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  1. Theprior

    Stress Test going well

    I have a strong feeling that this isn't the real FarRockBF from YouTube, there's no way he would act like that about this game and not have the common sense the understand what a stress test is. Probably a troll trying to give the real FarRockBF a bad name.
  2. Theprior

    Closed Beta Applications

    Hi there! My name is Matt, 24 years old from the UK. I played Battleforge from when the demo first released on their website, to the days of the servers shutting down. This was one game I invested a lot of time in to, as well as money to be able to build lots of different decks and test different strategies with each element. There was a group of 4 of us who played the game every week, replaying PvE maps and random PvE to earn upgrades for our decks, and try out new decks that we hadn't used before. I also played a lot of 1v1 PvP and 2v2 PvP with my friend, which we look forward to doing again. So in regards to my experience with Battleforge - I have played every map and mode in this game multiple times, and used most if not all cards outside of the Forge, took part in lots of trading, Auction House usage, and of course, seeing how much chaos I can cause in the Forge. I can dedicate a lot of free time to this game, which includes 3-5 hours in the week after work and all day on a weekend if needed. Gaming is my primary hobby so this would be fine with me. I see my girlfriend 2-3 times a week, but any other time I am available for stress testing. So why should you pick me over someone else? I will be an active member of the beta testing, and put many hours in to this game over the course of the 4 years it was online for. Therefore I am experienced with all aspects of the game, and will be able to provide clear, in depth feedback regarding any bugs or errors I find during testing. Discord Username: The Prior#4904
  3. Theprior

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

    Good luck to all!
  4. Theprior

    [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    No one from the staff has said it will be released on Feb 28th. It says on the front page 'best case scenario', it's better to not expect and just be patient. They will release the open beta when it is ready to be released, hopefully at the end of february yes, but it may be March, or even April. Who knows? It doesn't sound like there is many bugs or problems left to fix, but new ones could pop up at any time.
  5. Theprior

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    Count me in
  6. Theprior

    [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    We have waited over 2 years already, another month or two won't hurt anyone Plus Fiki's health is more important! Take your time and just release it 'when it is ready', we're all still in support of this voluntary project. Good luck!
  7. Theprior

    The legendary forum game "count"

    2303 Shamans! "Potions, Trinkets, Charms..."
  8. Theprior

    [Giveaway] Tell us your story !

    So I first heard about this game in 2009. I was browsing Play.com, a UK website similar to Amazon, searching for any new PC games that were coming out soon. I stumbled across the box art for Battleforge, and immediately my curiosity was peaked. "This looks pretty cool" I thought to myself - and yet all I had seen thus far was a Juggernaut on the front of the case. I watched the trailer, and was amazed by the graphics and the variety of monsters at the time. Back then I played a lot of video games with my cousin, so I informed him of Battleforge. What I didn't realise was that there was a demo available on the website, until he found it while browsing on my PC. We then messed around in the Forge for what felt like hours, mixing and matching the units that were available in the demo, just to watch in awe at the huge battles between Dragons and Constructs and whatever else we could throw in to the mix. I could not wait to get my hands on the full game. When the game released in March, I purchased it on the day of release, and informed my other friends about the game too. First there were 2 of us, then 3, and eventually ended up with a full group of 4 spending hours playing Battleforge every day - whether it be 4 player campaign missions, random PvE missions, or 2 of us in campaign while 2 of us played PvP. I remember spending quite a considerable amount of money on battleforge points - the best bit was buying them from eBay. People would sell the boxes with 3000 BFP on eBay as "Battle Forge", instead of "Battleforge" - which meant that they did not appear in most searches. Me and my friend grabbed countless boxes for around £3 at a time - safe to say we ended up with a large collection of cards in game Bad Harvest. What an incredibly fun PvE experience on Expert difficulty. Me and my friends played this level many, many times. It is definitely one of our favourite memories from Battleforge, I was always in the top right slot to run and defend the Gold Wagon with one partner, while the other 2...well they always argued who got slot 2 - the easier top left slot! The jokes on them though, reaching third orb at the gold wagon then putting an Amii Monument down made this level a cakewalk for my role Even when we didn't need any of the card upgrades from this level, we would still play it weekly just because of how fun it was as a co operative 4 player experience. I also loved the PvP in this game. With that said, I was only average and hated playing vs Shadow. I would be the first to cry 'OP' if I lost to a Shadow player with my near lvl 120 deck, but I never stopped to think 'how can I change my deck to counter shadow' or 'what tactics work against their cards' etc. I even played a 1v1 with my friend who played Shadow, while I started Windweavers/Shamans... It took 14 seconds before I rage quit, which has now become a running joke between us lol. I look forward to getting back in to PvP, this time learning the cards more and finding ways to counter Shadow effectively. So when this game was shut down by EA, we were not happy. So much money, so much time had been put in to this game, only for them to just say 'bye' and shut the servers down. There are no other games on the market that offer the experience that Battleforge does, so we missed it for years to come once we could no longer play it. Time after time, we would reminisce over certain moments from the game, and longed for a Private Server so we could play again. Then in September 2015, my friend stumbled across this website. I didn't believe him at first, I mean, who would? It had been 3 years since the game was alive. Why would anyone suddenly decide to attempt to revive this game, with it's small yet active community? Well, you guys did. And look at how far the project has come now. Todays stream was so re assuring to know that Skylords Reborn will 100% be ready to play one day. So many people have longed to play this game again, and now that EA have confirmed they are okay with it, there is nothing to stop you from completing the project. We cannot wait to join everyone in the forge and enjoy Battleforge once again, and look forward to future plans with content once the original game has been restored to its full potential. Thanks for reading!
  9. Theprior

