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  1. Kitsurubami

    Wipe after Open Stress Test?

    If they just threw cards/BFP at you they could not gauge the rate at which they will want to award BFP in future iterations of the game. Sure the main focus of the stress test is checking server stability, but that doesn't mean that they cannot use this opportunity to check other things like deck progression rate to see how they want to adjust booster/BFP/gold rewards for the future.
  2. Kitsurubami

    Hey all, new to this iteration of game...

    --Are the multicolor cards in this? Yes Bandit, Twilight, Lost Souls, Stonekin, and Amii are all available. --Is trading and selling cards going to work like it used to? Yes, the marketplace/auctionhouse in game is up and running. You can head over to the Skylords Discord for trading, or use chat in game for trading. --Will there be a way to get free cards in game, or will it be buy packs only? You can only get cards for free, the IP is owned by EA. The developers have permission to use the IP but they cannot make money off of it so they cannot sell packs of cards. Read for more information about BFP and free booster packs. --Could there be a way for people to get free packs by signing up to patreon? There is nothing like this implemented. I believe that the developers have said that donating on patreon will not grant bonus cards. --Will cards be more balanced in pvp Right now the Devs are working on making the game stable. Re-balancing may or may not happen; but if it does happen, it is still a bit off.
  3. Kitsurubami

    More Suggestions

    Point #1 Is covered in the Open Stress Test announcement. Point #2 (From what I can tell this point is about getting ALL cards with money, point is convoluted). But as OP said dev team cannot receive money for project. However; uncommon, rare, and ultra rare card drops have been increased for booster packs making uncommon, rare, and ultra rare cards more obtainable. Point #3 It has been stated multiple times that the problem is not the servers, it is the software. Dev's are backward engineering this game in order to fix it. Most games are designed specifically to prevent backwards engineering which makes this very VERY difficult.
  4. Kitsurubami

