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  1. The main problem is that construct already comes  with a lot of strong abilities - long range, siege and XL-knockback. So other than flying units and bosses nothing can stop it. Every ground unit gets knocked around, buildings get destroyed from far away - the only attribute stopping it from being superior to every other T4 unit is the fact that it's slow. Removing it (even conditionally like battleship) will probably leave it as too strong.

    There are also ways to make it more mobile wich are sometimes used to play constructs in rPVEs:

    - use deepcoilworm (as a mobile tunnel) and burying ritual to teleport the constructs

    - netherwarp (using incredible Mo's yellow ability circumvents port immunity after a port)

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  2. 9 hours ago, RadicalX said:

    - A possible move to cheese Frost or hyperscaling players in general is to handshake a lot of bonus wells in the early game (ideally you want 8 or more). This opens up an economy which not only allows a fast T3, but also makes T4 an actually realistic move. Frost does not really get map control, so by contesting the center in the early game you can secure the orb spots for such a strategy. Pure Shadow has quite a few flex slots, so there is space to prepare for this without really sacrificing too much early game strength.

    Tried that and it turns out: bloodhorn is indeed pretty good vs pure frost! That was the cheese i needed, thanks very much!

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  3. I started playing pure shadow again and am really struggling against pure frost so i reread this guide again. If i win it's by rushing frost's first extra well wich seems like my only realistic chance (if the frost player doesn't get too greedy and i can nightcrawler spam vs his T1). But once the matchup reaches T2 vs T2 i stand no chance, in T3 Satanael gets destroyed by timeless + core dredge (blue). Nox carrier is mentioned, but i don't see how it helps - it can either be frozen and killed before reaching a well or the rippers get easily countered by frost mage or silverwinds. For me this matchup seems really, really bad...you get the rare map control win, but that's only possible on Uro and some random maps, so my question is: are there any niche counter cards or strategic approaches i didn't think of yet?

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  4. You can try to take over scythes with parasite swarm. It's a big investment but a very good trade if it works. Pure fire is more susceptible to parasite swarm swaps than other fire splashes so your chances are good...you only have to watch out for drake/gladiatrix + eruption combos.

  5. 10 minutes ago, nofearek9 said:

    let me disagree with that ,from a small conversation i saw today ingame ,about the pvp balance and especially about the new mine card.lot of user dont feel the same as you,but the problem as said ,is what they said ingame nobody from the mods hear it.

    Also because someone is top player doesn't mean he is good in balancing ,dont mix apples with oranges.


    I made that exact same argument years ago when the discussion was about who gets to run the balancing: Topplayer doesn't mean good balancing managing.

    BUT the players they chose to me seem like the most level headed, reasonable and knowledgeable people they could find. WIth the risk of sounding a little elitist: Most of the pvp players don't know what the f they are talking about, me too, sometimes. But they really do.

    Edit: And nobody's perfect, what's 1 minefield compared to 100 positive changes?

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  6. 34 minutes ago, nofearek9 said:

    i believe the problem is that most users are not taking part in the balancing decision

    That's a good thing isn't it? I rather have 4 or 5 topplayers running the balance department than 300 random players voting on whatever their mood is. Btw even if you can't personally decide on what will be done, you can always take part in the discussions on discord or here. Even OPs brilliant input will be heard, i'm sure.

    Edit: deck diversity in pvp got muuuuch better wich to me is proof that overall they're doing well

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  7.  Mind Control: 
    1. Power cost: 300p ➜ 250p
    2. Charges: 4 ➜ 8
    3. Takeover limit: 300p ➜ 350p
    4. Allow to be used past population limit
    5. Now cleanses all debuffs and makes mind controlled unit immune to all major debuffs for 15 seconds after cast. 



  8. 1 hour ago, Sopwith said:

    Plague is cool, but death ray doesn't go up to its full potential without a reliable healing spell given by nature.

    Undead army and bloodhealing is usually enough.

    :frostorb::frostorb::frostorb::fireorb: gives you access to winterwitch and she's pretty strong, so i don't know if it's weaker than :fireorb::fireorb::fireorb::frostorb:. Still one of those or :fireorb::fireorb::fireorb::shadoworb: would be the orbcombos i would try to avoid in most cases, so i'm thinking in the same direction as you as what might be the weakest. A solo shadow orb is always wrong in my book (unless you wanna spam LSS), a second shadow orb simply quadruples the potential (resource booster!). makes me notice im a 2x/2x guy (or 4X), never really play anything 3x/1x...

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  9. 1 hour ago, wanky said:

    If there is no happy hour it looks like this ---> not rly popular. 

    With the playerbase as low as it is it would make more sense to compare active players in ranked for example (people who had matches in the last weeks). Comparing those you see that there are more players in pvp than 1 month ago, much more than 3 months ago. Nobody claims its a superpopular mode. But you claimed it's dead, wich is definetly not the case.

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  10. Yeah this feels like a post from 2018, the progress is totally there and also done with a a holisitc approach. For example take pure frost: they made a formerly useless 4th frost orb really great by dreadnougt healing shielded units. Wich also makes him an unatractive target for enlightenment cause his synergy is mostly in his pure deck.

    About the thugs nerf: that had to be done cause of pvp, people literally stopped playing because of that card, same for strikers.

  11. 29 minutes ago, DraconMars89 said:

    Thats a lot to read.

    Thanks people!

    I promise, i will get to the bottom of it. 😄 

    Though remember that since Radical has written those, there have been a few changes. Good news is that all these changes improved nature T1's performance. For example, in the nature T1 guide there's an emphasis on how dangerous shadow's phasetower is in this matchup. This tower has since been nerfed and people don't play it anymore. Most of the mentioned strategic approaches are still relevant, though. Shadow T1 still excels in splitattacks/ is strong early, nature can still try to build up an unstoppable ball of death /is strong late.

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  12. 2 hours ago, DraconMars89 said:

    Pure shadow is a beast overall in 1v1 in my opinion, this keeps me away from pvp.

    It's so good that nobody plays it!

    Edit: What T1 do you play, because if you have problems with forskane AND nox trooper, there's something wrong. Nox troopers are very weak vs fire while more than 1 or 2 forsaken are useless vs nature or frost. One of these might help:

    Didn't find a guide for fire T1 right now.

  13. On 10/6/2022 at 5:58 PM, Carofex said:

    the new archivements with "play 20 sparrings" (perhaps also "play 20 ranked matches") make some players to create second accounts. watch out...

    At first i was like ,,okay let them have their little fun'' but now its kind of getting annoying. 50% of my matches are vs capable players wich cost me 600-1000 ELO every match i lose - and if i win i get 100. Wasn't a problem when there was only one but theyre getting more and playing ranked becomes kind of frustrating.

  14. I feel like players would just spam the market with cards priced 999999 BFP that they don't wanna sell anyway = easy free quest money. The market feels relatively healthy at the moment. There's the occasional missing card, but usually not for more than a few hours.

    Rewards for playing community maps is a nice idea though.

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