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    I am pretty lost but I think somwhere in The Netherlands
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    Battleforge and me

    Prepare yourself because here is my own story.
    Ofcourse I changed somethings to fit my current gentleman style.
    It took me a while to write as you might guess :P

    Chapter 1: The beginning
    Our story or as you might say my story starts a few years ago around september 2009. When younger me was still blisfully ignorant about the workings of this world. On a beautifull sunny day two young man cycle to the house of one of those two to relax a bit and play some fun games after a long and exhausting school day. When they finally arrived at their destitnation they started playing a couple of video games. While playing one of those games(I am truely sorry as I do not remember which game it was.) one of them says: “Hey man you should check out this game that my brother and I found online it is really cool!”. “Oh really I said to which game are you referring my dear old chap?”. “Uh ok I don’t know why you talk like that but anyway her ya go here it is” my friend said as he looked the game up online. “It is called Battleforge it is this awesome game that you can now play for free. It works like this. You can collect cards trough buying and trading. These cards you can use in player versus player maps and campaings to summon powerfull monsters, spells and buildings.” My friend said. “Hmmmmmm quite an interesting concept even if I do say so myself” I said while looking at some gameplay video’s and some pictures online. “But isn’t this just another pay to win game as it certainly does look like one” I said with a frown upon my face. “Well he said it is most definitely not like any other game. You can still play this game even if you decide not to pay any money as it has a great auction system which you can use to still get rich trough smart trading”. “I might just give it a go I said” while still not being sure of what to do wit it. Unfortunately I forgot about it a few hours later. “You still didn’t download it ?!” my friend said a couple of days later. “No I kinda forgot about it” I said plainly. “Come one I am sure you will enjoy it it really is a game you would like” he said. “Ok ok I will try it out tonight” I said. And so as a man of his word that evening I proceeded to finally install what I would later call one of my favourite games. Staring the game it said choose your avatar on the screen, not knowing any of those avatars I just picked one which I tought looked quite fancy which I later found out was a Defender (2nd orb Frost for those amoung us that are uneducated in this game). The account was created. And thus the story of a young man henceforth known as EddioXD in the world of Nyn had begon and what a journey he had. I invite you my dear reader to acompany me in the wonderfull adventures of this individual and his many accomplishes and fails in this wonderfully long comment which you most likely won’t finish because of it’s size.

    Chapter 2: The Lyrish Reaches
    And so while opening the game this young man arrived in the forge of creation. “Oh nice I can test my cards here and create my decks” I tought. Trying out the tutorial deck he noticed two different colors in it. “It seems this deck only has Frost and Fire at its disposal oh well might as well try this out first. It doesn’t seem like I have any other good cards” I said while starting up the first player versus enemy map which was called Encounters with Twilight “Oh wow who are those people attacked over there by those gross looking humanoids” I tought to myself. “This lady calling herself Moon wants me to help them so I might aswell do it” I tought to myself. “Rogan Kayle must survive” was one of the requirements to beat the level it seemed so I summond my first wave of troops which were composed of Northguards and Master Archers to kill those sickly looking humamoids creatures which were called the Twilight. Not much later I send my troops to this strange looking device which was called an orb. “Now what do I do with this thing?”I tought to myself. “Hey I already got a building with the same name in the beginning of the map maybe I use this to upgrade my cards ingame so I can summon stronger creatures” I tought to myself. “Well I already have a blue orb so I think I need to build a red orb this time” I tought to myself. BOOOOM is what came out of my headphones when I played the eruption spell card for the first time on some of those filthy looking humanoids things. “Oh damnnn” I tought when those things took a bit hit. Clearing out those twilights monsters I proceeded trough the map getting stronger every minute until I eventually got a third orb. “Oh wow now I can build these stone monsters called tremors they look awesome” I tought to myself. Not much later I encounterd a strange looking floating head which had the same color patterns as those weirdly looking humanoid Twilight creatures. “Well time to obliterate this ugly looking head” I tought to myself. Ater a long and fierce battle the young man calling himself EddioXD triumphed over the floating head with the power to disintegrate everything it looked at. He became the hero that Nyn needed, now he truly was a…. Skylord!!

