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Shadow card tier list (PvE)

Pure shadow decks in PvE  

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  1. 1. How well do you think PURE shadow decks perform in PvE? (Compared to other pure decks)

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Our last pure faction card tier list review is here! Presenting SHADOW!!


As usual, I have my video on rating my tier list below. 

How i've rated the cards are highly based on a pure shadow environment (80-90%) with a small portion on versatility and usefulness on other mixed colored decks to provide a more holistic useability value of the cards themselves.



Of course, looking forward to the different comments and opinions of your own versions of tier list 🙂


Here is the link to create your own tier list for shadow cards! https://tiermaker.com/create/skylords-reborn-pve-shadow-tier-list-15125367

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Heya, thanks for another video on that, enjoyed it very much again!

This time I'm very much closer to Kserke then to Dutchy, for almost every card I can go with Kserskes comments on it. Sometimes I would go one tier higher or lower, but we have seen this is a common thing in all of our tierlists we had, be it on cards or on decks.

Only things where I disagree on Kserske more then one tier:

- Plauge is S tier, and this is not much a question of taste, one of the strongest spells in the game
- same goes for Booster in the buildings
- Shadow Worm is not thaaat bad, he is no reason to play 4 shadow and that is super sad, but if you want to build around him it works ok-good
- Unholy Power is a D for me. Clunky to play, runs often out usually quicker as people would guess, only rarely usefull as it stacks with Unholy Hero

Keep on the good work!

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This is what we came up with in the stream

Again after the tier definition:

S - Absolute powercreeps that you can almost not pick if playing pure shadow (or sometimes mix related)
A - Obvious picks in their decks and strong first choices
B - More niche, but very good cards that are usefull in many situations

C - Alternative picks that are weaker as B+ but still viable sometimes + halfway viable Fun-tier

D - Either cards that are rarely playable or that have very, very few niche use-cases

F - just plain useless (in pve)



The VoD can be found here:


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