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  1. Check out this video "The Skylords Open #2" https://www.twitch.tv/dastoggy/v/893979529?sr=a&t=13043s
  2. I guess you haven't seen radicalx's nature tournament games?
  3. Hi there was a one and only reset on 18 of December 2020
  4. Can you get your friend to contact SR Staff mail on discord please.
  5. I sorta get where you are coming from, but I think it is rather the other way around. With the free decks, you have all the tools you need for a viable deck from the start, of course you would still need to put in the effort to get to know the individual cards and what they do, but that is a much gentler transition than getting to have to know every single card in the game to build your deck, and perhaps missing key counter components, or using wrong affinity cards for example and then proceed to perhaps blame the balance of the game. Once you learned the basic meta decks, you can then su
  6. We are aware of this and it's highly unlikely it would ever be fixed due to technical reasons
  7. Hotkeys should rather be for the spells, you want quick use of your spells be it heal, buff, damage, repair buildings, as that can be very split second. I just got started with hotkeys, someone did indeed advise me to use 1-4 changed with f1-f4, you don't need all 20 cards binded to hotkeys, rather just the spells and T1 units. I use my mouse buttons for spells though, w for first ability, s for stop, v to kill my own units, space for latest alert. Tho if you need to use more keyboard keys I think a moba based setup with qwerdf could help too It could Depends alot on which decks you play t
  8. We have actually explicitly stated that we don't have access to the source code and we had to RE that thing. As far as I know, there is a correlation, because the chat structure was made by EA, we just built the server to send the correct packets to "activate" the chat channels, we can't actually edit or create new channels.(might be wrong though)
  9. Please don't create a new account, we will look into this
  10. Ultrakool

    booster gone

    Check your inventory, the cards are not lost. There is also last booster button, even though it only shows you the last booster, that also confirms that it is not lost
  11. hra bola resetovaná 18. decembra 2020. The game was reset on 18 december
  12. @En1sy0
  13. Documents--> battleforge --> config.json Open it in notepad and Ctrl F for fps, you should find it.
  14. Maybe you can try checking integrity of your system files with /sfc scannow command on command prompt
  15. Run the installer without unzipping
  16. Write I vow, it means you will not create multiple accounts. Also please add an English translation to your post Napíš, "I vow", znamená to, že si nevytvoríš viac účtov. K príspevku tiež pridajte preklad do angličtiny
  17. Hello please add a English translation to your French post. Also the accounts were reset on 18 December 2020 Bonjour, veuillez ajouter une traduction anglais à votre message en français. Les comptes ont également été réinitialisés le 18 décembre 2020 @Quetzal76
  18. I wanna be the very best that no one ever was
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