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Help With a Pure Frost build

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This guide does a short overview of Pure Frost cards and common strategies, with some tips and decks. It's not up-to-date, mainly Ice Age is now a stronger T3 card and Coat of Protection is now the main shield source on T4, as well as Iron Clad, MA have higher damage stats, Dreadnought passively regenerates health of nearby shielded units, Frost Shard freezes structures, Northland Drake redesign, as well as all the upcoming changes to Stronghold and Armored Tower. I really should update this one day.


You can get lots of up-to-date insights into frost in this thread:

My most recent rPvE frost deck.

And some 1P Expert frost gameplay [link].

May the :frostorb: be with you.

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Today we played a RPvE 10 game with 3 frost decks. Maybe interesting for you, or anyone else reading this. 
Keep in mind, if you never played RPvE 10 before, start with fire first. Additionally, this was a relatively easy 10. 


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26 minutes ago, mroncsi said:

Hello everyone,

May I have a silly question?

How can I run these replays? If I save these files to my battleforge/replays folder and after I logged in to the game I cannot play them.

Do you see them ingame but can't start them?

If they are from a previous game version (i.e. from last patch), you cannot play them currently.

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