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  1. I started playing rpve and I am having a lot of fun with my basic deck. The only problem is that I have a lot of downtime when I wait for enough energy to spend on my t3 or t4 units which kinda draws out the game. Are there any cards that would speed up my game? Deck: Nature T1 Windweavers Shaman Fire T2 Scythe Fiends Vileblood Fire T3 Volcano Deepcoil Worm Virtuoso Fire T4 Grimvine Fire Dragon Giant Wyrm Buildings: Shrine of War Breeding Grounds Banner of Glory Spells: Surge of Light Ensnaring Roots Thunderstorm Curse of Oink Unity Regrowth Ray of Light A usual game of mine is in rpve 6: Start with 4x WW and 4x Shaman and Kill every camp until T3 then build breeding grounds, kill my t1 units in banner of glory and wait for energy to make deepcoil and volcanoes, get t4 camp. wait for energy for big units and last kill every camp with the big army, regrowth and unity.

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