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  1. Brace for impact from the Age of Mythology group. Seriously though, great game too, highly recommend it if you like the classic RTS format and some real world lore to go with it.



    1. WaterMelonLord


      What a strange person, why can't they just like both games? And how is Battleforge on top of the foodchain lmao 

    2. Dallarian


      Bored jealous kid from small community want to destroy fun of other small community. I hate internet for being so toxic.

      Tbh I am happy for AoE 2 success even if I played only AoE 1; even when I am sad for Starcraft being abandoned. But growing hate toward whole world because of that?


      Dear fellow players, please stay sane for both you and your surroundings.

    3. Ladadoos
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