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Achie -Encounter with the twilight -- Clue 200 IQ

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Hi guys, I wanna talk about one of the new achievements "Not even my final form", the rules are simple, can't use cards of t3 and t4, I tried that after I completed the Soultree achie where you can only use t1 and t2 cards, I tried Encounter with the twilight with the same deck, but the last boss is hard, was there when I detected something, the achie description is different, one says that you must use ONLY nature t1 and t2, and the other achie says that you can't PLAY t3 and t4.

That's the clue, u can use the twilight transformation to use t3 and t4, and now I can confirm that, I just did this way, I used only t1 and t2, all the t2 twilight units transformed in T3 to clean.

Tips to complete it, the best t3 to transform is the treefiend, the damage is insane, recomend to play with root nexus if you will use the horn to pull all the enemies. But I don't recomend to use the horn, the drake destroy the treefiend, I lose all there, i killed the drake spaming windweavers.

I did the last boss with 3 skycatchers, 3 abominations and 3 nightshade plant, I bought one of each card, just waiting for the cd, I don't have twi cards.

All this t4 transformed from Twilight Minions t2, and I got the achievemente completed.

Hope it can help you to complete this achie xD

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On 7/9/2022 at 2:12 AM, Cocofang said:

As a big fan of the impenetrable T2 defense that is Razorshard G, Crystal Fiend B, Stone Tempest, Defenders and Healing Well I just let the onslaught hopelessly shatters against literal stone, including the Twilight Dragon.

Tested this strategy, except minus the Healing Well and Defenders. Instead I added Spirit Hunters and Viridya, and that was quite enough to survive the attack. Really strong combo. 

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