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  1. Nice ^^ keep it up and keep trying everything out and you will figure it out in time. You have a playable version or is it just the map for now?

    Kind Regards //RookieN

  2. I would say get from auction house or else you just become addicted to boosters as i am and lose most of the BFP (But it sure is fun to open them) xD

    One way is to sell the boosters you get to buy the specific cards you want, Or choose to gamble might be very lucky or not. The first one is obviously more consistent and worthwhile (But less fun 😄)

  3. 7 minutes ago, DutchyDutchy said:

    This map is so close to amazing. Really! Just the final touches and it will be comparable with the existing maps, if not better then some.

    Wow.. Might sound weird but this means alot to me actually, and i mean ALOT. Like many others this was a childhood game and now be able to give something back for a game that we loved and love 🙂 feels amazing. To see other people enjoy something myself have created too.  Thank you for your nice comments and feedback Dutchy and to ALL others who helped me with feedback. stay safe skylords 😉

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  4. 1 hour ago, DutchyDutchy said:

    Hey RookieN, I just did the map on expert a few times with Arabika, and the map felt different than the last time I played it, which is good, as it was more of a challenge. However, we collected a few points that stood out to us when we theory crafted on how to beat the map and when we actually played it. 

    - The walls. Because you can fly over some walls, the units will rocket into space, which makes them difficult to control. this is especially notifiable at the bottom entrance of the top left A.  I do not mean you can cross a wall, but more on the sides. 

    - Because the camps are filled with high difficult enemies, the easiest strategy is to wait for a huge army. Because there is no real timer to make you rush the camps. The only real limit are the charges. (FYI, The topside was done with pure fire)

    - We felt like there needs to be more pressure on the player on the top side, as he can basically wait for power for 20 minutes without getting punished. Maybe some patrolling waves could spawn every few minutes that gets stronger each time. 

    - The Bottom is super easy to defend until minute 24, when the abomination spawns. Before that you can easily wait for power and defend with a rioters retreat and commandos. and later on with 1 or 2 necroblasters. 

    - The final wave at the top right seems not complete. There were 2 waves and then the attacks stopped, which felt very underwhelming as you have to wait 3 minutes for nothing. Either make 1 big wave and no timer, or have constant waves for 5 minutes. 

    - Which the top defense for 5 minutes, the bottom is doing basically nothing. After the top timer has run out, the top is doing nothing anymore. Of course, you could bring your units down to the bottom after, but that would make, even on expert, the ending way too easy. We thought that maybe the top timer and the last bottom wave could happen simultaneously. 

    - This map feels like a t4 less map. Without Amii monument, you will need to do 95% of the map pre t4. Of course, this is not a bad thing, but it seems weird you get t4 so late when you barely use it for anything. 

    - A small bug we found, after we killed an A camp, it was still shown on the mini map until all of the camps are killed, which could lead to some confusion. 

    - Obvious map abuses and "dirty" tactics: The cliffs are all really thin. With a combination of undead army and Scyth Fiends, you an get to the last 2 orbs without any problems. Maybe you could make that wall more thicker so this would not be possible. 
    Another cheap trick would be to use white rangers and go underneath the camps and kill them with their ability. Because the first two A-camps are in the form of a C, they will not walk towards you and attack,  but stay stuck inside the camp. 


    Thanks for all the tips and feedback, thought i fixed the wave script up north, need to look at it again. Yeah there are alot of bad choices done i notice now after, but all this is good for learning since its my first time ever. So its great practice to try and figure out how to solve these problems 🙂 But will try to make it as best as i can, next map will sure be better planned, but i dont wanna give up on this one 😄

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  5. 2 minutes ago, wanky said:

    Played on Expert. 

    From the current difficulty I would definitely count it as expert. Defending is about the same difficulty as GoL with the detail that you have 3 walls to defend. 
    That you are now forced to make the camp in the upper left first to get to t4 makes the whole thing really tough. But doable. 
    Northern attack wave is closely timed and almost only with units to defend, because the time is too short to build up buildings. In addition, the units also seem to pull no aggro and run strait through on the gold wagon which has made the whole thing a bit tight. 

    In the meantime it was a bit tight in the defense, because you defend for a long time only with t2 but camp after camp cleart and thus stronger waves come. 
    In comparison, the last Endwave was rather "weak". Could imagine there 2-3 XL units more inside. Maby even a 2nd Dragon. 

