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  1. Kanuepps

    PvE & PvP Tutors & Apprentices

    I am pretty sure that there was a tiny bit of sarcasm from SpiritOfTheAbyss' side
  2. Kanuepps

    PvE & PvP Tutors & Apprentices

    I really would like to share my knowledge on fire/frost as an tutor. Played all imaginable combinations of that coloursplash and was a bit succesful I guess (rank 35-50). I also know the basics of the other colours, but I would prefer teaching fire/frost. Basic understanding of PvP is welcome, everything else can be teached while playing together, spectating games, basically everything what I think should be required. My german and english is pretty much fluent. Kaliber84, looks like I should fit your requirements?:) cheers
  3. Kanuepps

    Opening Tournament

    Please also sign me in for 1vs1. Edit: Sign me up for 2vs2 as well. Have to find some mate till then, so if anybody is up for this write me a message.
  4. Kanuepps

    Fire/Frost - Frost/Fire Deck Comparison

    Oh well, I misunderstood. That makes a lot more sense to me. Anyways I might just get rid of the Idea just playing with two Orbs. Definitely going to know it when I will finally play some matches. Yes, I never got higher than rank 50-60. Im aware of the fact, that the gameplay drastically changes when getting even higher, more microintensive stuff in t1, so on.. From my perspective, Frost Sorceress was quite valuable. Of course it didn't consisted just of shielded drakes, but way more on keeping units alive while attacking an enemy's base with different Units. Switching between ravage and a well placed shield saved me a lot Units - remind, its just from my perspective, so if you say its easy counterable in higher ranks, then I will keep this in mind and might consider changing it when needed. Agree with Mortar. Good for stomping noobs maybe, but the more microintensive it gets, the easier its countered. Also thank you for your advice. He definitely meant stormsinger as an m-counter. Skyfire is just to expensive and to susceptible to cc. Of course Skyfire is an awesome m-counter, but there are just too many situations where a stormsinger is a better Idea. Swift+ranged is just perfect when it comes to avoid cc or getting killed in the defense. Two stormsingers in the defense are much harder to kill than one single skyfire. Dmg output can be increased with Home Soil, but you already know that. My opinion: When I'm going to play t3, it just has to be more than one card - especially Giant Slayer is easy countered by many deck's. Relying on them as a finisher is not enough I fear. Where exactly do you see the t2 weaknesses? Bringing in disenchant while having Gladiatrix is unnecessary. Do you miss the Lyrish Knight-Ice Barrier-Home Soil combo?
  5. Kanuepps

    Fire/Frost - Frost/Fire Deck Comparison

    Funny that you answer while in the background is playing 'Blaues Licht' from your soundcloud. Btw there are some nice tracks. I already was around top 50-60 most of my active time, so I can understand to what you refer to. Lost quite a lot against Lost Souls t3, just because its veery strong. And as far as I can remember Lost souls was played quite often. Just had Giant Slayer and Silverwinds/Virtouso because my 'playstyle' is already based around t1+t2. You are right. That is exactly the reason why I started to think about not including t3 - most t3's just were better than mine and Fire/Frost just isn't the best supporter for Giant Slayer. Thus making a versatile t1+t2 seemed, if it would make sense... Scorched earth, I dont know. Great if I could afford another Deckslot. It will be possible when staying t2, but a this big t1 and including t3? It wont be possible for the way I'm playing I guess. Im very curious when it's finally released and I can test the bullshit I'm talking for myself. Thank you also for your help.
  6. Kanuepps

