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  1. BFR Predictions

    I challenge you guys to make predictions about Battleforge Reborn. For example which promo do you think will be the most valuable (given that you can get them all in the same way/ratio)? Or when do you think there will be an open beta or when the game goes live? Or maybe you are pessimistic and you predict they will never finish it? Please make this thread as creative as possible but keep all predictions related to Battleforge Reborn and try to be a bit realistic. It will be fun to see who will get his predictions right in the end or gets closest. Maybe we can even make some bets with this (with bfp/gold in advance) :P I predict the Harvester promo will be the most valuable promo (given that all promos drop at the same ratio).
  2. Guess the Character/Map(PVE)

    [quote='Ultrakool' pid='3034' dateline='1436084560'] Totally difficult.... xD Moon in treasure fleet. "Viridya is weakening, I think we are halfway there!" [/quote] Moon in Ascension "Raze and devour! Bring down the false temple!"
  3. Upcoming podcast

    Have the devs thought about how they are going to implement matchmaking on the new server? Will there be official threads to discuss these kind of things with the community?
  4. An idea

    The problem with your idea is that people will make multiple accounts to get different cards and than transfer all cards to their main account.
  5. ELO and Matchmaking

    [quote='Sykole' pid='2993' dateline='1436029749'] Yet again, not trying to be that guy, but the possibilities of modifying the client is low. In the old BF, people used to play the game since the beta (2009), having maxed deck was something easy, but now we're ALL on a private server of the game, we will all start from scratch. Leaving alone that the devs might not be able to change such feature since they basically don't own the game, either the EULA will stop them from doing so or they will not be able because they don't own the game source. I'm with your ideas however and I support them. [/quote] As I said earlier in this thread, matchmaking is probably handled by the server, not the client. So the devs will be forced to develop it themselves...
  6. Corrupt-a-wish!

    [quote='ladadoos' pid='2960' dateline='1436018300'] Wish granted, but you would find out that it will still take afew years... I wish i could marry Dawn [/quote] Wish granted, but now you are married to Dawn. I wish nice weather.
  7. ELO and Matchmaking

    [quote='Drayze' pid='2949' dateline='1436013682'] I guess it would be way to much work changing the Matchmaking System. [/quote] The devs might be forced to since this probably happens on the server side...
  8. ELO and Matchmaking

    [quote='Aazrl' pid='2943' dateline='1436012329'] We suggested that people should be matched by their rank and deck level, so if 4 people on similar are looking for a match, two guys with the highest deck level will be matched together. [/quote] But how can 4 people with almost the same rank can be searching for a match at the same time? When the second guy searches, he should be immediately matched to the first guy since they have the same rank... If they wont be matched immediately, searching for a match will only take unnecessary longer while people already were complaining about the long waits. So this is only viable when there is a very big player base (bigger than the original Battleforge ever had).
  9. ELO and Matchmaking

    I dont think that is a good idea. Good players could just use a low deck to get matched to new players so they can gain easy ELO.
  10. Your favourite card?

    Unit: Cultist master Structure: Shrine of war Spell: Frenetic assault
  11. Guess the Character/Map(PVE)

    [quote='Mirakil' pid='2917' dateline='1436003924'] [quote='MephistoRoss' pid='2400' dateline='1435594594'] [quote='MrXLink' pid='2394' dateline='1435579959'] Guns of Lyr "Storm and Thunder! Take me away!" [/quote] Captain Blight in Raven's End "Ha! QueekQueek, you traitorous wretch! Here's your cure! Become the insignificant insect you are!" [/quote] Witch Doctor Umpalumpasomething, before turning QueekQueek the flying pig into an ant. i forgot his name, sorry. "It's explosive, pull back! Move back when these ones fall." [/quote] Rogan Kayle in Encounter with Twillight. Btw, it was Umbabwe in Oracle, but you were right with your description. "The next wagon is on its way"
  12. [quote='Kaldra' pid='2909' dateline='1436001744'] I just found that one on my harddrive, probably a bit outdated but hey it's nostalgie. :) [url=https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/27970276/BattleForge/Battle%20Forge%20Guide%20by%20Elendil%20and%20Kaldra.pdf]Battle Forge Guide by Elendil and Kaldra.pdf[/url] (16.5.2009) [/quote] It seems I have a newer version of your guide on my harddisk. It also includes some screenshots. I uploaded it here: [url=http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=52995438207016657923]http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=52995438207016657923[/url] I also found a guide made by Circadia: [url=http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=87003781608138654666]http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=87003781608138654666[/url]
  13. Design flaws of BattleForge

    [quote='Karl Lavafeld' pid='2572' dateline='1435781570'] I hope this fits to your thread. First of all I love the game and i m happy to get it back. I will deinstall other gods ähh ...games and only play bf then...:-) Some original Maps in bf had some problems in my opinion i want to explain. The difficulty gab from advanced to pro was in some maps to big. In advanced u could play every deck without challange and in pro u could only play 1 or 2 decks to win the game. Since the game had a awesome battlefield mode ,community maps and pvp mode it was no big problem to the game. Ascension: If any other Player on the map fails , u have no influence on it, or someone leaves the game. You loose. It was nearly impossible to find 12 people for that map. Oracle: Had this mini game at the end with the switches. i often had problems with the minigame more than with the map. Some Maps were extremely hard on pro and could be beeten only by exploiting special tactics, what made them repetetive and not varying,such as...: Dwarven riddle: 1 player stays t1 all game and only deffs the base the other solos the map. The other 2 are not needed but make u finish faster. Sun bridge : switching the switch imidiately or battle Twillight dragons+mobs with level 2. Behind Enemy Lines: was just a waiting game the first 20 minutes to gather a huge army for attack north and southeast simultaniously while killing the berserkers on their way to the place where they transform. Blight: i could only manage position 3 I allways found the game lacks coop-maps where u actually walk around together and both get wells and monus, and not both do their thing on different sides of the map and can only help eachother with spells. I m quite sure that some people could beat all maps with varying decks and tactics but only the top elite. "Equip Flameprotection +10^^" I not want to say this must be changed i just want to mention. Greetings [/quote] Ascension, I agree, would be cool if this were 3 seperate maps I guess. Oracle, I never had problems with the mini game. Dwarven riddle, I agree, although it was still a fun map. Sunbridge, I agree. Behind enemy lines, there were many possible tactics to play it faster, I found it actually quite a fun map forcing you to fight on several fronts at once. Blight, one of my favourite maps, but without having a tactic in advance it can be quite hard indeed, but if everything was very easy, PvE would get boring very fast, so this is something good imo.
  14. Promo cards drop rate