    The young man had many fierce but wonderfull adventures trough the Lyrish Reaches in the lands of Nyn. He freed the city called Hope and later defended it against the many waves of Twilight creatures seeking to take it for their own. And he helped protect the powerfull Soultree. Seeking the help of another Skylord he asked his friend to help him on his quest trough the map called: “Crusade”. “Hey man I see that you got some nice Frost cards in your deck”. My friend said while looking trough my deck”. This was indeed the case. Between the fierce battles the young man had took some time to do some smart trading and get some good Frost cards like Mountaineer, Home Soil, Iron clad, Construct and Core Dregde. “Thanks I said”, while looking trough his deck. It consisted purely out of fire cards. “You sure love your fire cards” I said chuckling. “What is this star on this third orb moster you have?” I asked him curiously. “Well he said that means that it is a promo card it is fully upgraded which means that it is as strong as is possible for this card right away, they are pretty rare” he said. “Wooow” I said amazed. “How did you get it I want one”I said “Well” he said “Actually I bought this one with real life money”. “Ah I said yeah that makes stuff interesting I wonder if there are any cheap promo’s around” I said. “Well you can start playing a stonekin deck, last time I checked promo Grinder was only around 250 bfp” my friend said. “Stonekin what is stonekin” I asked dumb. “It is a combination between Frost and nature cards. Most Stonekin cards are actually pretty cheap but very powerfull” my friend said. So he helped me build a Stonekin deck which I used to beat Crusade with him and afterwards we also beat the infected god Morra at the sunbridge shrine easily by just switching the gate whenever possible so not a single enemy came our way until we were at the infected god himself. The two boys played the night away and had tons of fun. But then something happend. The young boy faced his first trial and even tough it might be odd to some as he tried out his first 4 player map (Bad Harvest) he failed his first atempt misserably. “What is happening here” I tought to myself as I saw my defenses being shattered by the hordes of enemies. In the end it turned out that the young boy had joined an expert mode attempt. Seeing how difficult but fun it was he said to himself: “One day I will be strong enough to beat this map on Expert but for now I will try a easier difficulty”. And as he said he tried again on a lower difficulty and yes he finally beat it. And so first journey trough the Lyrish Reaches came to an end.

    Chapter 3: The southern lands
    At the start of his journey trough the southern regio’s of Nyn the young man discoverd another faction he though could be interesting. He discoverd the wonderfull faction which are called by some as the “Lost Souls” he quickly gathered some cards and started building his deck. A couple of friends also journeying trough the lands of Nyn heard of this and gave him a couple of cards that could help him on his quest to save the lands from the evil called Blight. They gave him cards like “Lost Dragon”, “Lost Grigori” and a couple of less interesting cards which we won’t talk more about today. After his deck was finished he started going trough the campaign. He met a friendly albino juggernaught called Mo who was hunted by Blight. “Oh wow I can fight using Mo in this map awesome” he tought to himself. “Mo is way to expensive to buy myself but he is very strong and usefull so it is nice that I can use him in this map whenever I want” he tought. After a long and difficult fight he finally managed to help Mo and finish the map. Together with another Skylord he managed to free the slaves and kill the slave master in the map “Slave Master” making sure that Blight wouldn’t get his hands on those slaves. He supported the Raven Walkers on their way to a power shrine so they could destroy it. And even tough they were stopped by hordes of evil Stonekin and Bandit armies they didn’t stand a chance against the Lost Soul creatures the young man used and so he managed to beat the map “Convoy”. A while later he freed Mo from the evil clutches of Blight and even assisted Mo in the destruction of the strongest battleship that Blight had, the “Ravenheart”. And thus Blight was no more. After more adventuring he finally finished all maps in the southeren reaches of Nyn which concludes that part of his wonderfull adventures.

