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New Gamemode: Monument Rush (rPvE)


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Hello Skylords!

While I´ve heard that there is a defensive rPvE in the making (looking very much forward to that!), I think the more gamemodes there are, the better! So I´d also like to suggest a new different random PvE mode that could be a lot fun.

My Idea is that the monuments in the map are more randomly spread - unlike the current rPvE where you have to clear only one camp until reaching the next orb.

So in the map there could be 3 camps until you reach T2, then 4 or 5 camps between T2 and T3, and then 2 bigger camps between T3 and T4. Or even almost all camps before you reach T4 - it should be random, because it´s random PvE! This would encourage more creative deckbuilding a lot i think.
There should be a minimum amount of like 3 camps between the orb-clusters, so that every orb-stage has a meaning in your deck.

Now what I´d also like is if each Orb+Well cluster would also have a Wall, directed to another path where no enemie camps are, but where occasionally enemies spawn to attack your orbs. So it would be a mixture between attacking and defending!

Also it would be nice if all teammates start at the same spot. There could still be multiple paths, but all leading to the same orb-cluster at some point.
(What could be cool if there are multiple paths is, if there could be some cliffs in between - where enemie archers stand on. You could then choose to take the lower path and try to shoot the archers with your ranged units, or take the upper path and get the archers with your meele units, being then also able to shoot some units from the lower path with your archers)

Another thing that could be cool is, if the enemy camps could be mostly grouped by same-sized units, different size per camp. This might encourage deckbuilding even further and encourage the player to build a deck with all unit-counter types.


Now I don´t know if any of this would be technical possible, but I think this could be a lot of fun to play. And I think the game needs some more gamemodes to keep the players engaged, as I see many players only playing for a short period of time until leaving again.


Please tell me what you think. Have a nice day!

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