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  1. WernerShadow

    Expanding the cards

    Thank you Kubik
  2. WernerShadow

    Expanding the cards

    What are the plans for expanding the factions like the Nature/Shadow or even completely new ones?
  3. WernerShadow

    unfortunate but reality

    I dont think he was saying perma bans more like maybe a week or 24hours not unlike many other games
  4. WernerShadow

    unfortunate but reality

    Could i play with you guye then?
  5. WernerShadow

    unfortunate but reality

    Thank you for your reply. Yes other games have it much worse but games like warframe is much better.All that aside i got kicked no less than 10 times out of a games or match maker some i even made for the soul reason that i started playing today and i don't have the deck people feel i should. I did try talking to them sadly there is no reasoning with these kinds of people. I was met with nothing but hostility over what a moron i am because i filled my deck with what little cards i have. and all i was trying to do was finish the daily quest of beating a diff 6 random. Perhaps that is the problem that i am forced into doing missions to get boosters that my deck is not geared for but i have no choice because i need the boosters to progress
  6. WernerShadow

    unfortunate but reality

    I played this game when Electronic Arts still ran it how sad that the same toxic trash community is still dominating it. I have met some decent people so far but these elites this game has ruins it to some point for me. i really was hoping the rebirth of this would have solved the problem how ever seems its still the same type prick playing

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