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Bad Harvest Position 3 Practice Map

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Bad Harvest Position 3 Practice Map

Are you tired of losing on Bad Harvest? Do you want to learn how to defend the Gold Wagon on expert difficulty? Want to experiment with new strategies? Now is your chance!



Why this map exists

Bad Harvest position 3 on expert difficulty is feared by many players because defending the gold wagon is difficult. Position 3 is critical. If position 3 fails, this often results in a loss for the whole team. It's hard for players to learn position 3 because failure means potentially disappointing three other players. The goal of this map is to encourage newer players to learn position 3, and for veteran players to develop new and creative strategies.


Map Layout

This map is Bad Harvest, but modified such that the player doesn't have to worry about defending the main base. This is a single-player map. Enemy units are killed near the four main base entrances (the red areas shown below). 



Map Mechanics

All of the original mechanics should be intact, and the spawn waves should be identical to the original Bad Harvest map. You can still win the map by killing the Stonekin Lords and Rogue Giant. However, you can also win by surviving 25 minutes. Once 25 minutes have elapsed, a switch in the main base can be activated to obtain victory.



How to Play

Like all community made maps, this map can be found by clicking the blue "User Generated Map" icon on the world map screen. The map name is "Bad Harvest Pos3 Practice"

You can also download the map here.





Thanks to Kapo for inspiring this map idea by hosting CCC #7.

Special thanks for Dallarian for making the first version of this map and introducing me to map-making.


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20 hours ago, erkserkserks said:

introducing me to map-making

I am actually all in awe how you decompiled the file yourself and edited my code.
If you ever have too much free time, I could use your help with scripting :frostorb:

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