewards Additionally, there will be a pool consisting of all PvP cards from the Rebirth edition, which will be randomly distributed between all participants! Organization and sign-up The tournament brackets will be managed by @triggz. Wwe ask you to register using the form linked below beforehand, so we can prepare the bracket accordingly: Please use your in game account name to make communication and finding your enemy easier. In case of problems, contact @triggz or one of the mods via Discord or ingame. Stream A live stream covering the tournament will take place on Eirias' channel on YouTube. Streaming will start around 14:45 h CEST (Berlin time). We will use the stream to communicate with the players, so be sure to join the stream to be notified of last minute updates. Everyone is welcome to hang out and watch the action as well! Rules (read this!) • Disconnection during a game results in a default loss. If both sides agree, it is possible to have a remake. • Not showing up to your match after 15 minutes results in a default loss. The plan is to play a round of matches every ~30 mins. • After your match, please report the result to @triggz. • The Map Pool is: Haladur, Simai, Elyon, Lajesh, Uro and Yrmia (same pool as in ranked duel). • The brackets for the tournament will be shuffled before the tournament starts! Special Thanks Special thanks @triggz who will be in charge of organizing the tournament on the event day and hyping this tournament already in advance. Also, big thanks to @Eirias for agreeing to stream the tournament. Thanks also to everyone, who sponsored something to the prize pool: @LittleBird: 5000 BFP @triggz: 300 BFP and 7 General Boosters @Metagross31: Set of Rebirth Edition PvP cards @Carofex: 16x Promo Manawing The Skylords Reborn Team: The remaining General Boosters Questions Reply in this thread if you have questions, we will answer them as soon as possible. Best regards, The Skylords Reborn Team and Triggz
  14. It can still be relevant, if other units have an ability where they deal extra damage against Demons.
  15. Shadow Phoenix's damage cannot be buffed by spells or abilities, since the unit is already dead, when the explosion happens. Same is true for Unholy Hero/Unholy Power etc.
  16. There used to be a Tome gamemode back in EA days and sometimes people host Tome PvP tournament, where you get assigned a pool of 8 Boosters and build a deck from that. Look out for those, as there might be more of them in the future.
  17. Are you playing in 4k? The problem with recaling the UI is, that currently everything is hardcoded. Every single spacing, text box etc. has a hardcoded pixelvalue for different resolutions. So adding new resolutions would require us to manually rewrite every single of those values. So unless we figure out a way to make it scale automatically (which I am not sure if it is somehow possible), this is very unlikely to happen.
  18. As already mentioned on Discord, this is one of the maps from the first ever map making contest back in EA days, so it is rather unlikely, that you will be able to contact the original creator. You can however modify the map yourself and try to polish it a bit. Wanky did a similar thing with the map Dwarven Fortress 🙂
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