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  1. the latter; sorry i thought i was clear. im currently trying to "reproduce" the error, but its a bit hard to do since it feels... random. if i manage to do it i can and will post the full lua error, but its basicly a "fail to write to file" error
  2. NAME: Sporadic Errors while trying to write to Folder Contents of BattleForge folder SEVERITY: 2 LOCATION: [if it happens] most of the time on login, sometimes when accessing the world map REPRODUCIBILITY: None ( probably a race condition? ) SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: [ Will be provided once i remove the workaround again ] ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This is possible to workaround with a NTFS Junction; at least i can say i haven't seen this error again with the Junction in place, see below: Adding it: Removing it:
  3. nope, its *this* saturday, check the timeanddate link in the main post if in doubt, some countries format the date month/day/year instead of day/month/year
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