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  1. But it is a bug, not a feature right? Or what do you think? Cuz I don't think I ever noticed it before(in the old BF), which is rather strange
  2. We're terribly sorry, but the most recent Alpha Stream has been taken down from Twitch and Youtube pending legal issues from the BattleforgeReborn Team. There were certain regulations that we have broken. However, We're working as hard as we can to tend to those issues to reupload them on YouTube. Unfortunately, they will most likely not reappear on Twitch until a possible rebroadcast.


    The Official Unofficial BFReborn Community Team

    1. Ultrakool


      Nope, we've been given a warning and only the latest video is affected.

    2. Chimerae


      Phew that's good to knwo :)

    3. Ultrakool


      ETA for the Stream Reupload is Today or tomorrow 

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  3. NAME: Bidding on auction at same time: Both successful SEVERITY: 2 LOCATION: AH, item search REPRODUCIBILITY: Always DESCRIPTION: When two players are bidding on the same item at the same time, both click on bid to get to confirmation window, then both coordinate and click yes at the same time, only one person will be the highest bidder(most likely which process came through first) SCREENSHOT: N/A ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: not allowing a player to click on BID when someone is on the confirmation screen would solve this bug, or not allowing player to click yes on confirmation screen when the oth
  4. Fiki told me that DND and AFK is removed for the time being? And also the player was not set on DND/AFK. Could it be that being AFK for a certain time automatically sets it? Edit: This was not the case: 1:32:00 - 1:32:32 http://www.twitch.tv/hiruuu/c/2337038
  5. NAME:Automatic Declining Bug SEVERITY: 3 REPRODUCIBILITY: Sometimes DESCRIPTION:Sometimes when a person is AFK or just not responding(This is not regarding the status as set by the player, the status is still online as normal), there exists a bug that will automatically decline your offers(Mainly Trade invites, occasionally show/req deck) immediately, not through the "30s request timer" running out. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: In-Process ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I think it has to do with DND functions(which actually aren't fully implemented, which as far as i remember in the old BF when activat
  6. is becoming a valuable member of the community
  7. Next SOS TOdAy! (Stream on Sunday) at 18:30(CEST) Tune in! on www.twitch.tv/battleforgecom

  8. Next SOS tomorrow (Stream on Sunday) at least 15:00(CEST) or later on www.twitch.tv/battleforgecom . Me, Ladadoos, Anonyme0273 will be streaming! And maybe others as well! Dont miss it!

    1. Thug Life

      Thug Life

      What a pity i have a barbecue at that time D:


    2. Ultrakool


      There will be a VOD on YouTube! Don't worry!

    3. Devilwarrior1699
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  9. NAME: Cannot remove cards from Direct Trade SEVERITY: 2 REPRODUCIBILITY:unknown DESCRIPTION:When 2 people are in a direct trade, cards can be added but some cards can not be removed, neither through drag and drop method nor through right click on card. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: N/A ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:
  10. Nice guide, maybe adding a scene switcher and Hotkeys for scene switcher tutorial would be great!
  11. NAME:friend first-->ignore doesn’t work| ignore first ---->friend later works SEVERITY: 3 REPRODUCIBILITY:Always DESCRIPTION:When someone gets added to friend list first, then ignored, doesn't work, system provides a feedback" You can't....." But the other way works. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO:http://imgur.com/a/6r2Am ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:
  12. NAME:sorting doesn’t work in item search in Auction House SEVERITY: 3 REPRODUCIBILITY:Always DESCRIPTION: When searching for items in the Auction House, search results does not get sorted, neither Name, Seller, Buyout, Bid price, neither ascending nor descending.(two buttons) SCREENSHOT/VIDEO:https://youtu.be/4RkqXaLwOQU?t=904 - 15:35 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:
  13. NAME: Endless bidding-Continued bidding although you are highest bidder | no outbid mail SEVERITY: 2.5(Impaired player experience-missing/incomplete feature) REPRODUCIBILITY:Always DESCRIPTION:You can continue bidding even though you are the highest bidder. In the old BF, if your the highest bidder, you wouldn't get the chance to bid higher, additionally, you don't get a mail if your outbid either so its unknown if you are the highest bidder. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: https://youtu.be/4RkqXaLwOQU?t=744 (12:25 - 12:55) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:
  14. NAME: Player Command !admins don't work SEVERITY: 3 REPRODUCIBILITY: Always DESCRIPTION:Player Command !admins don't provide feedback. Nothing is displayed in the chatbox. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO:http://imgur.com/a/cC0r4 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:
  15. NAME:/requestdeck- Character does not exist. SEVERITY: 2.5(Impaired player experience-missing/incomplete feature) REPRODUCIBILITY:Always DESCRIPTION:When Anonyme is offline, I try to request his deck, and it shows user anomyme0273 not found, even though I typed it as Anonyme0273 already. It ignores my Capital A and doesn't recognize it. I don't get a "request deck doesn't work as player is offline" notification. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO:http://imgur.com/a/lKJQN, http://imgur.com/iwV0F9T ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:Could be a new implementation/tweak to show player not found when they are offline.
  16. Since Oct 2 10:23 Server reboot, I had the same problem. However, I didn't put any cards in the AH. It just dc's right away. Scrnsht:
  17. Hey guys Ultrakool here, The previous "Alpha Features" stream video is up on youtube! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RkqXaLwOQU Check it out! Thank you for watching! We'll see you soon!
  18. Previous "Alpha Features" video up on youtube! 

  19. Alpha stream @22:30 (CEST) (UTC +2) today to show you some of the alpha features and features testing. It would just be me but on the official channel www.twitch.tv/battleforgecom. Be sure to tune in!

    1. Ladadoos


      Yet another awesome livestream will come!

    2. KROMPIR


      I will not be able to watch it live. Will you upload it on youtube or will it be saved as "past broadcast"?

      Thanks regardless for sharing your experience with us. :)

    3. Ultrakool


      Additional information: Stream will last around 30 mins with QnA afterwards

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  20. HYPE WAGON ACTIVATED(click replies to see)



    ALL ABOARD!!!!!!!!11

    1. Ladadoos



      We are here! We are here! Did we arrive in time ?!

    2. Ultrakool



      That formation though <3

      You realize Im gonna have to put you down...

    3. Dmytros


      CHOO CHOO chugga chugga chugga chugga CHOOOOO CHOOOO

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  21. NAME:Req/Show deck causes game crash for 1 player edit: No longer causes game crash, request executes but no response on the other end SEVERITY: 1 REPRODUCIBILITY:3/3 DESCRIPTION:Request or show deck "request" works, however if a box appears for the other player(with timer) upon accepting the Req/show deck the game will crash for either the one showing or the one accepting SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: N/A ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:
  22. NAME: Tutorial deck edited SEVERITY: 2.5(Impaired player experience-missing/incomplete feature) REPRODUCIBILITY:7/7 DESCRIPTION: The tutorial deck itself is locked, with no unlock option. However if I go to mailing, i can drag my collection cards into mail, and it will popup asking me if I want to remove the card from current decks. I click yes, and the card goes into mail and out of tutorial deck. No DC no lag experienced. Relogging doesnt update/revert the tutorial deck/card collection SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I think this is because all collection cards are tradab
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