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Hello. Honestly I have never seen anyone using this card (PVE) but I think I have solution.

I think that she needs too much micromanagement so maybe her "Ice Shield" ability should be automatic?

Card cost: 60
Ability cost: 20
Ability description: Activate to apply Ice Shield on a friendly unit. Absorbs up to 660 damage for 30 seconds. Reusable every 8 seconds.

Card cost: 70
Ability cost: 0 (auto)
Ability description: Every 10 seconds, unit apply Ice Shield on a friendly unit. Absorbs up to 500 damage for 30 seconds.

What do You think?

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What if her auto attack was applying a shield, similar to shaman? Maybe 500 is a bit much then, but it would be fun to test and play with. Sadly i think this change will completely destroy the fire/frost deck in pvp. 

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It is less about demolishing than about wastly transforming.
There is definitely a sweet spot, where she would be quite balanced and not broken, but even if we found that, it would result in some factions and matchups functioning way differently.

Currently, one of the main interactions/synergies in the Fire/Frost deck in PvP is to use Frost Sorceress' shield on a Skyfire Drake, giving a unit with a high damage value a shield. If we make her autocast, it is much harder to do that intentionally while decreasing the strength of the shielded Drake. So while this can probably be balanced, it would shift the way the faction is played and how it feels drastically.


I know, that it sometimes feels like a bit of a waste, when cards are (almost) completely useless in one of the gamemodes, but that's never entirely avoidable. Also, maybe there is potential for custom maps, which require heavy tanks in T1? There a Lightblade buffed with one of her shields would probably excell!

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This is a card I am personally content to see remain solely within the PvP ecosystem. I do think lower tier shielding options are currently sparse and hopefully something we can work on improving in a patch or two. 

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A cautionary tale to keep in mind. The Warlocks cards pretty much works like this and applies free buffs.


Both are incredible meme cards because the more warlocks you have, the more they try to self buff other warlocks, who then have

expired buffs and repeat. They also all waste buffs trying to buff the same units a lot.

Both are some of the worst cards in the game


You can see this problem already on lost Wanderer. Shaman only targets damaged units, so the terrible ai is not as noticed.

It's not fun, but something to keep in mind.

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