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  1. Vernichtungsofen

    new bug ?

    Several people already mentioned the same bug, but in different ways:
  2. Vernichtungsofen

    2 - Create Custom Match Errorcode "1"

    Got some news. I edited the post.
  3. Vernichtungsofen

    Loot List / card upgrades (2018)

    I like that you're so industrious but you can find the same informations on the card base: https://allcards.skylords.eu/
  4. Vernichtungsofen

    2 - Create Custom Match Errorcode "1"

    NAME: Crash when trying to open a game SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: Worldmap REPRODUCIBILITY: It happens when you try to open a map with someone in your group, who doesnt unlocked that map so far. DESCRIPTION: So a friend of mine and me wanted to play, but I didnt know that he havent unlocked the map Slave master yet that I wanted to start. As I tried to open the lobby my game crashed. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Maybe you could build in a query which checks that all group members have the same maps unlocked when trying to open a lobby. EDIT: Got the same bug again without a group when trying to open Sunbridge on Expert. Doenst work with and without a group. Also I've got a new Error: Also I've attached the log.txt. log.txt
  5. Vernichtungsofen

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

    I NEED THIS! Good Luck to all who are participating xD
  6. Vernichtungsofen

    Future of Skylords Reborn and intro to Ardent Peak

    Im sure they're gonna do translations into other languages later but now the focus is on completing the game and make it aviable for us all.
  7. Vernichtungsofen

    The legendary forum game "count"

  8. Vernichtungsofen

    need story for PvE maps

    Our idea for this map series is that we integrate the community to this maps, like 10 people want this and that and it will be in the maps. It would be lame if we just would make maps and no one can identify with them cause they dont even know the story or content of it and everything makes more fun with more people.
  9. Vernichtungsofen

    Hi i real miss this PvE in this awesome game

    I will play so much when the game is open for everyone
  10. Vernichtungsofen

    Thank you Devs

    I want to say thank you as well but it wouldnt be worth enough to worthship my HYPE and my urge to say thank you. Im just so extremly happy that you guys almost done with reviving one of my favourite game! And I would say, like the most people here that youre doing great work and we all hope that the game is for soon for all Open too. Greetings of an OVERHYPED fan Thx to the Developers and the whole Community
  11. Vernichtungsofen

    Custom Maps

    Ok thank you guys
  12. Vernichtungsofen

    Custom Maps

    So does anyone know If were able to play our own made maps? Im working with a friend of mine on a map since 1-2 weeks now, but know were would want to know if were able to play em at all. Hoping for an answer, Ofen
  13. Vernichtungsofen

    Map Editor [Activation Guide]

    So Ive downloaded everythind extraced like it was written down in the tutorial, my problem is that when im in the editor and try to place something like a unit or a wall nothing happens, the editor just simply wont place anything, same for Cliffs and placements. When I open the entity list nothing is written down, Ive already tried to install the editor and the game again and I dont know what Im doing wrong, any ideas? Nervermind, I just found out how it works xd

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