    Need help building Shadow deck

    Here is what I typically used for PvE (of course depending on map it would change) this setup only requires 2 shadow orbs allowing for a lot of versatility when swapping in/out cards. This leaves 2 spots open for whatever you want. T1: Snapjaws being optional. I found them very handy with maps with an end boss; a 50% bonus to all damage sources is awesome. T2: Viridya can usually keep Shadow Mages (and Cultist Masters) healthy thus eliminate a lot of downtime, and her summoned units are a very durable front line. Moving a phase tower could also fulfill this role, but is cumbersome. T3: Cultist Masters, summon about 4 (or more) Masters use 'Call Horrors' and 'Motivate' on the Nightcrawlers before pushing a point, and you'll have 11 super strong Nightcrawlers (with a fully upgraded Cultist Master summoning 3 crawlers at a time). They'll destroy about everything on the ground while the Mages, Nox, and Masters will clean up any flying units. Necroblaster can be fed by Cultist Masters and it's activatable ability can be used on the summoned Nightcrawlers or Nether Crawlers from Grim Bahir for a heal. T4: Don't forget about the Rifle Cultist 'Dark Grenade' ability. A well placed grenade can do wonders. Or a poorly placed grenade can....well, I don't wanna talk about that. Also, the Nether Crawlers spawned by the Grim Bahir help to feed the Overlord, and add some damage mitigation due to the fact enemy units will be attacking the Nether Crawlers as opposed to your other units. ~Variations Shadow T2: -Harvester is a very strong (expensive but strong) especially if you have him fully upgraded. -You can use Knight of Chaos (shadow affinity) his ability has some niche uses; using Shadow Mages 'Foul Play' ability on him before having him charge in solo with 'Tainted Chaos' activated was so much fun, and could do a ton of damage for very little power investment as long as there were no towers. -Resource Booster for shorter duration maps. T3: -Fallen Skyelf is great if you could utilize her +200% damage debuff properly. -Ashbone Pyro and Mutating Frenzy (with Deathwish activated) also worked well with Viridya as she could keep them healthy. -Satenael (red) is also a strong ranged XL counter pick which allows you to remove Snapjaws from T1. T4: -Death Ray is stronger than Grim Bahir but is slow until you get its last upgrade, which is also an XL counter. -Necrofury can one-shot a lot of bosses with 'Bone Shards' when used while under the effects of the spell 'Unholy Hero'. -Unholy Hero is also good if you can nullify it's negative effect (I liked using Dark Grenade with Unholy Hero to take out large portions of an enemy encampment than using Offering on the Rifle Cultists to replenish my T4 card charges). Lost Souls T2: -Swap out Shadow Mage for Lost Shade (I preferred blue affinity) summon 3+ of these for an unstoppable front line (especially with Viridya backing them with her regen); however, this method requires a fair amount of bound energy. -Juice Tank can be useful if it is a longer duration map. If i remember correctly as long as it extends a power orbs life by 100 seconds for 1 well (50 seconds if it covers 2, 33 seconds if it covers 3) it will have paid for itself anything beyond that is extra energy. If you factor in destroying the building after depleting the power well thus refunding 90% of its power to void, that number is reduced to 10 seconds of extended life. (I could be remembering these values incorrectly, please correct me if I am wrong) T3: -Lost Grigori or Lost Horror (I preferred green affinity for the cleave) were both viable options to replace or work in conjunction with Cultist Masters. -Lost Vigil is also a good option for maps that require static defense. T4: -Lost Warlord could replace Overlord netting an increase in overall damage; however, I preferred Overlord in solo play due to his inherent tankiness due to 'Flesh Feast'; however, if you are in a group with someone playing Wheel Of Gifts or using a lot of heals Lost Warlord is usually the better pick. -Lost Spirit Ship would replace Grim Bahir as the AOE from LSS's is amazing. -Lost Dragon (either affinity) can be used, but fulfills more of a support role due to relatively low damage and the debuffs it applies (either 50% damage reduction to target shadow affinity, or disabling ranged/special attacks nature affinity both in a 15 meter range of target) so usually only 1 or 2 should be summoned, but can be very effective if used properly. Pros great pushing power early on with Lost Shades, and strong cleave mechanics with Horror and LSS, and crowd control if you bring freezing spells. Bandit I'd keep the deck the same until T4, but at T3 Gunner, Corsair, and Soulhunter are all viable options to swap in. T4: -Swap out Overlord for Bloodhorn (shadow affinity) because his Stampede ability in conjunction with his Tainted Purge are awesome in clearing any structures. Pros amazing at taking out enemy bases at T4 Nature T2: -Swap Shadow Mage for Amii Phantom, her slam ability is very good in certain situations, and withering spear is always good. -Burrower is also good if the map calls for early siege damage. -Breeding Grounds as long as you're going to spend 280 power (fully upgraded) in its aura if you leave it constructed. You only need to spend about 30 power in it's aura (as 90% of its bound power goes to void once destroyed) if you are going to destroy it after summoning your units. T3: -Deepcoil Worm is always a solid pick for this tier. -Wheel of Gifts is always good. T4: -I actually like to play Primeval Watcher at this tier. His ability to cleave down groups is nice; however, his single target damage is abysmal. -Grimvine can be used over the Overlord for more base damage and siege damage. -Giant Wyrm is also always a solid pick at this tier, although it brings an expensive power cost (personally I'd use Grim Bahir over Giant Wyrm). Pros healing/sustainability/utility However it all boils down to what you enjoy playing, so whatever kind of deck you build make sure you like playing it
  5. Kitsurubami

    About the Multi account rule.

    Here is a link to almost the exact same post that has 2 moderator responses I hope this helps.
  6. Kitsurubami


    You're welcome also don't pay too much attention to the market prices right now, they are wildly erratic. And depending on how they change the BFP rewards the market pricing will change accordingly. So if they increases BFP rewards market prices should increase due to inflation, and if they decrease BFP rewards market prices should go down due to deflation. Also, over time, after the official launch, prices will naturally go down due to there being a higher supply of cards, so market prices right after the game officially opens will most likely be abnormally high.
  7. Kitsurubami


    I would not worry about this much. The BFP that is currently being awarded is subject to change, I believe it has been stated that BFP rewards are high now due to this being an open stress test so don't be surprised if the amount of BFP you earn after open beta starts drops or changes. Also don't worry about accruing BFP at the minute as it has been stated that there will be a server wipe after the open stress test has been concluded. Here are some quotes from the "Open Stress Test - All you need to know" forum post that may help answer your questions
  8. Kitsurubami

    Multi-Accounting and how does it work?