    Tips vs Shadow decks

    Thanks a lot for your help, this has been really helpful and I have started to watch some PvP replays on Youtube which is definitely helping.I will look at the guides you have mentioned as well. Your explanation of the void pool is very easy to understand, so thanks for that, i had no idea how that worked. I'm definitely going to be heading in to PvP with a completely different mindset now.
  10. Theprior

    Will the Wheel of Gifts spam work?

    I remember spamming multiple WoG on each buff was possible if you timed it correctly, and although a patch apparently came out to fix this, it still worked. Will this be the case on BF Reborn, or will there be 1 Wheel per buff?
  11. Theprior

    Tips vs Shadow decks

    Thank you very much for your tips, I can see why those cards would work now that you mention it. I actually totally forgot about Stonekin, so i should probably mention that my Nature/Frost deck consisted of Nature tier 1, and a mixture of frost cards and nature cards in tiers 2 and 3. I think Aggressor may have been the only Stonekin card I used with my deck, so I will change my cards around this time to fit the strategies you have mentioned. I was under the impression that most of the Stonekin cards were useless, however now I realise I am wrong I know briefly what you are referring to, I assume by the Unit Counter System you mean that some cards will outright counter others, thus creating the balance between the factions? As for the void pool, I understood it to some degree but not in depth. Is there somewhere I can read up on this?
  12. Theprior

    Tips vs Shadow decks

    I played quite a lot of PvP in Battleforge, and while I felt I was average at the game, I always struggled to fight Shadow decks. My main PvP deck was a combination of Nature/Frost, and I hovered around the top end of silver PvP rank, not very high I know. But if I recall correctly, it was usually once I was against skilled players with Shadow that I started to lose my matches. My decks were around level 100-120 and I had literally every card a PvP Nature/Frost deck would benefit from, so that was not an issue. Does anybody know the weaknesses of a player using a largely shadow based deck? Strategies such as using Shadow Phoenix's, Undead Army, Unholy Power/Life Weaving, and Corpse Explosion - these were the kind of cards that I could not figure out how to beat with a nature/frost deck. Any help is appreciated
  13. Theprior

    To the BF Reborn Team - Thank You

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys Can't wait to join you all in game!
  14. Hi Skylords, My name is Matt, I played Battleforge from when it was released right through to the days when it was shut down. This was one of my all time favourite games, which some weeks I would play for hours daily with up to 3 of my friends. We were all very sad to hear about the game servers going offline, and all we have wished for ever since, is for Battleforge to return so we could once again play Bad Harvest Expert on 4 player Co Op, Random PvE maps and 2v2 PvP with one of my friends. Two days ago, my friend stumbled upon this website. I didn't believe him at first, I mean, who would? It's been 3 years since the game was alive. Why would anyone suddenly decide to attempt to revive this game, with it's small yet active community? You guys did. All I can say, all WE can say, is thank you. I never thought this would be possible, but you've gone and proved me wrong. Of all the games I am looking forward to within the next year or two, this is definitely at the top of my list. There isn't another game on the market like it, the unique gameplay of Battleforge had me hooked for years, and now I can keep that going. This is a dream come true, and I really hope it works out for everyone involved. Rest assured that I will be supporting this game as much as possible, spreading the word, donating, and putting many more hours in to this amazing game along with my friends. So thank you

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