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  3. Fog of War is a tool used in PvP to reward scouting. Knowing what is coming to resposition your army, or seeing a build order to know if you should build anti air/stealth, etc. But since BattleForge can spawn an army in the blink of an eye, it would mostly add frustration. The game is also not balanced around it, take for example firedancers: the moment you figure out where they are, your base is already under attack and probably lost. Or imagine a tier 1 situation, where you move out your unit/army, but go left, where you opponent goes right and heading straight for your base, and sudden
  4. There is no "apparent" popularity, the Magma Hurlers are just that superior and popular ;^) Down with injustice! Magma Hurlers must be allowed into another CCC!
  5. New record for dwarfenriddle 4p: 10:22.6 arabika + Anske + KampfkeksBOSS + Lord_Of_Bread
  6. It is an option when you create a map. Can you imagine loosing whole base in PvP, without knowing what destroyed it? There was PvP maps with Fog Of War, but none of them stuck around, I guess players just tried them, and did not like them.
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  8. Its a suggestion for the whole system, a whole new selection that would needed to be added to allow Fog of War or not. Otherwise it wouldn't make much sense why PVP doesn't have Fog of War but PVE/RPVE has. True same thing could go for pvp
  9. Hey MacoWish, welcome to the forums. New maps and even new gamemodes are already being worked on behind the scenes, but they take a lot of time to make. If you want to see some of the stuff, that might come at some point, but needs more people working on it, check out this community update: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/9152-community-update-25-july-2022/ If you want to help out with something of this, feel free to check out our recruitment thread: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/9024-want-to-help-improving-skylords-reborn-read-this/
  10. Short answer: I don't know yet. Long answer: I have been quite busy with IRL stuff recently, so I still need to analyze all the replays. Since I still have some more IRL stuff coming up, I might not be ready in time for the anniversary stream.
  11. feel free to create community maps for that
  12. Hear, hear - good news everyone! @Lans dedicated loads of cards (see original post) to the Newcomer Card Pool, so depending on the number of participants it should be possible to hand out 2 or maybe even 3 cards per newbie. A big thanks from me and of course the Newcomers who will receive those cards!
  13. The idea is cool! What about pvp with fog of war that would some next level thing!
  14. We all know it, the Fog of war which is everywhere, beside PVP. So my idea is, Make Fog of War for Missions or Rpves an ON or OFF Option that is able to be ticked off with a box, for people to decide if they want it or not. with this way you can decide if you wanted to have a challenge to play with Fog of War or practise/ play without Fog of War, and have more information to what you would Face against. This also would help people who just started this game, or people who struggle beating those missions or Rpves, making it easier to understand how this works, since no fog of war means mor
  15. As a bi big fan of this game and a great appreciate of the devs and people keeping skylords up and running I would absolutely love to see perhaps maybe an additional "expansion" in terms of campaign pve maps. I wouldn't even mind if it was completely new lore connected to some of the elemental factions. This could be pretty far fetched for a game with no real financing from the looks of it but this would be cool as heck.
  16. Totally agree! (That aside, I guess I was poking fun at apparent popularity/running joke of Magma Hurlers as this is named "The Archer's Tournament" which SMJ cards says there are a total of 34.)
  17. Any updates? Will it be part of or after the anniversary stream? Can't wait
  18. Biased against Magma Hurler, Mauler and Juice Tanks. Worst CCC ever. Updated Clarifications: If you want to use the red Wintertide Affinity, you are allowed to do so. In this scenario with archers, it is just plain worse, so there is no reason to disallow it if one doesn't own and/or doesn't want to buy the blue one.
  19. i have an update to this deck , lane 2,3, : for T2 : make 4 frost mage and 4 master archers ( for lost souls map 4 frost mage and 6 master archers ) for T3 : make 3 phoenix ( 4 for lost souls map and fire map) for T4 : make another units and spell after are t4 dont run without 4 construct and 3 grimvine and dont forget yellow mo lane 1,4, : for T2 : make 5 frost mage and 5 master archers ( for lost souls map 5 frost mage and 9 master archers ) for T3 : make lost shade
  20. Lipto

    thunder wagon

    50 x 8 = 400 not have this money in rpve 9 maybe reduction when have few , not one
  21. Last week
  22. Yeah, too bad this clearly is biased against Magma Hurler!
  23. what this means is if you play Sunstriders, you are technically able to play Eruptions, but not allowed until you build your T2.
  24. So if one was to go all Shadow/Frost/Fire/Nature for the 3 different card choices/tiers, one would be able to play Tier 2 spell at T1? Does the above mean that we are only allowed to play Tier 2 spell after we cleared the respective camp and build 2nd orb and likewise build 3rd orb for Tier 3 spell? I think that seems to be the intent but confusing to me since you have your starting orb.
  25. the difficulty of 5 seems unreal so far, 4 passes pretty quickly, I'll try to get out of 10 minutes, and I'll torment 5 difficulty.
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