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  1. Upcoming podcast

    Have the Devs made a final decision on how the ratio will be of how the cards drop in boosters? I noticed in the Devlog #1 that half of the cards were rare while commons only dropped 1/8 and 2/8. I take it that that was just for testing since that would make rare cards more 'common' than common cards :P Or will there be maybe something like cheap boosters (with the old ratio's) and more expensive boosters (with the new ratio)? So what will be the prices of the boosters? How high will the daily rewards be and will they work exactly the same as before just with a different amount of BFP? Because with higher daily rewards, people might start multi accounting to get the daily award for several accounts and transfer the BFP to their main account... Also more info about the 'quests' to earn BFP which were mentioned would be nice. So I am really interested in how the new economic system will work and like Ultrakool mentioned, if we start with the same p4f cards as we used too or with a different set? Furthermore, it might be nice to know what the biggest obstacles are in the development. What are the problems/challenges being faced atm for example? And what is the plan with the new website? Will it be possible to access the chat, pvp rank ladder, pve speedrun times, marketplace or any other game features through the website for example? Maybe even with expansions like history statistics on card prices in the market.
  2. Say something about the person above you.

    Is the king of battlegrounds ;)
  3. Favorite music

    [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRPd-7d-nWE][video=youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRPd-7d-nWE[/video][/url] [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRPd-7d-nWE]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRPd-7d-nWE[/url]
  4. Guess the Character/Map(PVE)

    [quote='MrXLink' pid='2394' dateline='1435579959'] Guns of Lyr "Storm and Thunder! Take me away!" [/quote] Captain Blight in Raven's End "Ha! QueekQueek, you traitorous wretch! Here's your cure! Become the insignificant insect you are!"
  5. Design flaws of BattleForge

    I actually found it a nice challenge to help (new) players with cheap/low level decks complete expert maps. One of the nice things in Battleforge is that you can help other players with spells and stuff. Although it was sometimes quite frustrating to see the other player leave after a couple minutes when he found out the map was harder then he expected. Nevertheless, this gave me a new challenge to solo the map.
  6. Corrupt-a-wish!

    [quote='Alendorf' pid='2283' dateline='1435429571'] wish granted but you don't have water around you too and you die... I wish i have a husky (dog) =D [/quote] Granted, but you will get 101 of them. I wish I wasn't bored.
  7. Expert multiplayer maps done solo

    Hehe, I was a bit bored today, so I was watching some videos and decided to make a list of them...
  8. What will become of the balance?

    As a PVE/speedrun guy, I think balance should just focus on PvP. PvP is where balance only matters. PvE and speedruns will always be fun, it would just mean people need to figure out new tactics. Even if a nerf means a speedrun tactic wont be possible anymore, it will just bring a new challenge for speedrunners to be even more creative and figure out a new best tactic (which is fun).
  9. How to get cards without payment

    I dont think any amount of BFP should be given to new players at start. That will motivate people to make several accounts and just transfer the BFP to their main account. So only some basic cards should be given at start (maybe even x4 so people also wont make extra accounts to get those fully charged, these basic cards will be worthless anyway) and BFP should only be earned (by daily rewards, won matches (pvp/pve, but something cheaters cant really abuse), community challenges, making maps or helping the devs in any other way). Another idea could be to give every player not just the basic cards but all common cards x4 by default and only hand out uncommons, rare, ultra rare and promos in boosters since commons will probably be worthless anyway. But this is up to the Devs of course. Anyway, first lets wait until the Devs are able to get the game playable again, until that time this discussion is not really a priority.
  10. Guess the Character/Map(PVE)

    Brannoc in Sunbridge "Blight's old harpooner? Why should I trust you?"