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  1. Moriak

    Card vanish in the auction house

    Wow lot of replies ... :'D No I checked a few minutes ago just before answer you, nothing. No no I am sure I posted the shaman with the razorleaf because I put it in auction just before I left, the evening(my quests were all completed so I am sure on that point), and in the morning I just had 1 message with the razorleaf sold (220BF) and no message for the shaman. So I went into the auction house to see if the price was too high (in order to put it sheeper), but my auctions were empty xD Sorry, I have no more screenshots because I didn't expect that I lost it in the auction house :/ Plus, I remember that I was saying to myself : "wow I will exceed the 10.000 BF if I sell my shaman :D". I just have the feeling that I was crazy so I check my inventory and indeed, I lost my shaman in the void :'D 800 BF went in the void ! xD I think it's pretty embarassing for a bug. But I hope someone got the card
  2. Hello ! NAME: A vanished card SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: The auction house REPRODUCIBILITY: first time DESCRIPTION: I put in auction my shaman but it disapeared and I got no BF points in exchange. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: I have 2 screenshots, one of the last booster opened ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: In that booster, I sold my razorleaf and I got the message of that. But no message for my Shaman and I saw that it just disappeared... :/
  3. Hello everyone Hope you have a nice day on BF !! NAME: Giant King upgrade rewards problem (2 players). SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: The rewards window. REPRODUCIBILITY: 2 times in a row... :/ DESCRIPTION: We played with Otaka today 5 or 6 times Giant King, the 4-players quest. No problems up to 11 p.m. (more or less). Then we tried it one time, successfuly, no rewards. OK maybe we lost but the victory screen appeared :O So we tried it a second time. Same thing : no XP, no upgrade rewards. Nothing. We won that 2 times and 0 upgrade cards. We got the gold from the chests but nothing more. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: I forgot to take a screenshot... ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: No idea because we did it 5 or 6 times... The 4 or 5 first times there were no problems. Do you think it is possible to have something in exchange, if you have access to the historical ? I wish you all a lovely day Bye ! PS : If there is already a bug report on this... I am sorry :/ EDIT : Today is OK. But I don't understand the reason of that bug ? :/ Rogan Kyle passed alive the last objective, but this time I destroyed all the walls (objective C... strange objective...). There is any reason for the objective ?
  4. Moriak

    Didn't have my Christmas' reward

    OK now I feel stupid... Thank you very much... Sorry for that !
  5. Hello everyone ! Maybe the support can help me ? I got my Christmas' quest, I did it, but I delete my message (as always) to get my rewards faster. I always do that and I never encountered any problems. But in that case for the Christmas's booster I didn't have it when I deleted the message :/ Can someone help me please to have my reward ? EDIT : I have in my cards "Santa Clauss" but I don't know if there is a link with the booster : I didn't open the booster (maybe it automaticly open itself and add just 1 card : santa clauss ?). Have a great week everyone !

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