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  1. The winners: And here are the replays: [GM]Ultralord.pmv Anske.pmv arabika.pmv BFMaverick.pmv Bonobobobo.pmv Botticelli.pmv Carofex.pmv Codlbodl.pmv Creampopz.pmv GevatterTODdy.pmv GMDutchy.pmv itap.pmv JunVIII.pmv Kapo.pmv Kayrie.pmv Korsbaek.pmv Little_Ducky.pmv Magistral.pmv majora.pmv Masterarchers.pmv nukie.pmv Nullseed.pmv Oumuamua.pmv Pejhi.pmv pierakor.pmv Prototyp002.pmv Rose_Eleanor.pmv Rylec.pmv TinyThor.pmv Visvires.pmv -Xar-.pmv Zerosugar.pmv
  2. Yes none of the rules says something different.
  3. I would not call it an issue. I did not want to bully everyone into playing Breeding Grounds. On the other hand Breeding Ground, Construction Hut and Forest Elder discount after summoning the card. I don´t know how they are codede but it seems they refund the percentage of power afterwards. You can send in multiple Replays - But only one can count Thanks for the participantion and have fun.
  4. Draws for the additional rizes will BE deside by the lower powerscore. If the power scores are equal the faster time will win. The "Code Smith" is more are riddle than prize you can win. I don't want to spoiler it.
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