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too much cards not worth for ah

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I would like to sell unnecessary cards back to the game for 1bfp

nobody needs 37 windweavers for example

im too lazy to sell them for 3 bfp in ah when its a matter of luck if someone pick yours

so i think its okay to delet them and get 1bfp back


there are two things to consider


whats the influence on the economy

and new players will have less cheap cards in the ah to startup their decks

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On 10/5/2021 at 11:33 AM, VinceyBoi said:

They were talking about making a system where you can 'trade-up' a certain amount of cards for a new card at the next rarity level.

I'd like a quick-sell option though. Cheap cards need to be on the market.

If you were able to trade up lower rarities to higher ones, then the excess of low rarity cards would get diminished to the point where it's actually worth it again to put them into the AH.

And if it turns out the supply becomes so low that the prices, even for Commons, become unreasonable, then opening Boosters would be very lucrative once more, since even the crap cards would recoup some cost. Which would then increase supply again. Right now the value of an opened booster is determined by just a couple of cards that are valued for more than multiple boosters. Every booster not containing one of the top tiers is a big loss overall at the moment. So with enough economy participants, it should find a new balance.

But the most important points are that it would stop endlessly inflating Ultra Rares by increasing supply (as people trade up) and the bottom tier Commons/Uncommons become a bit more valuable as the excess gets culled. Being able to trade up should have the effect of lowering the price ceiling while giving every card inherent value (if only as material to trade up), raising the price floor. It would also serve as a soft BFP sink, as cards are just another manifestation of BFP (they get generated through boosters, which are generated through BFP).

Actually, I think a quick-sell option of turning cards directly back into BFP would be detrimental. It would generate even more BFP, which is the last thing the game needs.

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