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  1. well if u see from my donation date , you can see i was here waiting this project to progress since 2015 around September but it took some long time and i wasn't given an alpha access , i forgot the project overtime but now I had a discussion with a friend what new games we can try , i suddenly remembered there was remake projects for battle forge so i came back to check , 🙂 Thanks for the video though
  2. what i mean the game is actually playable by everyone now instead of trying to hope for getting into the alpha test i mean , am still downloading it i just want to play it and thats it i told 2 of my friends to download it too , i literally cant wait to play it , waiting them to download it too so we start together , u dont know long i have been waiting since EA shutdown of the actual game
  3. I didn't realize the project finished , I even remember I donated here under the name "Hasan" was hoping from the bottom of my heart its come back again the game battle forge Am downloading it atm , i will check it out am so excited , cheers
  4. i'll just watch and enjoy ^^ thanks .
  5. i apologize , had to say what in my mind because to be honest i donated cuz i like this game and wanted to be ranked in the list to show how much i love this game . But sorry i get what you're saying even tho some people donated what they can too . Anyway check my last topic in "General Talk" section you will enjoy it .
  6. I really think this list should be listed from highest to lowest . i would donate more to be in the top maybe , not just there are more in the future . if you are busy we can list it for you .
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