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  1. I have a strong feeling that this isn't the real FarRockBF from YouTube, there's no way he would act like that about this game and not have the common sense the understand what a stress test is. Probably a troll trying to give the real FarRockBF a bad name.
  2. I have just been able to finish a play through of The Treasure Fleet on Advanced difficulty without the server crashing. Not sure if you want to mark it as resolved until it's been tested more times, but just thought I'd let you know.
  3. No problem. I will keep testing Advanced difficulty as you're pushing updates through, and see if I eventually manage to finish it.
  4. Server: Kubik Server NAME: 1p Map "The Treasure Fleet" SEVERITY: 1 LOCATION: During the map, 2nd wagon near the escape point REPRODUCIBILITY: Tested 4 times, Server has crashed each time DESCRIPTION: While playing "The Treasure Fleet" 1 player map, The Server crashes when the 2nd Treasure Wagon is near the escape point. I have tested this 4 times as I thought it was just a coincidence, however it seems to happen around the same point every time. SCREENSHOT: https://imgur.com/a/yzQE4Nn ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Map is on advanced difficulty, tried different decks each time, been
  5. No one from the staff has said it will be released on Feb 28th. It says on the front page 'best case scenario', it's better to not expect and just be patient. They will release the open beta when it is ready to be released, hopefully at the end of february yes, but it may be March, or even April. Who knows? It doesn't sound like there is many bugs or problems left to fix, but new ones could pop up at any time.
  6. We have waited over 2 years already, another month or two won't hurt anyone Plus Fiki's health is more important! Take your time and just release it 'when it is ready', we're all still in support of this voluntary project. Good luck!
  7. 2303 Shamans! "Potions, Trinkets, Charms..."
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