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  1. This is really great news. I hope that the release does turn it around. Thank you for all of the hard work!
  2. That's a real shame... I understand their thought, but precautions could be put in place to prevent such issues... With that being said, something needs to happen or I can see the same fate as the original game in their future... I logged in the other day and only 23 active players... With the player base as low as it is right now card values are unstable. Common cards selling foe 200 bfp, uncommons for 1000 bfp. This makes new players discouraged and old players not interacting with the game causes cards to sit in "storage" if they are not online. The in game economy needs to b
  3. Hello fellow Skylords! So I have been playing quite a bit over the past few weeks, and I have to say that there is defiantly a drought of players and issues with the current economy... IMO the economy is everything to this game. Its what all good TCGs revolve around. If the player base is low, and the cards are not flowing either in AH or the /trade system... this game is doomed. So my proposal is this: What if there was a way to use the AH system via a browser? You could Buy/Sell (Possibly Trade depending on what the devs would allow) cards from any device that has a brows
  4. RX8Toxic


    Im sure some kind of client application would be packaged, and distributed on the site. Looking forward to it.
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