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Old Replays

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Replays are just step by step playing the game for you. 

Scenario: For example, let's say Eruption was changed to cost 20 energy more.  In the game the replay was recorded, a unit attacked your monument. You defended it the last second before it got destroyed with an eruption you could just afford powerwise. 

When you now playback the replay on the current patch, the Eruption would cost you more power than you have at that moment in the replay, so no spell is being played and you thus lose your monument. This creates a desynchonization issue where the playback starts to differ more and more from the original actions, as now you do not have a monument anymore, so all subsequent cards could not be played out. This then leads to the replays appear frozen and nothing happens anymore.

The BF anti patch simply changes the replay version to the same version as the patched game, so that the blocker that prevents you from watching desynched replays no longer appears. The issue ingame remains present tho once a card played in the replay is altered by the new patch.

So sometimes antipatched old replays will still work on a new patch, but especially with bigger patches, chances are high something that happend in the replay was touched.

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Dug up a link for one iteration of the aforementioned tool for version 254 (01.01.2021 - 05.03.2021)


How to make it work

  • extract in the BattleForge folder
  • start the LauncherReplay<versionNumber>.exe
  • use the "Replays" button in the login menu to view replays - logging in will not work

Use at your own risk, didn't test this, but the code seems fine

What it is, basically, is a launcher with old files relevant to the patch. You could reproduce this for any and all versions by having backups of the pak files and saving the difference with each update, though that's a bit tedious. Can't help you with other patches since I don't have the pak files for those, but maybe some staff will help there.

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The thing is, until 2 weeks ago, we could use antipatch and play any old replay (or at least start them), but now the game does not properly recognize those replays anymore after patching, neither the kind of match nor it's duration are shown.
Could it have something to do with game version that went from FF (255) to 00 (0)?


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I also thought that was the case but did not bother to check the diference between current replay and a patched one in hexedit until now.
Antipatch swaps FF (in case of previous patch) with 00, but it also need to change the next 00 to 01, for the next patch it will probably be 02.


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