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  1. I am pretty sure that there was a tiny bit of sarcasm from SpiritOfTheAbyss' side
  2. I really would like to share my knowledge on fire/frost as an tutor. Played all imaginable combinations of that coloursplash and was a bit succesful I guess (rank 35-50). I also know the basics of the other colours, but I would prefer teaching fire/frost. Basic understanding of PvP is welcome, everything else can be teached while playing together, spectating games, basically everything what I think should be required. My german and english is pretty much fluent. Kaliber84, looks like I should fit your requirements?:) cheers
  3. Please also sign me in for 1vs1. Edit: Sign me up for 2vs2 as well. Have to find some mate till then, so if anybody is up for this write me a message.
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