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  1. I have receive absolutely no activation code. please help. CANNOT LOGIN.502174d20316a514619d6b60cb2f1d4d.png

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    2. KnutM


      Crowded sever means, Server is full of Player (300). And no one can join until a Player hast left the game.

    3. steezy
    4. BurningWorld


      @marky1926 As some people earlier already mentioned the error message you recieve is a bug, There is nothing like an acitvation code or whatever. you Simply log into the client with your forum E-Mail and Password. If this isn't working, it's either because of the servers being full (what jess meant by "crowded servers") or one of the other errors Link mentioned in his "Open Stress Test everything you need to know topic". So yeah as Jess also said you gotta be little more patient for the team to fix this bug, can't really tell you anything else :-) 

  2. I have receive absolutely no activation code.502174d20316a514619d6b60cb2f1d4d.png

  3. What's your icon called? 



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    2. marky1926


      yeah it sucks I wish we were able to play as it, but maybe these gays might put him in! ;)

    3. Juggernautreadyforbattle65


      guys* XD maybe they will HOPEFULLY they will. it was annoying that the only way to use the twilight hulk was the brain control

    4. marky1926


      yeah I know! right?

  4. hey ultrakool where did you find the orginal game on this fourms I heard from kailber

    1. Ultrakool


      Original game files?Pr what do you mean?

      Here you go :P 


  5. well time in Europe is not the same time as America so you guys are 6 hours ahead of use so yes there is a diffrence
  6. well no here its 3:53pm in paris its 9:53pm so that countdown link is not for me because when its 3:00pm in paris it will be 9:00am here
  7. since its in paris time I live in north America eatern time so I would watch it at 9am right? I live in north America eastern time so I would watch it at 9am right since its in paris time
  8. so what does this sites use? sorry I ment so what is this sites use
  9. mrxlink will I be able to play in the alpha I was active on the forum

    1. Ultrakool


      You'll find out soon enough ;)

    2. MrXLink


      Have patience, you'll know on Sunday

    3. marky1926


      okay;) thanks Mr.xlink


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