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  1. 11 hours ago, Kubik said:

    I start preparing something like this (as downloadable open source application), is it worth finishing?

    I think so, yes, as this would also allow to modify the source to do things like check multiple replays at once and get statistics from them.

  2. 2 hours ago, FarRockBF said:

    Hi old friends!

    I run a tech startup now and I was telling my team how EA allowed you guys to work on this codebase and how you actually pulled it off. They were blown away. We're impressed!

    Sadly, I don't have a minute to work on this game but I'm VERY tempted to come back and start playing every now and again.

    As I was looking through this site I noticed WindHunter & Wolven my old buddies from WAAAAY back on here. And RadicalX is still here? Very cool!


    Trivia! Do you know the xNTx from my username can from Wolven? Tell them bud! My original account was just FarRock. He convinced me to join his PVE clan.


    Anyhow, life updates:

    • Four kids, bought a house
    • Run a career coaching business
    • Have a YouTube channel for career coaching
    • Wrote a book for entry level professionals in finance
    • Run a tech startup. We're going live in a month and then will be raising for our first public round, so that's super exciting!


    How have you all been? Excited to catch up! Any other old buddies of mine here? MaranV still around?


    EDIT: Just checked out that video I posted 4 years ago. Wow so many of you really wanted me to come back. Makes me nostalgic. I'm gonna download!

    Love y'all,


    OMG! He is alive!

    Did you check out the 2 year anniversary video yet? It recaps the time since release very well 🙂

  3. 2 hours ago, Xamos said:

    Sounds also Fun yeah, would like to see you deck 😉


    Talked with @Volin a bit about it a bit in Discord.
    Resource Booster is probably not even needed. Also, if you have both editions of WBG, you can probably even ditch Rifle Cultists+Offering.
    This offers slots for Frenetic Assault 🙂

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  4. 6 hours ago, TimmieTuinbroek said:

    Personally I've tried a deck in rPvE which revolves around kobold inc. and a bunch of towers (cannon tower, stronghold, worldbreaker gun and necrotic blaster). You build 2 incs (purple version) and instantly place down a boatload of towers around whatever area you're fighting. It's very chaotic and a lot of fun. Usually the bigger towers (worldbreaker/stronghold) you have to place early because the space to place them fills up fast. You can almost always cram in the blasters and they gather corpses immediatly.


    To stay in character, I take an ironclad with me for ground presence, and some support spells. 

    I have used a similar deck before.

    It uses Jorne as ground presence, as he has the highest Health Pool other than Spore Launcher and Moloch (effective HP). The idea is to place 2 purple Kobold inc.s and then use it to spam WBG in front of the camps, using Offering to regain charges. Once the camp is clear, you can switch the WBG to heavy snowball mode and use it for later camps, too.

    (Credits for this go to Wanky, I once copied the deck screenshot from him (-: )

  5. 1 hour ago, Fundus said:

    Simply kick players who are obviously not ready for rPvE 10 i dont know whats the big deal.

    How are you supposed to find that out though?
    There are people with low ranks and deck levels, that are very well capable of carrying their own weight, while others have high ranks and deck levels and are more a burden than a help.

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  6. 6 hours ago, LionHeart said:

    First, I love this game. Battleforge was a uniquely beautiful game to play. But now, I cant stand the basis on which a large majority of these changes are being made. Mix decks and PvE take priority over the great changes you could make. Looter on strikers was a really nice feature to have, Especially considering the cost of strikers and its style of play. The same went for thugs when they had it, it applied a layer of power threat for fire that played into their heavy offensive playstyle in PVP. If this was done to bring mix decks more in line with the pure decks at tier 1 that would make sense but each and every patch the mix decks get tons of attention and Tier 2 fire in particular along with the other pure decks are ignored. Before, mix decks were fun because of card versatility but at the cost of the full power of what that architype could provide (example Fire - Offense, nature - CC/heals, Frost - Defense, Shadow - high risk high reward). But now, mix decks command not only the most versatility but also merge the best of what each architype can produce with virtually no drawbacks. It genuinely feels like the balance team never plays PVP or if they do, they only use mix decks. Strikers was an off meta card in PVP that strongly represented the offensive architype of Pure Fire, now its just another dead card as a PVP option. Changes like Fire Bomb give me hope, cause its more in line with what id like to see in terms of creativity and giving dead cards viability in both PVP/PVE. I understand we have a small team working on this and I appreciate them, but please don't release patches that completely hinder certain cards or architypes without providing something to balance it out.

    Strikers were off-meta in old EA days, but after the Thugs nerf, people figured out how broken Strikers were and there was a short period, were the whole T1 meta was focused arouns them and it was completely ridiculous.

    Pure decks also received attention in PvP. Fire even got a whole new card in Burning Spears, Frost received buffs to White Rangers and Mountain Rowdy and Pure Nature received a massive overhaul with buffs/reworks to many cards, including Parasite, Parasite Swarm, Deep One, Ghostspears etc.

    Furthermore, splash decks have also been hit with nerfes, e.g. Mountaineer, Ghostspears being made pure nature and Nerfs to Stonekin units such as Stone Tempest.

    In fact, the team managed to give each faction more of an individual identity and more playstyle options than ever before.

    The PvP balance developers in our team are also some of the best players there are and saying they never play PvP is just completely wrong.

  7. I often have a problem that some people might know.
    I have a few mails in my mailbox, which I do not want to delete, but keep them, either because they have some important information or just for memories sake.
    However, when I sell lots of cards on the auction house, my mailbox gets flooded with mail from the AH.
    Now I am in the situation, where I either have to delete all mail manually or click "collect all", which would also delete the mail I want to keep.

    Thus, I want to make the following suggestion:
    Implement an option to archive mail, which then gets moved to a different tab in the mailbox.
    Here is a quick UI mockup I did in gimp:

    The idea is, that I can select a mail and click "Move to archive" to have the mail no longer appear in the "Incoming" tab, but instead in the "Archive" tab.
    When I then click "Collect All", it will delete and collect all mail in "Incoming", but not in "Archive". When I switch tabs to "Archive", I would be able to see all archived mails, where I still have the option to read, delete or move them back to "Incoming".

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