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  1. What I value in PtD is that there is no set meta. People feel comfortable to enter the map with whatever. You see all colors, all sorts of cards. Of course you sometimes have someone Enlightening a Giant Wyrm and going straight for the altars but that's nowhere near meta defining without a feeder, of which I have never encountered one. I am not necessarily in favor of keeping the Expert version on a "anyone can join"-level. But I'd definitely want to preserve "almost anything can be played"-level. Obviously making it harder will weed out extremely wacky decks (of which I have seen very fe
  2. Both Skycatcher Affinities shoot their projectile from the top of their head instead of the mouth.
  3. A section on the wall at the starting base cannot be accessed by units because it's blocked by terrain. Also encountered the problem that if you destroy the bases before reaching the wagon the bases are marked as not destroyed until you kill the main base, at which point the quests proceed. As far as aesthetics are concerned, I think the cliffs and edges of the mountains look way too clean and steep. They look, well, modeled by a "raise terrain"-tool and artificial. Take a look at some of the snow and mountain maps in the game to see how they made them look more natural. But that's p
  4. Yes, I know. It was just an example on how <Unit name> =/= <Unit name> when it comes to gauging PvE-entities power compared to player-entities.
  5. The entire takeover mechanic was never functionally implemented into the game. It's an incomplete hackjob full of half measures. LS being immune to it is pretty much an admission of "This is so fucked and not even finished but we don't have the resources to fix existing entities. Let's just block it for now ...". The current "implementation" has multiple extremely powerful effects built into it that aren't even considered most of the time. Takeover insta-kills the targeted entity. So it immediately removes a major threat from the field, which is incredibly potent by itself. Takeover g
  6. As stated, I am very concerned that a simply buffed damage for the wrath immediately creates a very plain and boring green-meta because that orb splash is best equipped to deal with a DoT, up to the point where it becomes too strong and has to be switched. To preserve the diverse playfield that PtD currently offers, looking for other ways to make the wrath more threatening without providing a clear counter that enforces a meta is much more preferable.
  7. Main Issue: Amii Monument. It undermines the final objective, making the last orb obsolete. Removes any need to engage with the final camp in any way. Context: The final camp isn't hard to destroy, Amii Monument simply skips it. Additionally, the camp doesn't even need to be wiped out, it's enough to get ground presence up there and clear enough for the Orb to be built. Fix: Make it necessary to capture the fifth orb.
  8. Main Issue: The opposing T3 units that players encounter early on represent a major hurdle normally but are instead insta-killed and taken over as unbound entities. Pos3 is useless. Context: Pos1 and 2 are under pressure but it’s usually manageable because there are two people working on the same job. And even if they don’t directly help each other one can still function as a buffer by freeing more civilians if the other is falling behind. As such they are naturally tied to one another. Pos3 is isolated and useless. As long as somebody from the other three has any means to p
  9. As noted in the community update topic, another thing to look at is the fact that the final wave can be forced by destroying the main twilight buildings. But probably only after the proposed changes are through if it turns out to be troublesome. Guns has some very valuable upgrades that could still be farmed even after gold/XP are considerably adjusted to reward escorting the engineers.
  10. Main Issue: I would like to draw attention to what JarodDempsey brought up over in the other topic. Orb stacking to enable a T4 flyer and the defending player having little agency. Context: Bases are well defended but the main hardship are the waves of enemies that need to be managed with crucial altar timing. The power of the waves quickly stacks up to levels that the defending player has trouble holding, which is yet another source of frustration in addition of having less resources. The map is easiest and fastest to clear with one player utilizing the force multiplier that tie
  11. Main Issue: The instant gate-switch exploit undermines the maps difficulty completely, making it arguably easier than the standard-variant. It is low-execution and has a drastic effect. At the same time letting the gates break prevents incoming waves from building up any significant power. Context: As noted, the main reason why the exploit is used so heavily is just the immense pressure the attacking waves build up. Including really powerful anti-player mechanics like card-blockers and Twilight Dragons. Clicking the gate every 30 seconds is not an execution heavy, intense st
  12. Main Issue: A commonly used tactic to open this map is claiming ill placed wells to the east over a cliff. Context: The existence of a defended wall right behind these wells heavily suggests that the actual path players ought to take when attacking from this direction is overcoming said wall and then proceeding as usual. Instead one can circumvent the defenses and have a save haven to launch an attack from without actually fighting ones way into the camp. Fix: Move these two wells far enough away from the cliff. Where to put them is important though because they could get
  13. Main Issue: The Windhunter guarding the Cultist Master that summons the Death Ray cannot deal damage to the Dropship as long as it stays on the move. Which is pretty obscure. This allows for an instant Death Ray without committing any additional resources. Context: The Death Ray is a pretty powerful asset on the map. Although being slow it can be a big help locking down a direction or provide air support. Especially when the players army is still on T1 or T2. At the very least the player should attack the Windhunter with SOME additional airsupport. Fix: Make the Windhunter hit
  14. Destroying the power shrines is the maps objective. Players are supposed to destroy them, so obviously they will attempt that asap. Grabbing T2 without also destroying the power shrine right next to it is counterintuitive. It's only really a thing that people think of doing once they use the hidden, underlying mechanics of the map to make it easier for themselves. I don't like the idea of leaning into hidden, counterintuitive mechanics at all. If anything it should be other other way around. Moving the top left shrine into range of the orb so it will inevitably be destroyed once play
  15. Main Issue: The biggest hurdle is the T1 → T2 progression. It also gets dominated by T1s that can clear the Vileblood-camp quickly and without much trouble. That there are two other camps each side that are vulnerable to different approaches (Whisperer-camp and Dancer-camp) gets drowned out simply by the close proximity of the Vileblood-camp. Context: The first camp is extremely fortified and overwhelms a T1 army with ease, especially combined with the Maelstrom cutting off a potential retreat. Simultaneously stronger and stronger waves have to be intercepted while the most reliable s
  16. The problem with the Midwinter is not only that its slow. But also that it is comparatively useless if you consider that there are four players waltzing down the path with T4 armies. There is just no point in it even being there at that stage of the game. Players don't need it. Even if it was powerful. It's just completely redundant. Maybe increase enemy defenses on the common T4 base and let players call the Midwinter before that in order to help clear their orbs.