    They are not going to tell you how they keep track of multi accounting; because, if people knew how they kept track of it it'd be easier for people to circumvent the system. Best thing to to is to notify the dev's of your situation and to avoid strange trading (like trading rares/ultra rares for 1 BFP etc.) with your friend as that may be considered suspicious activity between 2 accounts that use the same IP.
  9. Kitsurubami

    Need help building Shadow deck

    Here is what I'd consider as 'core'. Of course different variations will work with different play-styles so the end deck is entirely up to you. This allows for 3 filler cards. If you are playing Amii Monument, I'd swap out Ashborne Pyro because Ashborne is typically used as a cleanup card going to your t4 orb. Death Ray is stronger than Grim Bahir but until you get its 3rd upgrade it is SLOW, so before you have a fully upgraded Death Ray I'd go with Grim Bahir (if you have it) or Giant Wyrm (if you don't have Grim Bahir). And like I said before Furnace and Cultist Master are only useful if nobody on your team is using Shrine of War.
  10. Kitsurubami

    Need help building Shadow deck

    I'd definitely put in a Resource Booster in there somewhere. It really helps the t4 push to the end allowing you to spam out spells and units. With how fast rPvE scenarios are the extra power consumption is not even experienced. Frenetic Assault is a very powerful form of crowd control; which, is always useful. Cultist Masters and Furnace of Flesh is a good combo to use to keep void power down; however if someone on your team is running Shrine of War you do not need them. Personally I always liked putting in a red affinity Snapjaws in t1 and summoning a single one; which required a little extra micro with swapping targets and focusing targets due to the slow attack animation of the Snapjaws, but could very effective if used properly. This is completely unnecessary though.
  11. One issue I remember having back in the old BF days was getting a multiplayer PvE group together. Would it be possible to have a daily bonus to gold drops to specific maps (maybe like 50%) to help direct people to do certain maps in order to help promote group play? You could have bonus gold rewards for maps randomly rotate to different days of the week by selecting one random 2 player map and one random 4 player map per day (and maybe throw in some 12 player maps occasionally or have 12p maps be like a weekend event thing). So like Monday you could have a bonus to Sunbridge and Bad Harvest gold drops, Tuesday could be Crusade and Guns of Lyr, etc...
  12. Kitsurubami

    [Official] My Improved CardBase

    Did a quick search in the GetCards file and these cards still had a null value attached to their OrbInfo. 1:{Name: "Winter Witch", Rarity: 1, Cost: 60, Edition: 1, Type: 2, Color: 0, Affinity: -1,…} 259:{Name: "Skycatcher", Rarity: 3, Cost: 250, Edition: 4, Type: 2, Color: 4, Affinity: 2, IsRanged: false,…} 260:{Name: "Skycatcher", Rarity: 3, Cost: 250, Edition: 4, Type: 2, Color: 4, Affinity: 0, IsRanged: false,…} 352:{Name: "Vileblood", Rarity: 1, Cost: 130, Edition: 4, Type: 2, Color: 4, Affinity: 2, IsRanged: false,…} 353:{Name: "Vileblood", Rarity: 1, Cost: 130, Edition: 4, Type: 2, Color: 4, Affinity: 1, IsRanged: false,…} 386:{Name: "Abomination", Rarity: 2, Cost: 220, Edition: 8, Type: 2, Color: 4, Affinity: 0,…} 387:{Name: "Abomination", Rarity: 2, Cost: 220, Edition: 8, Type: 2, Color: 4, Affinity: 3,…} 513:{Name: "Nightshade Plant", Rarity: 2, Cost: 260, Edition: 4, Type: 2, Color: 4, Affinity: 2,…} 514:{Name: "Nightshade Plant", Rarity: 2, Cost: 260, Edition: 4, Type: 2, Color: 4, Affinity: 3,…} 524:{Name: "Jorne", Rarity: 2, Cost: 300, Edition: 4, Type: 2, Color: 6, Affinity: 0, IsRanged: false,…}
  13. Kitsurubami

    Faction symbols

    Possible bandit icon line art (hopefully this one doesn't look like an alien nipple/boob like my last attempt at an icon).
  14. Kitsurubami

    Faction symbols

    Yeah, I like that too. Could do a harpoon/anchor motif as a homage to Mo's back.
  15. Kitsurubami

    Best boosters in simulator

    Not the best but double Razorleaf, neat!

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