    The whole thing was played with PUR Frost. Both positions. 

    To "simplify" the thing we used cliffing, but only time savings, the bases could have done so. It was played randomly without consultation, without voice. 

    Enclosed is the replay


    I will try to play Std and Adv aswell. Take a bit long to find party memebers. 😄



    Restorin Lyr 30min Pur Frost Expert.pmv 56.11 kB · 0 downloads

    Great feedback! feels like the balancing are going in the right direction then. Really awesome you take your time to try it out helps me alot. Yeah sadly it seems not many are very interested in the community tab 😞 even though there could be some hidden gems there. Trying to make one of those 😄 As always i will take all this info and see if i can make it even better 🙂 //RookieN

  6. 34 minutes ago, DutchyDutchy said:

    The way it felt with the 2 games I played, it was about advanced difficulty. On expert I wouldn't say we need more difficult waves, but more waving overall with less downtime between them. for example, not waiting till the previous wave is ll dealt with, but non stop waves ( or almost). 

    Did it feel Advanced on both adv and expert?

  7. On 9/22/2021 at 6:19 PM, DutchyDutchy said:

    I noticed the expert was the same as advanced when I tried it 😛 . What difficulty do you target with the current balancing?

    Hey finally got to work on difficulties trying to figure balancing out and how it works. First update is out with different difficulties working. Need to get a feel from players about what they think it feels like. I think it might be "pretty" good right now 🙂

  8. 41 minutes ago, DutchyDutchy said:

    I just played the map on advanced. The map was really fun to play. We tried it with buffed WBG's. 

    However, there is 1 point that was strange to me. In the top right, there was a timer. When it hit 1.40 minutes left, nothing spawned anymore. which made our newly constructed defense useless. 

    Besides that, great map and will definitely try it on expert as well

    Awesome to hear! will look into the waves script again 😄 there is currently no other difficulty, if this update feels pretty stable besides some minor tweaks and adjustments i will focus all work on difficulties 🙂

  9. 53 minutes ago, Emmaerzeh said:

    Imo u should be attacked from north at t1 earlier so u cant clear south together, or at least need multitasking.

    i couldnt mount the north wall,  also there is nearly no room to build defences behind north wall cause all the ships and stuff.

    North attacks too much twilight dragons and dancers for my taste.

     I would let the north attacks be triggert by timer not by clearing other camps.

    At least its my impression the timer for final attacks started when we cleared the top left camp. didnt look into scripts.


    Kind regards

    Must have missed that when i was redoing the quests, will take a look into that,

  10. 12 hours ago, Cocofang said:

    A section on the wall at the starting base cannot be accessed by units because it's blocked by terrain.

    Also encountered the problem that if you destroy the bases before reaching the wagon the bases are marked as not destroyed until you kill the main base, at which point the quests proceed.

    As far as aesthetics are concerned, I think the cliffs and edges of the mountains look way too clean and steep. They look, well, modeled by a "raise terrain"-tool and artificial. Take a look at some of the snow and mountain maps in the game to see how they made them look more natural. But that's probably polish to get to once you are completely satisfied with the layout and everything.

    In the north, I'd move the insta-kill flames back a bit. If you place your army on the small available space before them then melee units can get aggroed into the flames by twilight ranged units.

    Flying units behave a bit weirdly. They kind of follow the paths that is also accessible to ground entities but at the same time often soar up really high. So after all is said and done, also check the traversable terrain for flyers.

    Thank you for the feedback! Will take a look at the flames 😉 mostly everything is being reworked in the north as i speak. Yeah the mapdesign and aesthetics will improve alot as you said for the moment its a "placeholder" to atleast be playable 😄 it will look more nice and crisp when the core play are working well. My first priority is to have the objectives run smoothly and working well, then i will focus on just "cleaning" it up. All this feedback helps alot thank you again.

  11. On 9/18/2021 at 12:11 AM, wanky said:

    Have played the whole thing again. 

    My part: Again the defense, this time with Pur frost. 

    Treim has played the map for the first time, have told him hardly noteworthy things about the map. 

    Played the map Casual, and First try with 14minutes 41 seconds finished. 

    The defensive part is relatively easy with Pur frost. 

    The attacking part in the north I quote from treim: "the attacking part was very easy. You can cliff extremely well with e.g. white hunters. It is relatively unclear where to go first. From t3 it is then much too easy. The attack in the north is very small, there should definitely be more. The energy level is massively too high due to the many wells. If both players have made the first camp is one already T3 that is almost absurdly fast, on expert I would see an abomination there. The other camps should be adjusted with units that you can tackle it with t3.

