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  1. I've seen this happen to players in my group and yesterday it happened to me. The amount of mobs on the T2 orb was the equivalent to multiple camps. Plus dancers x3 knocking back my S units. Oh, and the shields. Seems a little out of control.
  2. The common and uncommon are what the new players go for right away as the "dream" cards take a bit of grinding to afford. I like the forging system. However as a new player you do not get enough cards to be able to take advantage of it for quite a bit of time. If I could make a suggestion. Have someone start a new account and log time played and how long it took to get enough cards to forge and how quickly they progress in acquiring cards?
  3. While much of this may be true. We'll have to see in time. The rising of the floor is crushing for new players. If those few early, easily obtainable boosters don't give a useful or expensive UR then you are stuck longterm grinding hard. Seems like most of the changes are being looked at through the lens of players who already are established in the game. That is not going to promote growth.
  4. Intended to make people with OCD go crazy? It makes no sense....LOL
  5. I see where Demiron comes from with his observations regarding the forging system. I played BF when it first launched and had 10's of thousands of BFPs because of buying cheap retail packs. Cases of them actually. I had every card I wanted and many of them. So many that I had a huge shop selling C and UC for gold so new players could make complete decks. I would have LOOOOOOOOOOOVED the forge system then. But what would have happened? I'd probably have stopped selling my C and UC for gold and put them in the forge. This would make it harder for a new player to have a dependable path to solid decks. Instead they would be entirely at the mercy of rng and grind. Now I'm back to the game maybe six weeks. I've been buying commons on the AH to fill out my decks and saving toward more expensive cards that I enjoy playing with. The prices for those things have now doubled or tripled or are simply not available. The hill new players have to climb just got much steeper. If I'd been playing for a year or more I would be ecstatic. A new system that lets me use all my unwanted cards with potential to get something better or different. Honestly with how many cards are in the game the time it would take for a new player to have 4< of a card to begin forging is insane. Another observation of mine is that the color output does not make sense. If I put in shadow x3 and fire x1 it would make sense for the output to show 75% shadow and 25% fire chance of the forged card. Currently it is 25%, 25%, 25%, and 25%. If I put shadow x4 then it shows 100% shadow output. Appreciate all the effort that went into this as I think it is brilliant. Hope we can find a way to balance the newer player's experience though. It just got much harder to get cards for them.
  6. We used to sell those cards for gold so new players could improve their decks. 3bfp is a bit high anyway for commons.
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