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  1. It has been months now, and I want to apologise for not having had the time to tackle and implement this feedback as extensively as I'd want to. I feel like I may be a little too rough on the abuse factor of rewards in a game mode that is not straightforwardly farm-able and requires a lot of setup. The point @RadicalX makes about the 50% winrate is admittedly a huge oversight that has significant impact on the actual GPM values that would come out of this, let alone the longer queue times. However, we can't factor in queue times that much due to the current server population holding back until
  2. The reason accumulative time isn't a thing is because, among other reasons, one can then simply idle a 1-player map for half an hour and get the rest of their wins by having a friend surrender in PvP for example. There needs to be some sort of system in place that prevents abuse like that and ensures people spend sufficient time in-game, and I am fully aware that that is currently affecting speedruns. While currently the best solution is to pick a map that lasts slightly longer, or try out some new cards or strategies in your daily GoL grinding, I'll look into a solution here. Perhaps a w
  3. Greetings Skylords, Skyladies, and Skyfolks! After some time and several iterations of the gold reward system, I feel like overall rewards feel like they are in the right place. rPvE and to a degree cPvE rewards feel progressive and most players seem to enjoy the current boosted flow of gold to upgrade and charge their cards. However, there has been one difficult aspect of the game that has been far behind on this income and kind of feels like the younger, neglected brother of the BF gamemode family: PvP, specifically Ranked PvP. There have been many requests and some threads regardi
  4. The major problem with PvP rewards is their sheer vulnerability to abuse (e.g. AFK, doing nothing, partying up and surrendering). There's a good reason that Unranked does not yield rewards, as this would simply lead to people actively AFKing just to extend PvP matches and get their gold. In this case we deem an environment with less abuse and less wasted games to people who are actually serious more important than a substantial gold gain. However, with the current apparent ease of farming considering all you need to do anything in rPvE is to have a Lost Spirit Ship, I understand that PvP
  5. Please don't refer to CardBase for map drops. The database loot lists can currently not be edited and the one in charge is unreachable right now. Sorry for that! Please refer to this instead:
  6. The reason the startup time was implemented is due to drastic measures that needed to be taken against serious system and account abuse that came forth from Hawk's decision to give every account free boosters from the get-go. This issue was foreseen but we decided to find out how big abuse and it's effects would get, and the results have been overwhelmingly troubling. Just calling the issues and abuse the free boosters have caused "multiaccounting" really doesn't do it justice. From both a player experience and a programming point of view, untradeable cards is something we really want to
  7. I would like to refer to what I wrote in the thread above as to why we give you no estimations or deadlines.
  8. I don't mind the detail that this topic is getting into, but just for the sake of clarity and to give you a definitive answer to the topic's question: We can't give you any estimation time regarding our development progress due to the sheer uncertainty and unpredictable nature of this project and its development team. Considering BF is a complex and strange game when it comes to code, and due to us working in our spare time, we can't make any accurate prediction. Any ETAs made in the past that we were unable to abide by due to sudden bugs, sudden dev inactivity or development hindrances,
  9. MrXLink

    32 bit

    Yes, as Kubik just stated, Hawk or Aviat0r will be working on an update for the game updater that allows you to swap between 32 and 64-bit to support your system. The launcher already supports this, what's left to do is to make the updater apply it.
  10. Banning or punishing toxic players isn't anything new, really. Especially with the current gaming trends of MOBA and Battle Royale cultures, and with gaming getting bigger and bigger amongst everyone in general, toxicity needs to be taken seriously and is therefore against the rules. Anything that's against the rules is subject to their respective actions, penalties and/or bans depending on severity. As @Ultrakool stated, being toxic isn't the same as being unfriendly. If we would ban anyone for any remark we deem to be offensive, that would indeed be over the top. However, high levels of toxi
  11. PM stands for Private Message, which means you should not discuss these matters publicly. I've sorted things out though.
  12. Please under no circumstances create an additional account. This is against the rules and may get you banned without being able to reverse it. Please PM me the email and username of the old account to delete the old one.
  13. Yes. Direct quote from the topic you should read before installing/playing the game:
  14. The answer is in the FAQ. Please read it before making topics, saves you a lot of time
  15. The project will be released when it gets released. Whenever it's done. We can't give any estimation, please stop asking for an estimation because we are unable to provide you with a satisfactory answer. Please read this thread thoroughly. /closed
  16. Greetings, Skylords, Skyladies and Skyfolks, We would like to remind you all that we do not condone making multiple accounts in any way, be it for reward/progression system abuse in-game, shadowing your identity, circumventing penalties, or literally any other reason. Multi-accounting is strictly forbidden, Accounts in households, shared computers, or shared dwellings should not affect our system, and if you stick by our regulations, you should all have nothing to worry about. To make sure everyone is aware of this, there are warnings in place on our forums as well as in-game, and ad
  17. Here's an update: Lightblade (Shadow) was a typo and has been assigned to Blight Decomposer has been added to Convoy (all difficulties) Nox Carrier (Frost) was a typo and has been changed to Nox Carrier (Fire) Stone Tempest (Nature) was a typo and has been changed to Stone Tempest (Frost) Frost Shard U1 has been assigned to Oracle - Standard Lost Vigil (Shadow) U1 has been assigned to Blight - Standard Lost Spirit Ship (Nature) U1 has been assigned to Raven's End - Standard Sylvan Gate (Frost) U1 has been assigned to The Treasure Fleet - Standar
  18. MrXLink

    A problem

    9 Multiaccounts have been detected for your original account. Your game and forum access has been permanently revoked. You can not enter the game.
  19. The game requires 64 bit right now. You can find more information on requirements and how to play the game in this thread: I am unsure whether we will ever make a 32-bit launcher. Right now, it is not planned.
  20. TBO has been following the project, so who knows!
  21. Alright, if you want to take this publicly, here you go. You were reset for having used up to 14 alternate accounts. That's punishable by our rules and terms of service (ToS), and therefore you have been reset. If it does happen again, your access may be permanently denied as per rule 3.1, our ToS and the orange announcement above every page on this website. This or worse is sadly the action we have to take if someone multiaccounts to shield our game environment and reward systems from abuse.
  22. Account resets happen when we do major server updates, and everyone will likely be informed of them. If your account gets reset without warning and other people's accounts aren't, you probably have done something you shouldn't have, like not reading the rules or the big, shiny, bright orange announcement on the forums. If so, please consider the fact that you still have access.
  23. I duly apologise @FarRockBF for being rather shallow-minded about the multiple FarRocks that go around. You have had quite some impersonations before (mainly Discord), and through handling multiaccounting issues on a daily basis, I am more alert about these kinds of issues than ever. However, with all these cases and all the toxicity going on, I have admittedly overlooked and overthought this whole situation, and I sincerely apologise for my ridiculous and outrageous comment there. I should have given it more thought. On a side note, now that you've explained your login situation, I'm als
  24. The game is very popular right now, slots are limited, and the servers can't handle this many people online at the same time just yet. The best approach is to simply try again later; everyone has equal chances to get in. /closed
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