    Chapter 4: The Twilight Taint
    As the young man traveled to the north he decided that it was time to change his deck again, but since he loved his Lost Souls deck so much and didn’t want to seel it he couldn’t decide how to do it. In the end he chose to make a Bandit deck because he already had a couple of good shadow cards to fit his deck. He also found the Bandit faction quite interesting after fighting so much of them. He gathered some cards like “Bloodhorn”, “Corsair”, “Soulhunter”, “Tortugun” and he started building a what (he tought at the time) was a good deck out of them. He found the card called “Tortugun”really interesting because the card actually had to be fed to be kept under control, but if one could manage to keep him under control he was very powerfull. He also bought a couple of extra fire cards to balance out the deck. He chose to make his first orb fire because it seemed like fire had a very powerfull first orb. He rememberd using eruption for the first time and he finally had the deck in which that card became very usefull once more. As he finished his deck he started playing maps on the North East part of Nyn where he met the Twilight creatures again. A shard had torn away from the forge and was causing chaos tot he surrounding lands. The Twilight was going to claim it and ofcourse this had to be stopped. He called for aid from his friend who got him into this game. “Time to kill some twilight” the friend said. “Let’s do this” the young man said. They started wiping out the twilight infestations one by one all the while defending the Nightmare Shard itself from the Twilight witches trying to claim it. Together they managed to beat all Twilight infestations surrounding the shard and thus they beat the map. But the danger hadn’t disappeared together they started the map “Nighmares end” in which they faced the dangers surrounding the shard once again to destroy the shard once and for all. They captured 4 powerfull world magic buildings which started a ritual to destroy the shard. But the enemy was cunning and sended waves after waves of evil Twilight creatures to stop them from completing the ritual. But the two skylords didn’t fail. On the contrary they completed the ritual, they fought of the Twilight invaders and best of all they managed to destroy the shard. And thus the nightmare was over. But yet again another god fell to the Twilight curse. He was called the mad god Urzach. He became so insane he started attacking his own temple. So together with another unkown skylord the young man quickly came to aid the priesters in need. The madness of Urzach made it hard to fight off him and his creatures. But even tough it was though the young managed to beat the god and free the lands of his madness.

    Chapter 5: The Riddle and the gun
    All these journeys took a few weeks to finish at that time the young man EddioXD had aquired quite some good cards which helped him out during his many battles. One day he decided to play a new map he hadn’t tried out before. It was called “The Dwarven Riddle”. He called a couple of his friends and asked: “Hey gentleman are you willing to aid me in my quest to finish the map called Dwarven Riddle”. Since the friends had time and had actually never played that map themself they decided to try it out together. Using Skype to communicate they launched the game in a good mood and thinking that they could easily beat the map since all four of them were together. But as some might imagine they were very wrong. They were foolish enough to use the fire altar provided by the game on the first wave of enemies which pretty much sealed their doom. After using the altar they quickly learned about theird mistakes since the new waves of enemies were even stronger than the last. Mostly focusing all their resources on defending they didn’t get to do the requirements of beating the battle. Stronger and stronger enemies came so they were forced to use the fire altar again. Which brought even stronger enemies they couldn’t believe their eyes went a force that strong came walking to their bases. The enemies were to strong and they couldn’t keep up their defense. In the end they were destroyed and with a bad mood they admitted their defeat. “What just happend there” the young man asked in amazement. His friends didn’t understand what they did wrong either. So as anybody with a question does they consulted everyone’s best friend called Google. Soon enough they found a walktrough on how to do it. Finally understanding how to play the map they got back into it only to lose again. They tried again and again until finally one they got the perfect strategy and managed to hold off the enemies using “Church of Negation”, “Worldbreaker Gun” and creatures like “Construct” and “Battleship”. Using these cards they crushed the hordes of incoming enemies and with a number of differnt flying troops they destroyed all crystals. After the crystals were destroyed a giantic horde of crystal defenders decided to attack the base. In a final stand against these crystal guardians one of the two bases was destroyed. But the young man and the other Skylord managed to fend the guardians off at their base and using theird dragons and flying ships destroyed every crystal guardian at the other base. This resulted in their first win on the map “The Dwarven Riddle”. :D “Wow that map was though I can’t wait to get strong enough to beat that map in the hardest mode possible” the young man though to himself. Right after defeating “The Dwarven Riddle” the four friends moved on to the next map “Guns of Lyr” which they beat with relative ease . They failed their first attempt but after changing their decks to be a bit more defensive they managed to beat it and make Rogan Kayle king of Lyr.

