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  1. @Zeuthen I quickly looked at the problem and although I can attempt a fix to prevent the errors from happening, it won't really fix the issue itself. Could you next time this happens also upload your log.txt which can be found in Documents>BattleForge>Diag->log.txt ? Also feel free to send images/videos to me on discord next time if the 3.91MB cap is not enough.
  2. This has already been fixed and will be pushed with the next client up either in a couple of hours or tomorrow morning.
  3. @RaptorToes Like @Ultrakool mentioned, the cards are added to your inventory the moment you hit the "Open booster" button. It doesn't matter if you flip the cards or not, they are added regardless. The flipping cards part is just a cool way to display to the user what cards they received.
  4. As stated by the rewards for that quests, this quest only gives you a santa claus.
  5. @Spov Is there any error that appears or does the game just close? What exactly happens?
  6. Ladadoos


    @MadeInGermany Someone completed 2 quests on your account (and computer) for 75BFP each and then bid on auction for 466BFP, resulting in the 434 BFP.
  7. @IlCamionistaMalvagio Because someone forgot bloodhorn receives stampede from the first upgrade
  8. I guess it fits best here. Has some irrelevant things in there, but should still be a solid piece. BattleForgeScripting.docx http://battleforge.wikia.com/wiki/BattleForge_Wiki The wiki has useful information (although not always correct): Card ID's, conditions, all about commands (description, type of arguments etc...) Once you're comfortable, I would highly suggest to look at some official PVE maps as some have script elements that are covered nowhere.
  9. @Creep Crusher Do all other keybindings work? You mentioned you changed the keybinding and it still didn't work: to what did you change it to? You said you tried deleting the BF folder in Documents, did you also try to re download the whole game? I am unable to reproduce this bug, please provide more details.
  10. @Kubik Not sure either to be honest. Would be nice to know if it gives any errors @madness in a bottle, or if it just crashes. A client re download sounds like a good first step though.
  11. Sorry guys, that was my fault Should be fixed in a couple of minutes once the fix is live!
  12. @Nexo A 3 second google search gave me the answer: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-windows_install-winpc/msvcr120dll-missing/ef3bca56-3155-4383-ac99-d2a6ea262831?auth=1
  13. @Kortawiggas You need to play at least 2.5 hours (in matches) to be able to start completing quests. This information is lacking ingame and should soon be added.
  14. Should be fixed with next client update.
  15. @Flrbb I kinda think the worldmap is a little cluttered with all those difficulty (radio)buttons to be honest. One possibility would be to extend/modify the statistics page to show this information, although that would turn into quite a list. Definitely possible either way.
  16. @sta2109 Not anytime in the near future. This is not a feature that is supported by Battleforge so it has low priority. I believe that won't work @Kiwi, because the chat has a minimum size which is the size the chat starts with. And BF is setting the starting size wrong due to the unsupported resolution.
  17. Thanks for the report, I will take a look. Also moved this to client-sided.
  18. Sounds like EA bug. Cocofang is going to do a few more tests, maybe it's just the newly added forge units that are causing this issue. 1- Is it only forge units or cards too that are crashing the game? 2- If it's only forge units, what units?
  19. For any moderator reading this, this bug has been fixed and can be moved to its appropriate section.
  20. Yes. Players should not be able to drag starter cards to mail, trade and auction. It should give "This card is not tradable" system message.
  21. @sta2109 You seem to be running the game in a resolution that isn't meant to be run at, which explains this issue.
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