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  1. These are still planned, but they would require a little bit more testing (actually someone please verify if it works for crusade πŸ˜› ) and the focus of the patch was not really to spend too much time on map changes.
  2. Doesnt sound bad to add the option to enable timestamps for system messenges.
  3. @chickennoodler Hey, where have you publicly explained your idea years ago, based of which you assume it was patched out? Do you still have a replay from back then which we could use to compare. And what is the issue precisly ? As far as I understood some (which?) bandit battleships have leader immunity or have got it added? I am sure this can be worked out. Edit: At least those I can see at the beginning dont have Leader Immunity.
  4. I don’t think anything regarding slavemaster map was touched yet. So I am not sure what you mean. If something was changed during EA times what has that to do with SR. Lastly the guy who patches stuff out and the guy who decides to do this change are not the same.
  5. Similar to sunken temple, custom population caps can be added nowadays, expect something like that sooner or later.
  6. Maybe this helps. https://bfcards.app
  7. With the next patch this post will likely be updated the last time and then locked and frozen in time, as balancing changes will render the majority of these times inachievable. Secondly as Dutchy said almost all of these replays are broken at this point anyway, but a feature to make outdated replays watchable again is in the works. Edit: Patch #400035 went live. For current rankings visit the wiki or this new post now.
  8. Only very few maps got actually touched and most of these changes made these maps easier.
  9. maybe send the replay to kapo so he can look, sounds strange tho
  10. I think I have encountered this issue also in replays and also with amii phantom.
  11. I wonder if the replay somewhat accumulates timing mismatches when playing it back at a faster speed (especially x16/x32). Maybe at some point is is just too much difference and the desynch message triggers. This would explain why very long maps like Legions (or smth @Emmaerzeh ?) tend to desynch in replays, cause people will not watch them in real time but fast foreward and over the course of 50minute gameplay the margin for desynch might likely be reached.
  12. Hi there, If a replay of an unrecognized map is selected in the Replay Section the displayed minimap placeholder image is weirdly zoomed in. Further Information: Possibly broken since the UI rescaling that took place months ago. Reproducibility: Always, affects almost only community map makers. Create a replay by playing on any map, edit said map file, save and pak, restart game and click on your now invalid replay, cause the map is no longer available. Image: Displayed below on the left is how it used to look back in the days, right is how it
  13. There is currently only 1 case planned afaik. The issue is the UI, which somewhat restricts a card to have only a limited number of activateble effects. Afterall you want it to have an effect even if you cast it on someone that already has 4 actives and a Santa present.
  14. so many different resolutions, chat box resizing, languages and font size settings.... πŸ™ƒ
  15. @ulvfdfgtmk Is the issue resolved?
  16. Well they both say right afterwards : Which is exactly what u described with the piercing shields. πŸ˜•
  17. Hey, as far as I know all reflection dmg effects are true dmg by default. If you know an exception maybe that could be applied here too.
  18. The map itself was also working like that before the patch, so this is not a bug. There are other achievements that require you to play a specific faction aswell. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Anyhow, since most of the players like easy to get achievements, chances are this might get changed.
  19. Currently this is the intended functionality. Keep thinking or look in the forum / ask ingame on how to tackle this one πŸ™‚
  20. Without looking at the script I am pretty confident that this can be changed if we decide to do it. Likely it is only a simple event condition that needs to be found and changed. (from PlayerSquadIsInRange to PlayerSquadIsInRange OR PlayerBuildingIsInRange) Although, since it is a veteran achievement I don't mind it being not 100% obvious like the others.
  21. The patch notes stated: Maybe you can test if this was resolved, please?
  22. I would say yes, the public=true option solved the issue just recently with @Kapo's CCC#5 so I would argue it still works. Besides we have official 2v2 spectator maps now anyway. πŸ™‚
  23. For me damage works properly vs buildings now. Potentially new issue: Once squads are also killed with the same stampede damage is no longer correct. (Could be usual overkill bug or something else already existing which is related to squads, or maybe it is new, very hard to tell.)
  24. There are currently no localizations made for these. The voicelines only exist in English. Apply as voice artist and dev and then maybe you can make them^^
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