  17. Main Issue: Trapping incomes. A low-execution trap on ranged enemy incomes using Mark of the Keeper disables attacks down south. The same can be done for a part of the top incomes. With no more resources needed north and less needed south, the maps difficulty is completely undermined. Context: The map boasts high pressure on two fronts, both north and south. Power well placement next to the walls locks the player into a harder position to defend. Intuitively you'd fight your way to the teleporter while the more optimal choice is to rush through defending enemies. Not doing this will w
  18. A clear case where terrain obviously intended to be inaccessible can be accessed and the entire design of the map crumbles because of that. Easing the pressure by granting more Walkers sounds like good compensation. Buuut I am guessing the issue you want to solve isn't actually inaccessible terrain being accessed. Otherwise the Nether Warp shenanigans on the "uncrossable" barriers would be on the chopping block too. It's the out-of-map part that is deemed unacceptable, no? But even if you are no longer able to block walkers out-of-map, a big point is that the middle part of the map is pre
  19. Main Issue: Mana Wings trivialize the map by going for the camps soft underbellies and taking out spawn buildings. Context: The time pressure on this map is intense and the attacking waves are massive. To avoid being overrun and being a burden to the team, players rather opt into not heavily engaging with the bases and simply taking out the spawn buildings with Mana Wings. Fix: Move the spawn buildings into more heavily defended positions or add more anti-air, including CC. Approachability: Make the first camp less well defended so players can easier reach T2 and mu
  20. Main Issue: A medium-execution speedrunning strat makes sub-4 minutes runs easily achievable for pretty much anyone. And while perfecting the strat and going for a top time is hard, learning and executing the basics isn’t. Context: A situation where people, when looking for players, have to specify that they want to play a map normally is far from ideal. Reducing gold or XP rewards wouldn't solve it because people could still farm valuable upgrades. Fix: Add an additional Stonekin Lord that has to be defeated for the final boss to appear. Located far to the North in the last
  21. Ascension - Map1 Main Issue: The map is completely dominated by one singular, low-interaction, low-execution strategy. Context: Mark of the Keeper and Mana Wings trivialize the map to a laughable degree. Mark of the Keeper negates a big part of the incoming attacks and makes them a non-factor the player no longer really has to interact with in a meaningful way. Generally, players are extremely afraid of their starting wells losing undue power, even if the lost power is relatively inconsequential. Meanwhile the elaborate defensive set-up that got designed for this m
  22. Wrath of the Souls Percentage damage for units, flat damage for buildings. If you want to incentivize juggling the wrath, make it gain strength relatively quickly but it resets to its base value every time it gets switched. To avoid abuse adjust a minimum timer until it can get switched again accordingly. However, right now PtD is one of the maps where everyone feels comfortable to go for pretty much anything as far as decks are concerned. It's basically just a big sandbox to roam in. It would really suck if a more dangerous wrath makes nature the go-to faction because it can he
  23. T4 Pure Fire and Pure Frost feel so fucking smooth to play now. Dreadnought, Winter Witch, Ironclad and Battleship work amazing together. Frost Shard is an amazing utility tool, especially with Shatter Ice it feels great to use. Batariel P stacks brutally with Fire Dragons for insane DPS. Bloodthirst and Unity finally keep a fickle fire T4 topped off. And Shadow got another potent tool for camp clearing and bosskilling with Plague, which has the highest damage potential in the game. Not to mention Void Maw now being an actual menace. All pure decks now have amazing, themati
  24. Why? 🤨 It's hard enough to even sell commons because the game is flooded with them. Nobody needs to buy more commons. Except maybe people starting out. That's doubly true for starter commons where literally everyone has them. And having some fixed starter cards that are account bound doesn't strike me as particularly unintuitive. So what's the benefit that's supposed to justify the change? Is shuffling together maybe less than 100 additional BFP from selling them all in AH and trade chat really the goal? Or is it some OCD thing of wanting to have a super clean inventory? In that ca
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