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Is Auction House is missing a feature ?

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As of ~6:00 UTC, about 2.6% of all listings had auctions. This sounds like the auction feature is pretty much dead!


1. What do you think about the fact that the auction house, has no auctions in it?

I think it's a lot less fun to try to interact with AH when auctions are missing, perhaps the option to not do a bid has removed an important gameplay aspect to the auction house.
(not that the reversal of this would change most people from just setting the bid 1 bfp below the buyout, including myself)


2. What if all postings were required to have bids like they previously did in the past?

I think this would improve the buyer's experience and give everyone the possibility of getting a slightly cheaper card and just have fun with bids. Additionally, this is a good learning tool for the younger players as this is a full market. I know I fondly remember ah back when I was a youngster being wowed by this open market!





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  • Weak1ings changed the title to Is Auction House is missing a feature ?

there is 3321 actions right now based on "https://hub.skylords.eu/?page=stats", and the fact that the bid is greyed out only make it obvious that there is no possibility to bid less than the buyout (which was possible in EA times to bid more than buyout, and then not receiving the card, because someone pay less than you bid, but used the buyout button). Do you want overbid feature also back?

1. there is a lot of them, and if there would be none it would mean there are no players with excess cards, and without all the cards.

2. Would change nothing people would just set it so that you can not bid less than buyout

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No, overbid sounds like a terrible and counterintuitive approach. (I hadn't even heard of it before)

I think I misunderstood what I was looking at, I expected the filter to sort only the bids and not bids and buyouts. Thus I concede that there are way more bids than the above figure as the premise is wrong.
(original thinking: if the bids become blank, it means I reached the point where there are no more, bids are exclusive from buyouts... instead they are inclusive, making finding bids difficult.)


I don't consider a buyout to be a bid you can buy immediately, it is the absence of a bid with a non-negotiable price, though guaranteed purchase.

I wonder if this filtering was left as is because originally all listings had bids and buyout was optional. Now we see new cases that just make less sense when sorting.

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I am missing two features inside the AH.


  1. Filtering Option for the affinity and promo:
    often it´s hard to filter for cards you are looking for inside the AH. Especially if there are a many cards with the "wrong" affinity inside but just 1 or 2 with the affinity you are looking.
    I know for the promo cards you are able to filter by price to find them quickly.
  2. Drag and Drop Option for AH search:
    often I want to offer my cards inside the AH. The price overview to set a humanious is a mess. First you need to type in parts of the name or the whole one to find the right card-package. Second you need figure out which one is the equal card (eg. affinity or promo). After these two steps you´ve got an overview about the latest price development for this single card and you are able to continue with the 2nd card.
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@Vultagx you can search for promo or affinity, just write `promo:YES` or `affinity:fire`

For your second point that is a good suggestion, should not be too hard, maybe @Zyna will use it as an test for next client developer, but do not get hopes too high, I am sure she have a lot of other small tasks to pick from. But maybe you can join the team and ask for it as your first task 🙂

from technical point of view it would be: just getting ID of the dragged card, and doing search for it with `id=346` (for Sunstriders), of course you can just write it to the filter yourself, but who knows all the IDs, but id filter is meant more for developers, or future automation like this one 🙂
It might be doable with just few lines of code actually 🙂




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