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  1. Use hand to move mouse, will relocate coursor.
  2. With the old BF I played a not pure, but focused on, shadow deck in rPvE. But I cannot remember which were all the good cards.... So far, I figured there are: T1: Motivate, Forsaken, Soul Splicer (green) T2: Shadow Phoenix (+Embalmers) or as alternative: Shadow Mages + Virida, what about Darkelf Assassins? "Fun" cards: Undead Army and Resource Booster T3: Soulshatter, Ashbone Pyro and Infect T4: Either Deathray (with healing), in general: other splash units like Lost Souls Spirit Ship, Bloodhorn (because of stampede) ... ? What are core cards for shadow deck in yo
  3. Maybe we should make some sort of wiki for all those enemy buildings, with pictures and what their function is. On the other side, when playing the campaign you'll learn slowly what each building will do to you. I have to agree that T1 fire (green Nomad + Mine) is possible the fastest opening, but as far as I can observe from teammates, it fails misserable when you underestimate the first camp or the second camp is to close or you have a lost souls map. For T4 I would add (the not often seen) Fire Drake (or is it Dragon?), imo that unit kills single xl targets very fast. It is basica
  4. NAME: unsynchonous group Management SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: after a pve match, not really bound to "a location" REPRODUCIBILITY: not tried to reproduce DESCRIPTION: Played a two player PvE, one of us lost his last ob and got back to mission summary. There, where is says you've lost, usually get your upgrades and gold bonusses. The important part is the group display on the right side (middle of the screen). The payer which left early was either in no group anymore or activly left group (do not remember). As the remaining player won the mission and came back to the summary
  5. No, it is a different error. In the other thread they say, they do not own the card but are able to access the update screen. The error occures ehen the try to apply the upper row upgrades. In my case I do own 2 copys, the upper row upgrade is allready done and I just cannot combine/bind my 2nd copy of that card to the "base card" to double the charges of that card.
  6. NAME: adding charges to Lost Dragon (purple) does not work SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: In the upgrade screen of the Card Lost Dragon (purple). There, where you pay gold to "combine" multiple cards to one stronger one. REPRODUCIBILITY: Allways. Could never add a Charge to that Card. DESCRIPTION: There are two kinds of "upgrades" to a card; those who give more power to a card and those who add charges to a card. I do not have any problems adding upgrades of any kind to any card - except for the Lost Dragon (purple). I was able to add the first upgrade to that dragon (so now the car
  7. NAME: Sorting in AH SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: auction house REPRODUCIBILITY: happens each time DESCRIPTION: When seraching the AH for a card name you'll get a table with the results. Theses results are sortable with these small arrows above the table. At first, the table is sorted by ist current bid. When you switch to "sort by lowest buy out", it rearanges the table and the small arrow you've clicked gets yellow to indicate which is the current sceme for the sorting. Until here every Thing works as indended. Now, you enter another Card Name to search for. You'll get the new li
  8. Ohhh, all the good old memories! Earthshaker, Cluster Explosion. I totaly forgot about these cards. I do use Fire Sphere to destroy bases/huts. The do come for free within the game. Anyhow. Besides the need for 3 fire orbs, why do you would chose Earthshaker above Fire Sphere? Please enlighten me. If you had only two (or even just one) spare Slot which of the three spells you would take with you?
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