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Icy Lake - single player PvE scenario (that anyone can make over weekend)

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Those pesky Lost Souls are at it again! Hoping to gain a weapon of enormous power, they've assaulted and captured human city of Icy Lake. It is home of the Worldbreaker Gun, cannon of immeasurable power. Skylords, you must venture into the city and destroy it, lest the Lost Souls use it against the human kingdoms. Onward!


This is my first map, relatively simple, with only single difficulty (so it doesn't matter which one you choose). First, you have to gain control of all the acces paths to the city (destroy the three ice barriers), which will open up the main gate. There, you have possibility of several paths (and gaining total of 5 orbs) to reach Frontier Keep. When you destroy it, acces to the main fortress is cleared and you can attempt to destroy the Worldbreaker gun. But be careful, resistance will be fierce!

In the spoiler, you can see the locations of power wells, orbs and objectives.



Different paths offer different kind of challange. Some are more defended, but offer you extra power wells, while the others might be cleared faster, but without the extra power help in the long run. There is also quite unique mix of enemies - Frost and Lost Souls, which I feel compliment each other quite well. Both are kinda rare enemies to fight against, so this might prove to be a kind of new experience for some players. You can find the map in the Community map section on the Worldmap (Open, choose any difficulty and look for "Icy Lake"): 


This map has been made over last few days (from the first idea, heightmap picture, generating, detailing, scripting and lot of changes during the learning process). It is basically completed and playable, albeit obviously basic. It was meant to show, that creating maps for BattleForge/Skylords Reborn is not something impossible, and can be made in relatively short time. Obviously, the biggest hurdle is scripting, as the editor sadly does not support classic trigger based event system. But with some ctrl+C and ctrl+V, everyone can make some good BF/SR fun. Even you! So get the editor working and make some fun maps you guys :^)

In any way, enjoy this little work of mine. I want to send thanks goes to the whole SR team, for supporting this awesome game. Specifical appreciation goes towards Dallarian, as he managed to endure endless streams of my questions and helped me with scripting in every step of the way. 

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18 hours ago, Nemoo SK said:

But with some ctrl+C and ctrl+V, everyone can make some good BF/SR fun.

Getting into Battleforge map making isn't exacly easy, as there are many details you may not know about.

However, on Map Making Discord https://discord.gg/DBC3TrbpqH There are people happy to help you with the issues you may have, and sometimes even guide you through entirety of the process. Now it is possible to use random map generator to create decorations and textures for your map, so it's easy to make it look in an acceptable way.


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