    Chapter 6: The lost invasion and the end of the first journey
    Only a few more maps remained unplayed at this time and the young man looked back on this journey with happiness about the many things he had done until now. But his journey wasn’t over yet. He discoverd a map he hadn’t yet played. A map called “Empire”. In this map the Lost Souls creator of the Twilight had opend a portal to Lyr’s past and had started an assault. “Oh wow this map looks great and it most definitely has a very interesting concept” he tought to himself. He first played on the present side of the map which looked dark and cold. The red King then suddenly stopped the ritual to stop the Lost Souls and attacked all four Skylords present at the time. But with the help of queekqueek he was beaten after a fierce fight. Only two maps remained unplayed. It turned out they were both twelve player maps. Not sure how they worked he started he joined 11 other skylords in the map Ascension. Only seeing 3 other players in his map he wonderd what happend to the rest. The map was beatin relatively fast so he moved on to the other tweleve player map called Passage to Darkness. Again he only saw 3 players in his map and he stupidly didn’t really understand what was going on. But he continued and the four skylords on that map finished their part. But since the others weren’t finished yet he didn’t win yet. EddioXD didn’t understand why they won yet they did everything they had to do but yet the map wasn’t finished yet. And then it clicked “Ahh the other 8 people play on a different map and aren’t finished yet” he finally figuerd out. After waiting for some time the rest finished their map and they finally won the game. And this concludes his first journey trough the wonderfull lands of Nyn.

    Chapter 7: The aftermath
    But what was next? All maps had been played and beaten. He started thinking about what to do next. Play everything again but in a harder difficulty? Start playing player versus player? Or maybe just start playing some battleground to get a higher level deck? “Well if I want to play in a harder difficulty or pvp I might need some upgraded cards so I guess I’ll start playing some more battleground in higher difficulties” he tought to himself. And as he said he started playing battleground and developing a deck that actually would help him play in battleground level 9. A lot of time passed and the young man took several breaks of a month to play other games. It was at this time that a lot of his friends quit playing BattleForge. But not the young man he would never quit this wonderfull game. So as he got back into it he played more and more battleground day after day and he had a lot of fun while doing it. His final and strongest battleground deck existed of Frost Shadow Shadow Nature. Beacuse of all these matches he gatherd enough to upgrade all his decks.

    Finally it was time. He went to back to the maps “Bad Harvest”and “The Dwarven Riddle” to beat thim on the hardest mode possible. And after a few times of trying he acutally did it!! “Well but what is next” he asked to himself. “This was the hardest mode possible on what I think were the most difficult maps” he said to himself. “Well there is actually one harder thing I could do” he said to himself. And so he started preparing for his biggest pve challenge he had in the game. After he finished preparing he started up the map “The Dwarven Riddle” on Expert mode but this time with a twist. There weren’t any other Skylords to help him this time. After many hours of trying this he did it. He finished “The Dwarven Riddle”on expert solo fort he first time. I could continue on this for far more hours but I won’t. :P

    Chapter 8: The end and the beginning
    After many years of playing the most terrible news reached the at this time not so young man. EA decided to close down the game. “Why would they shut down this wonderfull game” the man asked to himself sadly. He kept playing until the end. Fortunately they gave all cards to everyone just before shutdown. Because of this he still had a few wonderfull days trying out different card combo’s and ofcourse playing a lot on his now favourite map “The Dwarven Riddle”. So in the end he managed to beat all maps in all difficulties he maxed out the upgrades on a couple of his decks because of the hunderds of times he played battleground. But unfortunately he never fully devoted himself to playing player versus player. And so one of his all time favourite games came to a unfortunate and untimely close. ;-;

    A long time ago all factions lived in harmony but everything changed when EA attacked. And when the world needed the game most it got closed.
    A few years past and my brother and I found the new battleforge a project called skylords reborn and even tough they have much bugs to fix I believe they can save the game. :P

    Jokes aside a few years laters the young man found a project called Legacy Reforge who was trying to completely recreate the game from scratch and even though the young man found it interesting it didn’t quite give the same vibe as the old game did. In June 2015 the young man found a wonderfull thing on google while looking at some old Battleforge cards. “What is this” the young man wonderd as he clicked on a site which was at that time called Battleforge reborn. “Oh wow are these people really trying to recreate this game” he wonderd amazed. “Better join this quick” he said. But just as in live not everything you want happens a once. And because of some account making problems it took him till the end of August to finally join the wonderfull community called “Skylords Reborn”. Where he met lot’s of wonderfull people to much to start naming them all. He decided to pick the Lost Horror as his avatar as tribute to his favourite ingame faction. Since I don’t know what to talk about anymore this concludes the story of the young man who was once known as EddioXD and is know knows as only Eddio. Thanks for reading my story and I hope that we are all able to play this wonderfull game soon.

    Goodbye for now and hope to see you soon in the Forge :D

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