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  1. Devilo

    Overwatch Middle

    Attention Overwatch players across the Middle East and north Africa ! Nvidia Middle East and the Middle Eastern Gaming League (MEGL) are proud to present the GeForce Cup on Overwatch for PC; a 6v6 tournament series that will see the Middle East's most competitive players go head to head for a share of a $6,000 prize pool. Over the next four weeks we'll be running single elimination tournaments via MEGL.tv starting every Saturday from 7pm AST (Arab Standard Time) with top teams moving up through the qualifiers. For more information and registeration visit https://www.megl.tv www.facebook.com/nvidiaGeForceME www.youtube.com/nvidiamiddleeast
  2. Devilo

    Clash Of Clans - BFReborn

    I hate coc i don't call it strategy game even
  3. Devilo

    Changing the current ping system

    I like ur idea good job
  4. Devilo

    Mo vs juggernaut

    Hi all , i dont know if this topic been discussed already or not but I need to mention that if anyone noticed based on my experience I noticed something akward that juggernaut cost 220 power attack 4745 can defeat MO 350 power attack 4700 which is unrealistic more power less damage I guess MO should have more strengh than that please share ur comment here .
  5. Devilo

    Best Players

    thanks for the informations I played plenty times with him I hope he returns to the game again to play once again , one more player needs to be remember sofynn he was streaming live on twitch amazing player I saw him destroyed every top player including Hightech hirooo and the rest that man is unstoppable .
  6. Devilo

    Best Players

    Flameworks I didn't know if he had multi accounts or not but he had second best ratio after killroy I believe he is in top 3 players of all the times
  7. Devilo

    Best pvp of all the times

    Vote for the best BF pvp player of all the times , I guess it between those players : 1. Dragon Dave 2.Cdkillroy 3.hirooo 4.xhightech 5.sofynn 6. Flameworks
  8. Devilo

    Increase members

    As the game kick off launch is getting close this topic primarily to increase the game popularity currently we reached 3500 member and definitely we need to maximize it so please share with us your ideas , here some of mine : 1- current members promote the game to their friends or gamers friends at any current game forums wow , Star craft etc . 2- personal accounts social media advertsing such as Instagram ,FB , Twitter like share . Please share ur ideas below thanks
  9. Devilo

    Developmental Update Statements from Chatbox.

    great eat job mate without u we will be in deep problems thanks keep it up
  10. Devilo

    Replays with Eirias

    Hi Eirias I love ur new channel and the replays that u do , I have suggestion for u to find plenty of replays to post from this website http://www.bfcards.info/ , there are a lot of replays nobody come commentate on them please continue your job and if u don't kind do one replay for me ❤️ Devilo and maxhero
  11. Devilo

    PvP Player

    exactly I was playing pure fire ? , can't wait to play with u guys ; )
  12. Devilo

    PvP Player

    I was in the top 50 players most likely I played 2vs2 with maxhero we were in the top 10 rank I think most of the good players know me .
  13. Devilo

    Playing other Games

    I play MGS , solforge , mortal combat x , the witcher for now
  14. Devilo

    Current Proposal: Tokens & Gold

    Thumbs up for the idea
  15. Devilo

    Battleforge i missed you

    Hi wogibogi we really appreciate ur love for the game and on behalf of the members we welcome u here in our new family BFR , the alpha release date will be on 30th sep and it will only for those who are very activate and participate in useful things among the forum although during the alpha test they need players who share fashionably projects test about the game , so basically just be active and work hard and u shall be chosen . if u want to support the project as its non profitable game u can donate to cover the server rental cost as we are the players who pays now please refer back to announcement u will see all the stream recent video and it will answer all your questions .

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