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  1. Have you tried using a different OS (i.e. Linux) on one of them (e.g. via dualboot) to see if it changes anything?
  2. Sleet Storm is there, Tectonic Shift isn't in the game yet 😄
  3. You could write them an ingame mail. They will be able to see that when they come online, too. This method cannot automatically complete the trade however, since you still have to both be online at some point to do the actual trading. One thing, that might help, is a "Cash on Delivery" option (CoD) for the ingame mail system. This way you could, for example, send someone a Spitfire and choose the CoD option and set a prize of 750 BfP, and when they see the mail, they have the option to either accept the offer, receiving the card and automatically sending back 750 BfP or to decl
  4. The effects team has really outdone itself with the Tectonic Shift effect! 💯
  5. Random: The rewards will be split among all players randomly. Assign: The group leader will decide who gets what and what will be disenchanted (i.e. turned into Gold). Need and/or greed: Very complicated. For an explanation, see the wiki: https://skylords-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Player_vs_Environment_(PvE)#PvE_Rewards_&_Difficulty_Levels
  6. until
  7. To me it depends. For some cards, the affinities feel like a cheap way to just create more cards without providing a lot of diversity. In these cases, the two cards feel more or less the same to me. In other cases, one affinity is clearly superior to the other, creating essentially a useless card. In rare cases however, both affinities provide completely different playstyles which both have their unique nieche. In these cases, affinities are awesome! In general, I think the best way to go is what Windhunter wrote in the card design document - make affinities where they ma
  8. Hello fellow Skyladies and Skylords! It has been a very long time, but we are finally back with a new PvP tournament! Tournament Date On Sunday 20.08.23 starting at 2:00 p.m. CEST (Berlin time). Format The tournament will be played as a 1on1, Best of 3, double elimination tournament, meaning if you lose a set, you move to the lower bracket and can still make the finals! Grand finals will have a bracket reset, meaning the player coming from the lower bracket has to win two sets against the finalist to win the tournament. Prize Pool Participation Reward Pl
  9. Is there any chance, that in the future there will ever be an option to play them without replays breaking by somehow providing old gameversions in some way? Also, what about the "flying units can open gold chests" bug?
  10. A very helpful site for that is https://smj.cards/
  11. Also note, that everything is 100% free now. There is no way to buy ingame stuff with real life money anymore.
  12. At the end of the survey, there is a 16 character code. You have to enter this code ingame in the market window. This will automatically add 2 boosters to your inventory.
  13. Try the card "Ice Age" 🙂 https://skylords-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Ice_Age#Ice_Age_(Nature)
  14. You can still create gifs and send them to Kapo. They won't count for the contest anymore, but they might still be added to Discord 🙂
  15. Name: Flying units can open gold chests Description: Flying units can open gold chests since the last patch. It probably happens, because now in-combat units can open gold chests Reproducibility: Fly with unit close to gold chest, right click, chest opens Replay/log: See attached files (Happens for example around 13min) 2023-07-05_15-40-10_TheDwarvenRiddle_diff2_s18725_[GM]Metagross31_vojl_time_0_23_13.3_v261.pmv _log_proxy_latest.log
  16. Might also be because of (northern hemisphere) summer, so people do other stuff currently.
  17. until
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