    Possible changes: 
    -More patrullia in the north, so you have to use the energy (like Insane God).
    -Adapt the camps to the corresponding orbs. (There can be much stronger units in the camp, take examples from Crusade, Nightmares maps Titans etc.)
    -Attack in the north take a few XL units with purely



    UPDATE: We played the map with feed speedrun 1 time, only with the knowlage of this 1 run u have the replay. We managed first try easy below 9 minutes. Got a little scripot error, cause we killd everythink in north first, after this the south base, the missin kill 3 spawncamps in north, was broken then. Anyways endwave got triggert even bevor one single atk wave appears


    This time with Replay

    Restoring Lyr Treim Wanky 14.41 FIRST TRY Treim Pur Frost defence.pmv 35.4 kB · 1 download

    Yep Im currently reworking the north especially 🙂 with the quests and such, looking good so far 😉

    5 hours ago, Emmaerzeh said:

    Very nice map.
    Beautiful mapart. Btw we rly need mapartist for our team. Feel free to apply if u want.  🙂
    Nice variety of defending and attacking.

    in general way too easy balancewise.

    Kind regards

    Thank you so much! 🙂 Yeah there are much more work and detail to be done here, this is just a very small part 😉 focusing on the scripts and balancing/bug fixing ATM. This is my first map ever so learning everything as i go here, never did it on the OG either 😄 but taking my time because i want it to have quality and feel like a "real" BF map. But have learnt so much of the editor and scripting so next map will be much cleaner and even better 🙂 Yeah maybe been thinking of applying 🙂


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  12. On 9/5/2021 at 7:13 PM, wanky said:

    have discovered the map by chance. First impression was: oh beautiful.

    Found the map not too difficult (maybe adv diff?) 

    Have the part below done with the defend, but paralel above helped with the clean. 

    Have the map "played through" if the endbosstimer would not be on 9999minuten. a whole week on the map defend without a break was then a bit too long for me 😄
    Have looked in the scripts to what it is missing then that it does not end. 

    I for my taste think the wave above the runs against the gold car may be quiet a little heavier. We have killed relatively carefree. 

    The waves at the bottom of the 3 walls is nice and crisp, not too hard, not too easy. But think that just if you look at it so that this is the middle difficulty, on expert still some fernkämpfer should be there in the first waves. 3 mele S troops are then but something "easy" to defend.

    Furthermore, I would welcome it if the towers that are placed on the map around the initial base, also have a use. So if they could shoot as you know it from other maps. 

    The whole thing was played with a random, without any agreement, without amii, without enlightenment. 
    I had down natural start, then shadow to defend with time vortex in addition to the windweavers. When I reached the top then t3 I have built at each wall still 1 necroblaster. 
    I played the whole thing without void manipulation because it was my 4 color allraunder map deck.  What exactly my mate had played I can not say, have that no longer exactly in memory. However, at t3 we both had asbone pyro, which had "simplified" the clearing of the strongest base at the top left. Together with motivate it went relatively well. 

    Unfortunately, I have not saved the replay, because as I said I did not know that the map was presented here in the forum. 

    Hope you can do something with this feedback


    Got the first update out for it with some stuff done 🙂

    On 9/6/2021 at 9:26 AM, Metagross31 said:

    I played this map yesterday and tried to condense my thoughts about it into a video, I hope it is helpful to you:


    Also, here is the replay file, in case you need it:

    20210905_132222_restoringlyr.pmv 44.42 kB · 2 downloads

    Got the first update out for it with some stuff done 🙂

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  13. 2 hours ago, Ladadoos said:

    @RookieN I didn't get too far before I lost, but the first impressions are very good (especially terrain texturing too)! Unfortunately, since I didn't get too far into the game I do not have much constructive criticism, but I did notice that the minimap was missing the goal for B? Not sure if this is on purpose or not.

    Thank you! still everybit helps now i know i need more focus on balancing 🙂 waves might be to hard or fast and such. How far did you get and were did you feel it was too hard/impossible? The B marker i must have forgot 😄

    • Hi all!

    Im working on a map called Restoring Lyr and its my first map ever so im still learning it all, but now im kind of done with the "core" work of the map, still alot to be done but for me to continue im gonna need some testing and help from other players. So if you want feel free to download it in community maps and try it and report the bugs/errors or suggestions to improve it!

