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  1. Polymorf

    32 bit

    Wonderful. I am so glad to hear that. (y) thanks.
  2. Polymorf

    32 bit

    Thx and may i ask if making 32 bit launcher is something you are working on right now (i do not wanna sound rude, but i have been waiting for this game for several years and i really wanna play it :-D)? Coz i have seen similar questions like my being asked like 6 months ago and than moved to "resolved" so i am kinda worried.
  3. Polymorf

    32 bit

    Just downloaded the game and after updating it i encountered error. After some searching i find out it is because i have 32 bit OS. Is there any way to fix this or those of us who have 32 bit OS are never gonna be able to play Battleforge? Thx for any help.

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