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  1. Why is life such a shithole lately, and why is love sucha fking painfull thing.

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    2. freewarrior6


      Things don't always go great, hope things get better for you :)

    3. batorfly


      Sad boys are the best boys :kappa: 
      "The best things happen when you lower your expectations" 
      That is kinda true actually. If you want too much, nothing can satisfy you. But ofc lowering expectations to shit lvl is not a good idea too. 

    4. shadow-ballista


      Because ..... you need to spend time whit me again 


  2. So how did you survive yesterday, i was listining My chemical romance all day because yesterday was their 5th year since they broke up??

    1. olekkrol


      I was playing Gwent, pretty cool card game to fill up time before open beta :3

    2. Equinox98x


      I survived by being pregante

  3. Is it right to be wrong about something your right about.

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    2. batorfly


      Deep as your m... JOKING IS NOT ALLOWED IN THIS FORUM ...um

    3. ZgNightcore


      @ThomasMann this means i succeeded, and where the hell did you find this @Rondine

    4. Rondine


      Some years of life wisdom? Mostly what i lived through^^

  4. guess who's nack, back again

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    2. Deadman


      dude is acting like he was gone for years... you have been gone for 2 days lol 

    3. ZgNightcore


      My pergot was amazing, it was a bloody mess tho

    4. Ultrakool


      I have seen many pergonats in my life, and every single one was a mess, its not your fault <3 

  5. Does anyone else think in vines or songs??

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    2. Ultrakool


      I’m not sure does it count if I think whether I’m perganonat or not?

    3. ZgNightcore


      Ofcourse it counts if you think you’re perganonat or not. Youre one of my kind now..

    4. Deadman
  6. If A woman has startch mask on belly, does that men she has e pergenat before.?

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    2. MrXLink


      Probably not. He might be pregante though.

    3. Ultrakool


      No I’m not but I’m pretty sure I’m pergat 

    4. ZgNightcore


      but wait isnt it pregat.....

  7. Can u burn a luigi bord.?

    1. Phoenix1664


      do you mean a Ouija board?

    2. Deadman
    3. MR_CHAOS


      just ask a witch or a vegan

  8. can u get pregante


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    2. ZgNightcore


      What did i do???

    3. Ultrakool


      Omg those yahoo answers stuff were the best. I sat in the seat of another guy can I get pregatnat

    4. Haru
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