    Its a 2P map with defend/attack elements


    Whats being worked on:

    Cyan = Worked on continuously

    Done = Added to the map


    Difficulties - Currently only one diff but will add /standard/Advanced/Expert (This will be the highest priority after the "core" of the map works fine)

    Map design - terrain/cliffs/textures/props/audio etc

    Balancing - exploits/missed blocking/more or less enemies?/to hard or easy?/waves/quests/monuments and power wells.

    Add more objectives at the north to put some pressure to get there in time, maybe some defence.

    Reworking the North with new quests and more content

    Add translation for german/russian/french

    Add more Outcries




     Updates - Just updated! 21-09-27


    Update 1 // 12-09-21


    Made the Objectives more clear for the player to understand (More minimap markers, timers, changed text information etc)

    Added a main objective "C" which tells the supply wagons need to be protected all the time.

    Added Supply wagon in the main base to be defended or you will also lose the game.

    Added the "flaming fog" at the north which will kill your troops if close to it (to hinder going outside the map).

    Added a little bit more buildings and enemies throughout the map.

    Made more space down by the walls in the middle to fit more buildings.

    Made the neautral map towers shoot enemies (might need some tweaking in the starter base).

    Added a few Outcries to the map, Including the start to explain some background and information for the map. Also outcry when winning and a warning outcry to warn the player not to enter the flaming fog. (More will come if feels needed!).

    Fixed the final attack wave to actually spawn it and attack which also means the map can be "won", Currently only comes down the middle lane for testing if it works fine it will be attacking with a wave from every side.

    Some changes to map design fixed some clipping/blocking and exploits.

    Added little more voidpower at the start



    Update 2 // 21-09-21


    Added alot more detail to the map // changed, Added and Removed some stuff

    Added more squads around the map (mostly up north)

    Balanced the squads (added a little bit more bigger units)

    Reworked some quests /added markers changed timers etc

    Added new quests // added timer on start so you cant skip the waves and just attack camps // new waves quest to defend up north aswell after the wagon attack.

    Added barriers to block the entrance to the northern enclave (they disappear after you destroyed all camps)

    Fixed so if you destroy some bases before the quest becomes active it wont break the game. So if you start to destroy a base it will count towards the next quest but wont spawn the wagon attack before you reach there.

    Removed some power wells to balance out the power return

    Moved one of the monuments in the middle to the northern enclave (There are 2 monuments up there by the "Supply" Wagon)

    Fixed Some glitches with flying units in the middle part of the map (this one is annoying but a little bit better for now)


    Update 2.1 // 26-09-21


    Difficulties! First iteration of difficulties this is subject to change on the way!

    Reworked north some more, made it a little bit bigger and added larger wall that can be built and mounted

    More details and art

    Updated minimap

    some minor tweaks to quests

    some tweaks to waves

    Supply Wagons (Gold Wagons) - Raised from 5.5k health to 25k



    Update 2.2 // 27-09-21


    Added the final attack to all 3 walls and tweaked it depending on difficulty

    Added a timer to prepare your defence for the final attack to give you a little bit time to build and gather the troops

    Tried adding voicelines to some outcries just to try it out, can probably do something fun with this (2 short ones are added)

    updated the loading screen picture







    So please if you try it send me a message on the forum or ingame mail and give some feedback whats good or bad. I wanna be able to polish it as best as i can so the next map will be even better. I want to continue the PvE Campaign story and maps 🙂


    Thanks for all the feedback!






  14. So i couldnt find any battleforge/skylords reborn wallpaper on Wallpaper Engine so i made an animated skylords reborn flag to show a little support 😄 thought i would share it with you.

    Here is workshop link https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2537003293

    or search Skylords in wallpaper engine workshop search bar.


    If you like it im probably going to do more of them 🙂



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  15. Just wanted to make a topic and tell all you devs that are behind this, that you are amazing! Even tho there are some problems right now with server issues and so, i won't complain afterall its a stress test!. I just can't wait to see what happens in the future. I was so nostalgic when i got into the forge and messed around with the cards and open the 2 boosters. I got to play 1 game and its just as good as i remember.

    I know my account here is new but i have been following you guys for a long time on other sites! So keep up the amazing work, you should be proud! can't wait for the more stable versions but i will still try now and report bugs and help you guys.

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