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  1. @Eirias hey there I got a theory and I wanted to run it by you to see if it made sense... So for every 50 VP you get, you get 1 more vp converted to UP per two seconds does it mean that whenever you acrue a disadvantage in power, that disadvantage will last for 100 seconds?


    Does it actually mattar then what your VP power level is and will that affect the time the disadvantage lasts?

    1. Eirias


      @Ultrakool That depends what you mean by "disadvantage."

      But I understand it, not necessarily. Refer to my math guide for specifics, but I'll assume that you mean one player just wasted a certain amount of power? Let's say, 80 power for a heal that did nothing. The other player still has that 80 power in his power pool. You can model this by using 2 equations and using 2 different subscripts. I'll use subscript _2 to represent the person who has 80 extra power in the power pool, and subscript _1 to represent the person who has 72 extra power in the void pool.


      Obviously, the first thing to note is that the player who has wasted 80 power will never get all 80 of it back. But more importantly, this function is not linear. After 100 seconds, the player who wasted power has recovered about 45 power, or 57% of what he originally lost. In fact, no matter what the original amount of wasted power, after 100 seconds, you should have recovered 57% of it back. The curve is asymptotic, so there's not technically a point where "all" (aka 90%) of the wasted power is returned. However, it would take a little bit shy of 4 minutes to gain 90% of the return (this is confusing, but I mean 90% of the power that you will get after an infinite amount of time).

      But then you also have to consider that I might use my 80 extra power to create a power well, or destroy one of yours, and thus create an even larger power discrepancy.f


      Let me know if that didn't make sense, and I'll try to explain more.

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