    [quote='Ultrakool' pid='2755' dateline='1435903848'] [quote='Aazrl' pid='2737' dateline='1435881618'] Let's just make a list of all promo cards. - Promo Construct and Promo Swamp Drake - we could get them for preordering in USA/Europe - Promo Harvester, Promo Lyrish Knight, Promo Razorleaf, Promo Juggernaut - we could get them for preordering anywhere - Promo Firedancer - we could get it for beta testing - Promo Santa Claus - we could get it in special tome promotion during the 2009 Christmas season - Promo Viridya, Promo Mo, Promo Grinder - rewards for refer a friend - Promo Easter Egg - Reward for being online during Easter This list is missing Promo Rogan Kayle and Promo Ravenheart. I belive that one was given for beta testing the first expansion, but i am not sure which one. [/quote] Neither, im pretty sure Rogan and Ravenheart came out later in the game, Ravenheart was given to players who made their accounts before a certain date, although it was pretty late date. There were some people I know that farmed Promo Ravenheart... [/quote] Rogan was also by refering a friend if I remember correctly. Ravenheart was given to every player at a certain day.
  15. Speedrun links

    [quote='Aazrl' pid='2761' dateline='1435907683'] I am not sure if trick on Bad Harvest works anymore. As far as I remember, they were trying to fix it. [/quote] That still works, we were still doing that the last couple months of BF.
  16. Speedrun links

    [quote='Ultrakool' pid='2722' dateline='1435878203'] It would be a while until people have the cards needed to try this again... Are any of the "exploits" fixed since time of recording? [/quote] Stampede with unholy doesnt work anymore to kill bosses. And second chance doesnt let you kill and revive your own units .
  17. All maps done on expert with just the starting (P4F) cards

    [quote='Ultrakool' pid='2724' dateline='1435878328'] [quote='Arabasti234' pid='2247' dateline='1435403556'] Need to have a few more sections [/quote] yeah would be cool if you could edit it, splitting 1P, 2P, 4P maps and so forth..... If you have the time, it would really be helpful later on ;) [/quote] Am I missing something? They are already devided into 1p, 2p, 4p and missing sections... I made it explicit now, hope this helps.
  18. BFR Trailers!

    [quote='Aazrl' pid='2591' dateline='1435801609'] How are you going to cast timeshifter spirit and lost dragon at once? Cheater! [/quote] Raven's end solo
  19. Yoyoyoyoyoyo guys here is the work that I finished last month

    [quote='TheGodKiller' pid='2462' dateline='1435692290'] It's nice! :) Just kinda sad we can't see the feet of the AoF :/ [/quote] Who needs feet when you have a cool ice shield?
  20. Say something about the person above you.

    Is always online
  21. Upcoming podcast

    Have the Devs made a final decision on how the ratio will be of how the cards drop in boosters? I noticed in the Devlog #1 that half of the cards were rare while commons only dropped 1/8 and 2/8. I take it that that was just for testing since that would make rare cards more 'common' than common cards :P Or will there be maybe something like cheap boosters (with the old ratio's) and more expensive boosters (with the new ratio)? So what will be the prices of the boosters? How high will the daily rewards be and will they work exactly the same as before just with a different amount of BFP? Because with higher daily rewards, people might start multi accounting to get the daily award for several accounts and transfer the BFP to their main account... Also more info about the 'quests' to earn BFP which were mentioned would be nice. So I am really interested in how the new economic system will work and like Ultrakool mentioned, if we start with the same p4f cards as we used too or with a different set? Furthermore, it might be nice to know what the biggest obstacles are in the development. What are the problems/challenges being faced atm for example? And what is the plan with the new website? Will it be possible to access the chat, pvp rank ladder, pve speedrun times, marketplace or any other game features through the website for example? Maybe even with expansions like history statistics on card prices in the market.
  22. Say something about the person above you.

    Is the king of battlegrounds ;)
  23. Favorite music

    [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRPd-7d-nWE][video=youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRPd-7d-nWE[/video][/url] [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRPd-7d-nWE]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRPd-7d-nWE[/url]
  24. Guess the Character/Map(PVE)

    [quote='MrXLink' pid='2394' dateline='1435579959'] Guns of Lyr "Storm and Thunder! Take me away!" [/quote] Captain Blight in Raven's End "Ha! QueekQueek, you traitorous wretch! Here's your cure! Become the insignificant insect you are!"
  25. Design flaws of BattleForge

    I actually found it a nice challenge to help (new) players with cheap/low level decks complete expert maps. One of the nice things in Battleforge is that you can help other players with spells and stuff. Although it was sometimes quite frustrating to see the other player leave after a couple minutes when he found out the map was harder then he expected. Nevertheless, this gave me a new challenge to solo the map.