    Fire/Frost - Frost/Fire Deck Comparison

    First let me thank you both for your advise and ideas you're giving - really appreciate that. Rallying Banner istn't that neccessary because spawning these Units dazed shouldnt be that critical here. They aren't really lacking Health while there is no really special Ability which I can profit from (except stormsinger, maybe frost sorceress but it shouldn't be a big problem getting an undazed stormsinger to the battle) I also won't spawn a dazed Drake either. I have to make my decision with experience, if the ability of rallying banner can stand against much lower cost for ice barrier therfore makes it spammable. I really liked Mortar and Sundy, especially Sundy so I think I can replace Firestalker with him. Mortar in my opinion can be still some kind of op while in the same time ist easy countered by skilled players on some maps (I dont like the possibility to cliff with it either. Having groundpresence isnt that difficult) And I dont like the chance, that a card is either useful or not depending on the map. With Stormsinger and Glady you and RadicalX are probably right. Seems a bit too much for me. Still a bit concerned about just having firesworn as a L-counter, but it can be done. Disenchant seems like a good replacement, especially if I do like I'm advised and bring Mounty to the field. @ RadicalX: Nice and extensive analysis of my deck Ideas - really hoped to get something like this. Totally forgot about oink as counter for wintertide. Wasn't that active lately:/ Seems I mostly agree with what you're saying. You're also very right with the swift Unit at the beginning while having to stay t2. Wasnt an aspect in my deckbuilding-thoughts till now. Thank you for this. Probably I'll stay fire t1, also because I'm just used to it. Replaced some cards now: Scavenger,Sunstriders,Firesworn_fire,Thugs,Eruption,Home-Soil,Glacier-Shell,Ice-Barrier,Coldsnap,Frost-Sorceress,Kobold-Trick,Mountaineer,Stormsinger_nature,Lyrish-Knight,Lava-Field,Ravage,Skyfire-Drake,Rageclaws,Scythe-Fiends,Disenchant_shadow Anything lacking here? I know the Lyrish-combo is very 'Deckslotintensive' and the standard Fire/Frost ist played mostly without. But I cant see me standing a chance without them while at the same time staying just t2...Anyways, this way my deck would look like this: Scavenger,Sunstriders,Sunderer,Thugs,Firesworn_fire,Mortar-Tower,Eruption,Coldsnap,Frost-Bite_shadow,Frost-Sorceress,Glacier-Shell,Kobold-Trick,Stormsinger_fire,Mountaineer,Gladiatrix_nature,Rageclaws,Ravage,Scythe-Fiends,Skyfire-Drake,Lava-Field Most likely dropping either Mounty and/or Mortar for Giant Slayer and another t3 card when I realize someday, that a small t3 can be very valuable. Till then I like the Idea and Challenge restricting myself to 2 Orbs. Thank you both again. It buzzed around my Head for a few days by now and I couldn't figured it out by myself how to deal with this.
  7. Kanuepps

    Fire/Frost - Frost/Fire Deck Comparison

    Hey Guys, Till the last days of BF I played Fire/Frost in PvP. For my next deck, I had the Idea to exclude t3 from my deck, because I want to play a bigger t1 while maintaining a big variety of units and Combinations in t2. This is the deck I had so far in my mind: Scavenger,Sunstriders,Firesworn_fire,Thugs,Eruption,Home-Soil,Glacier-Shell,Ice-Barrier,Coldsnap,Frost-Sorceress,Kobold-Trick,Lava-Field,Ravage,Lyrish-Knight,Stormsinger_nature,Skyfire-Drake,Rageclaws,Scythe-Fiends,Gladiatrix_nature,Fire-Stalker I would/could include Mortar/Sunderer/Mountaineer/Termite Hill somewhere into this, but these are my least favoured options. Please tell me what you think of this, especially if my t1 is suitable for playing High-ranked and your thoughts about staying t2 with Fire/Frost, maybe also your thoughts about possible Weaknesses in here. I included Lyrish Knight as 'new' card compared to my old deck, because I have to stay t2 the entire game. I'm also hoping to eliminate the big Weakness against stonekin (knockback). Home soil and Ice Barrier are of course also a must have, if you bring Lyrish. My Idea is, to have no real 'siege' unit who does the job, thats why there is no mountaineer. There is a counter for (I hope so) everything while all t2 units (except stormsinger, gladiatrix and Firestalker. It's dmg is just nahw although it has siege) are able to deal great dmg on Wells or Orbs-especially with Home Soil. While Rageclaws suck in the Defense, they're great to kick Wells in the Offense. Of course they often suck against shadowsplashes because Darkelf Assasins, so I will use Firestalker to have a long-range knockback against activated Darkelfes. M-Units are shredded by rageclaws if they get the chance. Attacking on different places helps against Hurricane. Also I hope to stand a better chance against Ghostspears or Razorshards thus giving me a better position against Stonekin. Frost Sorceress to keep Units alive. I guess the deck is explained so far. Please tell me if some of my thoughts sound discussable. What really concerns me is the Fact, that I have already 4 t1 Frost-Cards in this deck. I already kicked out Frostbite because of that, although I think this card is very useful and should get a place in Fire/Frost. This might be the main reason to not play Lyrish in a Fire/Frost deck. But futhermore I think, staying t2 is only possible because of the combination Lyrish Knight-Home Soil-Ice Barrier. Thats why I started to think of playing Frost as t1. Didn't play as much Frost t1 back then, but I think it would probably look this way: Ice-Guardian,Frost-Sorceress,Wintertide_frost,Frost-Bite_shadow,Ice-Barrier,Home-Soil,Lightblade_shadow,Master-Archers,Glacier-Shell,Coldsnap,Kobold-Trick,Stormsinger_nature,Lyrish-Knight,Scythe-Fiends,Skyfire-Drake,Ravage,Rageclaws,Lava-Field,Gladiatrix_nature,Fire-Stalker I would/could include Imperials (can be strong with Frost Sorceress)/Eruption/Mountaineer/Frost Mage/Glyph of Frost or Skyelf Templar. Wintertide might be very devastating in combination with Rageclaws. Should be a standard frost t1 so far. Should I be worried about not having Eruption? Is Firestalker as useful as before, now that I think about including Wintertide? Or is Wintertide Laming-OP-nonsense? Please compare these two possible Ways to combine Fire and Frost and tell me everything that comes in your mind reading this. Thank you.

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