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  1. CapnCrunch

    Crash On Login

    Hey there guys, so recently me and my buddy have been playing fairly frequently but out of the blue the other day he logged in and immediately crashed. This happened another 10 times and nothing has changed on his end of things. He uninstalled and reinstalled and still the same issue. Any idea what might have sparked this consistent crashing? We were playing fine before something changed. Just not sure what.
  2. CapnCrunch

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    So i can play by clicking the updater, login and play the game. But when i quit the updater button is gone, and my battleforge icon doesnt start the game. It does nothing. Any idea why?
  3. CapnCrunch

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    Look guys. This might be a bit lengthy, but Im just going to give my all here. What you guys are doing is amazing alright? I took a year of programming in college and that shit was honestly some of the most annoying things ive ever done in my life, the fact that you guys are doing even harder coding than that, on your spare time, for free? Is beyond me and you have all my appreciation and respect in the world for this. If there is one thing i see you guys don't get enough its respect. Yeah you're probably barely adults going through school just like me and having to live your lives at the same time you do this but that shouldn't matter. You've gained my respect forever. If i was good enough to help you code this i would but i can only make like rock paper scissors run itself through a program. I may have already said it before but if there is any kind of help i can offer you guys, let me know. Ive been on this forum for two years and just recently got back into it, graduated high school a year ago which took some time and my year of college took time as well. I know most of you guys don't operate in North america which saddens me as I will probably never get to meet you amazing guys who are making this project come to life but, know beyond any doubt you have gained my respect and admiration for what you guys do. Don't worry if you get the game out next month or next year. You keep at a healthy pace that is comfortable for all of you and don't kill yourselves worrying about this project. Live your lives first and do this second. We the community will always appreciate this.
  4. CapnCrunch

    Avatar of frost fanart

    Oh shit you took my suggestion! Yeah boy. Thanks
  5. CapnCrunch

    Lost Grigori

    This is very nice! Avatar of frost if you are feeling up to it
  6. CapnCrunch

    [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    More time just means more progress, we can keep ourselves satisfied for a month longer no worries! Good luck on exams all
  7. CapnCrunch

    The legendary forum game "count"

    2522 Almost there!
  8. CapnCrunch

    Open Stress Test Information

    Hey. Check your messages brah
  9. CapnCrunch

    Introduce Yourself!

    We may have once or twice though I don't even remember my username. Only reason I remember my smurf because I use that username for most things. It's not CapnCrunch. Weren't you above legend?
  10. CapnCrunch

    Where are you from?

    Add me to Canada then @Ladadoos
  11. CapnCrunch

    Introduce Yourself!

    Apparently there are few Canadians here? I know @Aragorn is from Canada. That's about it though. I'm Noah and I'm from ontairio Canada, highest rank I got back in the day was legend, I think if anyone does know me it would be simply for my ability to actually win matches while using t4 or ridiculously bad cards for pvp. I started battleforge in 2010 but didn't play extensively until halfway through 2011. That's where I got to legend. I stopped playing for a while and forgot all my account information for my original so I made a smurf to play until the game shut down. A sad day that was. I used my smurf to get to veteran with the starter deck and clear the PvE completely on every difficulty. I only added light blade to the deck.
  12. CapnCrunch

    Say something about the person above you.

  13. CapnCrunch

    kill the time till release

    @YaBro0 the fire one. Saved it. have some rep for that

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